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Queries: October 1997-July 1998; Sampson Co, NC    
Ancestor Name
Research Date(s)
Research - Query
26 Oct 2009 Query Rebecca Emilson <
I am trying to find information on an abandoned school in Sampson Co. I tried to find something online, but I did not find much, so now I decided to find someone to ask about it.

We were visiting my in-laws in Dunn this weekend and we drove past it and I was very curious about it since I love old buildings and anything historic. We went back the next day and took some pictures of it and I just wanted to find out the history behind it. If you don't already know what school I am talking about, it is on Hwy 701 next to Halls Fire Dept.

I did find the information on it being used by Tarheel Challenge in the 90s, other than that I could not find anything out. Can you help me? I would like to know anything about it. When was it built? When did it close? Name? What was it used for? And anything else you could tell me if you know. If you cannot help me, can you direct me to someone who can?

Also, as a side note, we also passed a huge brick home that was being overtaken by weeds and it had also fallen in on itself, but still looked beautiful. I believe it was on 421 at a crossroads south of Clinton. Can you tell me anything about this place?
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24 Jan 1998 Surname Alderman Lois Cone Favor
  Research Anders Betty Wiggins
  Research Andrews Betty Wiggins
21 Jan 2009 Research Ashford Paul Ashford
I'm researching the Ashford surname. Daniel Ashford , born 1795 in Turkey, Sampson and married to Margaret, Frank Ashford. Born in 1836 in Turkey, Sampson and married to Catherine, Andrew Ashford born 1888 and died in Wayne county in 1917. All were slaves (except Andrew) and owned by a William Ashford , who was also born in Turkey Sampson, in1765. I'm researching all and any information related to the Ashford surname before during and after the dates mentioned above. Any help you could give me with my research would be greatly appreciated
24 Jan 1998 Surname Autry Martha Diane Carr Elefante
11 May 1998 Surname Autry Donna Donnell
  Research Autry Sharon Dover Romanek
B Surnames        
  Research Balkcom Jerry Balkcom
John Balkcom (about 1770 to 1803) and Hester Balkcom (about 1775 to 1843) and descendants in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.
  Research Ball Fran West
24 Jan 1998 Surname Banks Olivia Williamson Saffold
  Surname Bannerman Billie Powell c. 1750 Bannerman from Glasgow, Scotland
  Research Barbary Pat Alexander 1700-1800 John J. Barbary (b. ca 1778 in Duplin Co. NC) became part of Sampson County, and left for Washington Co. VA after 1820, that census living in Duplin Co.)/Mary Pope (b. Sampson Co. NC ca 1795, left for Washington Co. VA after 1820, died ca 1830 in Washington Co., VA. Allen Barbrey (brother to John J., b. ca 1775 in Bertie Co., NC, d.15 May 1853 in Sampson Co, NC)/Rhoda Ann Smith. Other names who married into this family in Sampson Co., NC: Self, Troublefield, Cole, Hobbs, Craddock, Royall, Martin, Beaman.
  Research Barberie Pat Alexander 1700-1800 John Peter Barberie(b. ca 1698 NY, died Bertie County ca 1770)/Elizabeth Du Sauchoy Peter Barberie (b. Tyrell NC ca 1725, died Bertie County NC after November 1770))/Elizabeth Barbara Stansell Peter Jr. Barberie or Barbre (b, ca 1751 Bertie County NC, d. bef Oct 1783 in Duplin County NC)/Martha or Margett Peggy Unknown,
  Surname Barbre Pat Alexander   Peter Jr. Barberie or Barbre (b, ca 1751 Bertie County NC, d. bef Oct 1783 in Duplin County NC)/Martha or Margett Peggy Unknown
29 Jul 2008 Query Bass Doug Critcher
I would like to know if anyone has any info on Annie Bass Tyndall or Annie Tyndall Bass of Roseboro in Sampson County. She married my g-uncle Paul Henderson Wheeler on 8 Nov 1979 in Sampson County.
22 Jul 1998 Query Bass
Other: Am trying to locate any info on Ammie Robert ( or Robertson) Bass (dob 7-2-1890. Married to Annie Belle Herring ( b. 8-4-1891 and d. 6-10-1984.This is my grandfather. Family has info on grandmother but no research done on him. Thanks .
  Surname Bass Winnette Stinson    
  Surname Bass Fran West    
24 Jan 1998 Surname Beaney Connie Wilkerson
  Surname Beasley Jan Gorham    
27 May 2009 Query Bell Al Barrs
Duncan Bell, Sr. Birth: 1795 in Sampson CountyNorth Carolina Death: 1861 in Lafayette County, Florida Marrage: about 1827 Married: UNKNOWN... Children: 1. George Bell born 1828 in Sampson County, NC
25 Nov 1997 Surname Bell Jennifer Bell
  Query Bennett Bob Bennett   BENNETT, John Born 1 Nov 1763 Died 11 May 1849 or 50. Son of Thomas BENNETT and Mary ---. Both Thomas (Duplin Co) and John were Rev War soldiers. Married Sarah REGISTER, dau of John REGISTER (RS) and Dorcas Rowell, 22 Dec 1803 in Sampson Co. Fathered 8 children with Sarah. They moved to Georgia 1827/8 (Clinch Co) and followed Sarah's family to Bulloch Co after birth iof their first child, Dixon. Other children in order were Elizabeth, Mary (Pollie), Felix, Abraham, Dicy, Wiley, George, and Redding. Ga records indicate that John and sons fought in the Indian war (Capt Sweat's Company Militia) in 1838 and is reported to have been in the 3rd Regt of NC Militia, formed in 1814.
15 Dec 1997 Surname Bennett Leonard Bennett
15 Dec 1997 Surname Bennett Steven (Czar) Page
27 Dec 1997 Surname Bennett Lori Hunter
04 Mar 1998 Surname Bird Fran Amend
17 Apr 1998 Surname Blackshear, Blacksher Laurie R C Blackshear
  Surname Blanton Jeanie Blanton Trimble   Joshua BLANTON Sr. & Jr, Isaac Blanton
08 Nov 1997 Surname Boon Taylor
  Surname Boon Fran West    
08 Jan 2009 Query Boone Kevin Boone
After reviewing the death certificate of a relative who passed in the Clinton/Roseboro area, I noticed that the he was buried in what is called the Boone Family Cemetery, Sampson County. He was buried by the Carter Funeral Home in Garand, NC (not clear on the certif.) (Webmasters note this is probably Garland) I am curious to know if such a cemetery exists. the relative's name is Willie Lee Boone. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.....
  Query Boone Kevin Boone   Surname: Boone, Loubertha children of hers : Earl Davis Boone Raised by: George Washington and mary Boone in McDaniels, Sampson County North Carolina (1930 United States Federal Census) Siblings: Fanny L. Boone(3 yo) and Retha M. Boone (2 yo) 1930 US federal Census It is told to me that Loubertha who is my father's mother, was adopted by GW Boones family. I am also told that her birth surname is Owen(s) and her birth mother's name is Estelle Owen(s).
07 Oct 1997 Query Boone Carl Cummings
I am searching for information on John BOONE, b.abt1825, beleived to be born in Sampson county,NC.He had four sons and four daughters. Stephen BOONE, b.abt1850, Abe BOONE , Nick BOONE, Henry BOONE and Rivenbark BOONE, Shipp BOONE, Chestnut BOONE and Rogers BOONE.Stephen BOONE m. Sarah HOWARD. she had two brothers,Joe and George HOWARD and three sisters. Stephen and Sarah had six sons and one daughter.Thomas Martin BOONE b. 23 Dec 1873, Clinton,Sampson county,NC,m. Mary MCLEOD of Sumter county SC. He died 2 Oct. 1928, Sumter county, SC., Jim BOONE lived in Chadborn, Columbus ,NC, D.Wright BOONE lived in Chappell Hill, Orange, NC., Daniel M BOONE lived in Long Beach, Calif. Leaman BOONE and George BOONE lived in Wallace, Duplin, NC and Mollie BOONE m. Daniel ROGERS please help if you have any info.
    Bordeaux Betty Wiggins    
25 Jul 2009 Research Boykin Anita Rayner
I am researching on the following surnames,Boykin, Warren, and Peterson, in the McDaniel Township in Clinton, NC. Family of Simon and Sarah F. Warren. 1700's to present. The other surnames being researched is the Rayner, Raynor, Lamb and Johnson.
07 Aug 1998 Surname Boykin Dale W. Baker
Br Surnames        
08 Aug 1998 Surname Brady Edna Clack
04 Dec 2008 Query Branch Janice
I am researching Williams BRANCH (it does have an s on the end) born in Sampson County in 1796. He came to Robeson County with his wife in 1815. Is anyone looking up the family name "Branch" in your area. If so, I would like to share records with them. We could make a great jump backwards if we could help each other.
15 Dec 1997 Surname Breece Steven (Czar) Page
  Surname Brooks Jeannie    
06 Mar 1998 Surname Broom, Broome Anne Bradford
24 Jan 1998 Surname

Brown, Browne

Robert Earl Woodham
  Surname Brown, Browne Gary Cooper    
  Surname Bull Jeannie    
  Surname Burchfield Jeannie    
06 Mar 1998 Surname Butler Shirley Myers-Kerr
10 Aug 1998 Surname Butler Delores Matthews
  Surname Butler Sharon Dover Romanek    
04 Mar 1998 Surname Byrd Fran Amend
  Surname Byrd Jan Gorham    
C Surnames        
04 Jun 2010 Research Carroll Charles E. Carroll
Or Mail to: Charles E. Carroll
1490 ACR 174 Grapeland, TX 75844
29 May 2010 Surname Cooper, Fleet Sr. John Croom
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07 Oct 1997 Query Croon Ronald W. Fletcher <>
I am looking for information on my 2nd ggf, John KEENER,one of the earliest settlers of Rabun Co., GA. He was born abt 1806 in NC, and married Margaret CROON of SC on 23 Dec 1830 in Rabun Co., GA. Records indicate that he was living in Rabun Co., GA during the 1820s. Perhaps he is descended from the KEENERs for whom Keener in Sampson Co., NC is named. I am willing to share information on his many descendants.
01 Oct 1997 Query Faircloth, Keith Raynor
FAIRCLOTH, Mark (b.1810), wife Penelope (Pennie), two childern that I know of are: William Mark, FLEET. The childern were born and raised in Sampson Co., NC. They moved to Cumberland Co., NC by the time they were married in the late 1850's because both childern are in the Cumberland County Census of 1860, but Mark and Penelope aren't in Sampson or Cumberland Co. Would like to find out what happened to them and who was Mark's father?
  Brick Wall Groves Wanda Groves Kohlman
b. 1793
Brick wall is finding relative of Joseph Kelly Groves from Duplin Co.

Deeds in Sampson County NC include the following names: Thomas Graves(Groves) to Richard Munds; Allen Groves to Benjamin Lanier; Richard Groves to Jacob Goodman

Are any of these people in the list related to Joseph Kelly Groves?

01 Jun 2010 Surname Herring Carlton Ray Herring
c. 1790

My Herring ancestors came to the area in the 1700s, Richard is listed in the 1790 census. I have vivid childhood memories of visiting my great aunt Jessie Robinson at her farm house near Clear Run in the 1950s. She was married to C. I. Robinson whose picture is on page 97 of the Images of America, Sampson County book.

Charles E. Carroll
1490 ACR 174
Grapeland, TX 75844

22 Jul 1998 Surname Herring
01 Jun 2010 Surname Hollingsworth Carlton Ray Herring
Charles E. Carroll
1490 ACR 174
Grapeland, TX 75844
01 Sep 2009 Query Honeycutt Tamara Carter
I am interested in some help with locating my G-Grandfather and his parent’s information. His name is Rhoney H. Honeycutt b. 28 Apr 1874 in Sampson County NC & d. 19 Sep 1945 in Williamson County Texas. I know his fathers name is Charles Honeycutt & mothers name Amie, from the death certificate, however, I can not find anything about them in NC. No census…No birth certificates, etc. My dad remembers that he was raised by an “Uncle Berry ”, but I have no idea about this as well. If you could help me in anyway I would appreciate it
22 Feb 2009 Query Jones Ron Browne
Looking for a William Henry Jones. He served in the 20th NC Infantry. I believe he died after 1901, that is when his pension application was filled out. He was the Husband of Mary Jane Weeks, also trying to find her.
27 Apr 2009 Research Martin Patricia Petsch
c. 1760
I am researching William Wright MARTIN and Samuel and Obadiah STRICKLAND. Time frame abt 1760, went from Sampson Co, to Johnston Co, NC to Georgia and Alabama. These families migrated from Isle of Wight, VA to NC. Surnames of this line would be Martin, Wright and Strickland.
10 Oct 1997 Query O'Quinn Jerry Bowman 1800s O'QUINN - seeking info on Hardy, John, Ozekiel and Taylor O'Quinn who lived in Robeson County in 1800. My gr gr grandmother was a Nancy Ann O'Quinn who father was from NC and may have been named James H. O'Quinn. By 1870 a branch of this family is in Buchanan Co., VA.
09 Oct 1997 Query Page Annie Fleetwood c. 1700s-1800s

I am looking for information on John PAGE probably born around the turn of the century. His son Abraham PAGE b 15 Oct, 1820 in Sampson Co, N Carolina, married Sarah Ann RACKLEY in 1853. They both lived and died in Parkersburg, Bladen Co, N Carolina. The RACKLEY's and the PAGE's are linked many times by marriage.
02 Oct 2009 Query - Research Parker

Ann Parkinson <>

Several years ago, Jim Cooke had his info online 'The Parkers of Sampson County'. I can no longer find it on the internet. I was just wondering if you had any info about him or how we might contact him.

Ann Parkinson(4th Generation Floridian now living in TX)
Family Historian

Researching: Blitch, Bruce, Burgsteiner, Gibson, Haupt, Lanier, Nance, Parker, Parkinson, Parrish, Sanders/Saunders, Starkweather, Winberg, Wolfe and allied families.

If you could help me in anyway I would appreciate it.

08 Oct 1997 Query - Research Peterson Annmarie Peterson   I am trying to find out information Re:Gibson Sloan PETERSON, he owned land and lived in Smithfield which is in Johnston County, prior to moving to Johnston county he lived in Wayne County. Born: July 22, 1823, Died: Sept. 7, 1896, Smithfield, Johnston County, Wife: Catherine Ann PARKER, Born: Sept. 22, 1830 Died: Sept. 7, 1897, Smithfield, Johnston County, her parents: Zachiria PARKER & Kitty VANN, Catherine lived in Smithfield, Johnston County. Children of Gibson & Catherine PETERSON were: Zachariah PETERSON, H. Luther PETERSON, born: 1849, Wayne county, Harley Alonza PETERSON, born: Sept. 7, 1850, Wayne County, Died: Aug. 6, 1918, Smithfield, Johnston county, M.C. PETERSON, born: May 3, 1854, Wayne county, Hezikiah PETERSON, born: Nov. 15, 1858, Wayne County, Died: Jan. 20, 1893, Smithfield, Johnston County, Jane Alice PETERSON, born: Nov. 9, 1859, Wayne County, Died: Jan. 23, 1930, Smithfield, Johnston County, Ella D. PETERSON, born: June 1861, Wayne County, Julius Robert PETERSON, Born: Aug. 5, 1866, Wayne County, Frances PETERSON, Born: 1868, Wayne County, Died: 1882, Smithfield, Johnston County, Omelia PETERSON, born: June 6, 1870, Wayne County. I am interested in "any" information that can be supplied, especially who his parents were, where he was born, his siblings names? Thanks! AP
31 May 2010 Research Smith Shawn Elizabeth Scott
McDaniels Twp. More info to be added
  Brick Wall Tyndall Doug Critcher
I am looking for Annie Bass Tyndall born abt 1919 in Sampson County. My great uncle Paul H Wheeler married her abt 1981 in Sampson County. His 1st wife was Ronie Sessoms
  Brick Wall Ward Margaret Overton
I am trying to find info on BENAJAH WARD, birthdate and place unknown, but possibly at some point in Tennessee. He was married June 5, 1836 to PHEREBE (Feribee ???) possibly Raynor who died 7 Nov 1841. Benajah then mar 20 Feb 1842 SUSAN ("Milly") THORNTON (b 13 Sep 1818, probably in Newton Grove, NC - 23 Oct 1906 in Fayetteville, NC). She is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery. Benajah owned a farm and was also a shoemaker. He died on August 2, 1848 and may have been buried, with Feribee, in a family cemetery on their farm. His son, Thomas was Methodist but we don't know anything about Benajah's religious affiliation. Children of Feribee and Benajah NANCY G. (17 May 1837), MARY ("Polly") (23 July 1839) and SARAH E. (24 Aug 1841). Ch of Milly Thornton and Benajah: PHEREBY (9 May 1843), SUSANNA BRYAN (14 Feb 1845) and THOMAS (9 Mar 1847, mar 13 Jan 1876, SARAH AUGUSTA CREECH (Creach) of Newton Grove, NC (d 12 Feb 1925 in Fayetteville, NC).
22 Feb 2009 Query Weeks Ron Browne
c. 1760
I am researching William Wright MARTIN and Samuel and Obadiah STRICKLAND. Time frame abt 1760, went from Sampson Co, to Johnston Co, NC to Georgia and Alabama. These families migrated from Isle of Wight, VA to NC. Surnames of this line would be Martin, Wright and Strickland.
  Brick Wall West Alice WEST Ferguson

West Brickwall: Slave: Sampson County, NC. Silas West b. abt. 1832, NC, d. April 4, 1904, parents are UNK. Silas m. Winifred (Winnie) Barefoot, b, abt, 1845, Southern Division, Meadows Township, Johnston Co, NC. Silas and Winnie died in Westbrook Township, Sampson County, NC.

Birth and death Certs. were not issued until 1913, so we have nothing on Silas as far as documentation. So Silas was about 72 years old when he died. The Census has his birth from 1826 to 1832, we are not sure, most people use 1832. I have found death Certs. where some of my relatives were buried in the Kirby West Col'd Cemetery. My father showed us where is was when he was alive, but it is now defunct (grown over or crops planted there).

I do have Benjamin's death Cert. It says Loyd/LLoyd West raised him, but mother's name is missing. Silas'brother, Benjamin West was b. abt 1843 d. 1916 Guilford County, NC. Ben was 85 when he died, but there is a discrepancy in the birth year. Both brothers were married and had children. Some of the children moved to GA, PA and some stayed in NC and others move to different counties in NC.

We have taken the WEST DNA test. We matched 5 other West families. We (6 West) families matched 25 markers out of 25 perfectly. All West Family ancestors and descendants that we matched are:

James West b, 1725, NC, son, Willie West, b. 1755, gson Loyd/Lloyd West, b. 1799, both NC James West b. 1798, SC>TN>MS>TX Silas West b, abt, 1832, NC>GA>PA, etc ( Only one who was Mulatto) Isom/Isham b, 1827, TN Edwin Jackson West b. 1836, AL>ARK>AR Johnie West b. 1870, MS

We are in contact with each other but have not connected fully yet. We have nothing concrete to tie us together.



This may not help you find any ancestors, but if you have an engineer in the family use
it to drive him bonkers. None of the following is of my origin, but something I received
on another genealogy mailing list: "It is very interesting in trying to figure out your
ancestors. Did you know you were kin to so many people?"

1.........1 YOU
2.........2 parents
3.........4 grandparents
4.........8 great grandparents
5........16 g g grandparents
6........32 g g grandparents
7........64 g g g grandparents
8........128 g g g g grandparents
9........256 g g g g g grandparents
10.......512 g g g g g g grandparents
11......1,024 g g g g g g g grandparents.
12......2,048 g g g g g g g g grandparents
13.......4,096 g g g g g g g g g grandparents
14.......8,192 g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
15.......16,184 g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
16.......32,768 g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
17.......65,536 g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
18.......131,072 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
19.......262,144 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
20.......524,288 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
21.......1,048,576 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
22.......2,097,152 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
23.......4,194,304 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
24.......8,386,608 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents
25......16,777,216 g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g grandparents

The normal number of years allotted to one generation, by professional genealogists, is
thirty. Using this generally accepted period for each generation, this list would cover a
period of only seven hundred fifty years. Therefore, if we go back to the time of
Creation which, according to Archbishop Usher, occurred at 9:00 A.M. October 10,
4,004 B.C., it becomes obvious that all humans are related.


Jo B*ranch, County Coordinator