Muster rolls of the soldiers of the War of 1812:

detached from the militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 1814.

Published in pursuance of the resolutions of the General Assembly of

January 28, 1851 and resolution of the General Assembly of February 25, 1873 (1873)


Fourth Company, detached from Sampson Regiment

George Lissiter, captain
Robert Lassiter, first lieutenant
Josias Lee, Second do
Abrarn Nailor. ensign
Pharo Lee, first sergeant
Sion Danfoot, second do
Starling Otary
Jacob Mannels
George Warwick
Joseph Two
Granbury Goodwin
John Warwick
James Jones
Gardner Keen
Isaac Manner
Bryant Flowers
Jesse Mannor
Hugh Burkr
Whiting Ryolds
Lewis Johnston
Jesse Ezzel
John Bird
Herrin Gregory
Landen Two
Daniei Hall
Samuel Gavin
Owen Shorton.
Samuel Standly
John White
Nathan Young
William Lee
Joab Whiley
John House,
Robin Pope,
James Harden,
Jonathan Edge,
David Ryold,
Elias Two,
Jacob Stanly,
Thomas Jacobs,
Edraond Goodwin,
Reddick Jones,
Owen Ryold,
Daniel Two,
Laban Williams,
Stephen Maner,
Hardy Stephens,
William Turner,
Joshua Bell,
Samuel Robeson,
Arthur Hare,
Joseph Herrin,
Stephen Herrin,
Phelix Chesnut,
Samuel Gavin,
Edmund Manuel,
Nathaniel Boyet,
Elias Whilly,
Jonas Quinby,
Warren Jackson,
James Hobbs,
Raiford Faircloth,
Henry Lee,
Joel M.. Lamb.

Fifth Company detached from the Sampson Regiment
Thomas Boykin, Captain,
Jas. Williamson, Lieut.
T. Williamson, 2d Lieut.
Lavis Spell, Ensign,
Reyney Mcllwines,
Laban Morgan, 2d Sergt.
Hartwell Porter, 3d Sergt.
Peter Ryon, Drummer.
John Boykin,
Daniel Cooper,
Simon Reynolds,
John Porter,
Michael Porter,
Core Cooper,
Thomas Stephens,
William Ryon,
Henry Pope,
Solomon Boykin,
Edward Broy,
Allen Parker,
John Ammonds,
David Underwood,
Zachariah Williams,
Rayford Cooper,
Willis Royal,
Angus Johnston,
Lewis Pope,
Israel Tarlington,
Henry Hart,
Joshua Herring,
John Pope,
Hardy Royal],
James Porter,
Owen Crumpler,
Jesse Strickland,
John Blackwell,
William Turner,
William Pope,
Neil Campbell,
James Frazier,
John Simonds,
Rayford Grist,
Noah Faircloth,
Aaron CummingSj
William Miller,
Thomas Frazier,
Sander Fisher,
Sutton Grist,
John Manor,
John Orion,
Blackman Tews,-
Samuel Revells,
John Carter,
Aaron Peterson,
Abram Sellers,


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