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Salem School Jerome Tew
Front LR: 1. Lee, 2. Miss McPhail, 3. Miss Lee, 4. Hattie Lamb, 5. Miss Clyde Bell, 6. Miss Adie Gregory, 7 A
Bullard, 8. Grant Hall, 9. John Holden, 10. Jule Hobbs.
Standing RL: 12. John Mathis, 13. Mary Stetson, 14 Annie Beaman, 15. Mary Britt, 16. Malcy B., 17. Katie?
Faircloth, 18. Moltin Fredwell, 19. Dora McCullen, 20. Carr Bullard, 21. Mr. Washburn, 22. Georgia Williamson
23. ___ Royal, 24. Ida Herring, 25. Bessie Williamson, 26. Pearl Ezzell, 27. 28. , 29. Esther Peterson, 30., 31.
Lauren Carroll, 32. Bessie ?, 33. Sue ____, 34. Addie ?, 35. Geneva Rackley, 36. Buck Crumpler, 37. Gordan
Back Row LR: 38. Tate Tew, 39. Matthew Bower, 40. George McLemore, 41. George Cooper, 42. Ranson
Faircloth, 43. Q. Bower, 44. Ada Reynolds, 45. Miss H. Carroll, 46. Roland Boney, 47. Claude Holder, and 48
Fred Butler.
Academy Classes: Spelling, Defining, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography, Elementary
Physiology and Hygiene, History of North Carolina, History of the United States, Theory and Practice of
Teaching, and Civil Government. The above Miss Clyde Bell was certified to teach the second grade and her
certificate was signed by the County Supt. Of Schools, Mr. Street Brewer. Mr. Brewer created a fast track metho
of teachers for elementary grades, mostly it was a summer school. The teachers then went to work in the fall.
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Sampson County Courthouse 1912 Photo Photographs courtesy of Kent Wrench.
Ivanhoe Depot Built 1890
Tomahawk Depot Built 1890
Railroad Trestle Built 1889
Baptist Meeting House & Common School Built c. 1846

Old Wrench School

Wrench School

#1: built 1867; #2 1900
Alum Springs Baptist Church c. 1945 Photographs courtesy of Betty Wiggins
B. F. Grady School 1928
Bunch Wiggins Junior Class 1929



Jo B*ranch, County Coordinator