Estate Records of Sampson County, NC

Strickland, John --- Strickland, Keziah --- Strickland, Moore --- Strickland, Thomas



Estate Records of John Strickland

Contributed by: Donna Sherron

Transcribed by Jeanie BLANTON TRIMBLE
January 20, 2009

Transcribed by Jeanie BLANTON TRIMBLE
January 20, 2009

Page 1

November the 1st Day 1838
This a true list or inventory of
The perishable Estate of John Strickland Deceased
& account of sales of the same to Nov. Term 1838
$ cnts
The Widow one lot of pewter knives & forks 3.00
Jacob Strickland one pewter dish 1.00
Amy Jackson one do do .90
William Dawson one basin 1.01
John Strickland four plates 1.36
John Strickland one basin .56
Middleton Strickland one lot of spoons .75
Elizabeth Strickland one mug and bole .15
The Widow one lot of farming tools 1.60
John Hair one bar iron .67
Isaac Strickland one axe .25
Raiford Hair two clevis irons .30
Blake Warren one lot of plows .42
John Strickland one axe .15
Aron Lockamy one taper bit .05
Winson Lockamy one keg .15
Johnathan Strickland one adze .80
Meridith Jackson two hogs and plow 2.85
Richard Warren two hoes .39
William Adams one axe 1.85
Robert Tew one axe .30
Middleton Jackson one hatchet .16
William Strickland one grub hoe 1.30
Edward Holley seven hogs 21.00
Josiah Jackson one sow and pigs 4.65
The Widow one lot of hogs 11.35
Francis Lewis five hogs 7.85
James Belch one sow and pigs 3.70
John G King one goats skin .60
Joshua Godwin two sides of leather 3.71
Josiah Bagget one side of leather 2.05

Page 2

The Widow one mare saddle and bridle & sheep $ cnts
& hogs 28.00
Daniel Jackson eight head of sheep 11.00
Isham Mcham one lot of tuntimber 25.00
John Strickland corn and fodder 11.80
The Widow corn and fodder 17.25
Samson D Jackson one half bushel .47
Jesse Strickland one shot gun 9.70
Jonah Jackson three head of gees 1.12
William Tew junr one blade stack 4.45
Aron Lockamy one lot of bricks 12.80
The Widow one pen of ducks 1.15
William Strickland one lot of tools 3.00
James Ranch one trow .50
John Hair one adze and frow .75
Isaac Strickland one Jack plain .25
Lovett Warren one lot of tools 1.69
Samson D Jackson one lot of chisels .60
Vinson Lockamy one drawing knife .85
Middleton Jackson one grind stone .23
John Strickland one lot of barrels .35
Sally Strickland one tub and pale .68
The Widow tubs and chairs .75
James Calhoun one chair and leather wallet .61
George Autry one table .50
William Strickland one pot 1.10
Charity Whitford one Spider .10
The Widow one loom &spider pot and rack 3.00
John Strickland two skins and frying pan .65
Holly Tew one table .11
The Widow one bed and furniture 5.00
Sally Strickland one box .07
Lovet Warren one wooling wheel .60
The Widow one lot of sundries 4.50
Holly Tew one saddle .90
John Strickland one lot of sundries 1.25
William Strickland one lot of shoe tools .50
Joel Jackson one reap hook .17


Page 3 $ cnts

Isaac Strickland one Testament 25
Blake Warren one saw and set and file 2 57
Aron Lockamy one hook 31
Robert Tew one taper bit 05
Robert Tew one bushel of wheat & ? 1 79 ½
Sarah Jackson one half bushel of wheat 70
The Widow one lot of corn 3 90
Isaac Strickland one lot of corn 1 00
The Widow one lot of pees 70
Thomas B Jackson one lot of corn and fodder 1 61
The Widow one bell and stand 1 62 ½
Edward Holley one lot of wool 96
John Strickland one hone 90
John Strickland one keg 50
The Widow one lot of sundries 15
The Widow one lot of greens one lot of plants 82 ½
Robert Tew one wheelbarrow and stands 36
Amy Jackson one bedsted 1 08
John Strickland copper ware and timber 42
Sarah Jackson one piggin 12
The Widow one lot of sundries 23
John Strickland one lot of sundries 3 00
$249 51 ½

Cash 0 50

Separate debts An a/c on Wm Strickland paid 1 80
One note on Edwin &WM Strickland due June 1838 pn 5 12
Do " Wm Strickland Senr & Jr due Jan 13 1833 1 80
Desperate debts
The Do Margaret Ammons due 22nd Dec 1837 prin 6 50
" account on Geo: Browne 10 00
Sundry articles allotted to Widow for years provisions
Report of which returned to Nov Term 1838 amounting 123 87 ½
In value to the sum of
Returned to Court Nov Term 1838-
Isaac Strickland Adm
249 57 ½

Page 4

An Inventory
Acct of sale of the
Property of
Jno Strickland
Decd Nov Term 1838
Recorded in Book
C pages 138, 139, 140, 141

Tho O. Faison CLK

Page 5

August 15th 1840
An obedience to an order of court Iashued at
May Term Last we have met and audit and
Setle the accounts of the Estate of John Strick-
land Decd with the admt of said Estate and
We find it Viz
The amount of sale--------- $238.57 cts
Interest on the same 15 month $ 16.70
Notes due said Estate----------------------$ 21.31
Commissions on the same---------------- $ 13.52
Leaves the said heirs------------------- $ 262.76
Vouchers against said Estate $ 105.75 ½
Commissions on said vouchers $5.20
Leaves due the heirs of said Estate $153.78
Burrell Dausants (could be Bussell)
Samson D. Jackson
Willie B Jackson

Note: An adze or adz (pronounced /ædz/) is a tool used for smoothing rough-cut wood in hand woodworking

Note: Clevis . . . An iron bent in the form of an oxbow, with the two ends ... A bent iron with the shape of an ox-bow having holes in the ends for the ...

n. 1. A small wooden pail or tub with an upright stave for a handle, - often used as a dipper.


Estate Records of Keziah Strickland

Contributed by: Donna Sherron

  Estate Records of Keziah Strickland Transcribed by Jeanie Blanton TRIMBLE January 16, 2009 Page 1 Report of the committee who paid off Keziah Strickland’s years allowance. Keziah Strickland Keziah Strickland’s years allowance. Page 2 52 bushels of corn --- harvest 1200 lbs of pork valued at $5 per lb 758 lb of pork and lard bones due the widower 42 lbs ? 100 ? lb of flour valued at $4 25 lb of picked cotton valued 72 ˝ per lb 1815 lb of lard bones Due 10lb 10 lb of wool V 25 cts per lb 1 ˝ ? bushels of salt V 90 cts 20 lb of sugar V $2 12 lb of coffee valued at 15 cts per lbs 2 sides of battis ? V $3 70 ? gallons molasses V 35 cts per gal one wheel and of case of soap and one bed and furniture------------- Burril Dawson William Jackson Henry Godwin WB B ? Jackson Upside down on same page February 27th 1834 judgment against Ke 1200 758 442 Note. The sevens and ones in this estate record looked a lot alike. I have put a question mark on the ones I think looked alike.


Estate Records of Moore Strickland

Contributed by: Donna Sherron

Estate Records For Moore Strickland & Others
Sampson County, North Carolina
Transcribed by Jeanie Blanton Trimble
January 23, 2009

Page 1

(27) this has an x over it (22)this has an x over it 63 this is marked out.
Trial Augt 1841
Moore Strickland
& others 

Petition for Partition
To Sampson
August (this was crossed through) July Term 1841

Page 2

State of North Carolina
Sampson County
To the Worshipful the court of Pleas and  Guar
the sessions in and for said County.
    The Petitions of Moore Strickland Jonathan
Strickland Isaac Strickland Daniel Strickland
Mason Strickland Blackman Strickland Josiah Jackson
and his wife Anna and Rufus Vann and his
wife Sally and Franklin Strickland and Anne
Strickland infant of tender years by their next
friend Moore Strickland.
    Witnessed to your worship that sometime
in this year            Autry Strickland departed 
this life, being at the time of his death seized and
posesed of the following tracts of land in the county
of Sampson aforesaid- to wit one tract originally granted 
to Samuel Peters by letters patent bearing date the 17th
day of February 1806- Beginning at a pine John Peters°
corner thence North 65 ° Sot 141 poles to a pine his corner
thence North 25 ° E 50 poles to a stake thence So 50°w-120
poles to a stake thence 40°E 89 poles to a pine on Josiah 
Blackman’s line thence his line So 80 Es 48 poles his corner
thence South 10° W 62 poles to a black jack his other
corner, thence north 65° Es 90 poles to a gum thence
South 25 °Es 30 poles to a red oak in the Rudy
pocoson branch, thence to the beginning-one
other tract lying on the west side of the seven mile
swamp Beginning at a gum in the seven mile
swamp and runs thence joining the lands of Edith
Ellis Josiah Dunning James Wilson Isham Mc
Claim and others-that the said Autry Strickland
died intestate and that your Petitioners are his

Page 3

next of kin, that is to say- your Petitioners Moore,
Jonathan, Isaac, Daniel, Mason, Blackman, Anna
and Sally are the brothers and sister of said Autry
and your petitioners Franklin and Anna the
only children of Joanna sister to the said Autry-
that the said Joanna is dead intestato leaving
no isue but your said Petitioners- that your
Petitioners Anna and Sally are respectively
married to 2 other petitioners Josiah Jackson
and Rufus Vann, your Petitioners far-
thers hers to your worships that they are desiring
to have the said land divided among them
according to their respective rights and accordingly
pray that Commissioners may be appointed
for that purpose pursuant to the act of A Penalty
in each case made and provided
    And your Petitioners as in Duty bound will
ever pray be.                  
                                   Sturyo for Petitioners

Estate Records of Thomas Strickland

Contributed by: Donna Sherron

Estate Sale for Thomas Strickland
Transcribed by Jeanie Blanton Trimble
January 30, 2009

And Accountt of Sale of the Estate of Thomas Strickland Decd

Page 1

persons names property sales $ cts
Mary Strickland one bed & furniture 25
Ditto-Ditto 1 Chest 04
Ditto---Ditto 11 Earthen plates 11
Ditto---Ditto 1 puter Dish 05
Ditto---Ditto 1 puter Bason 06
Ditto---Ditto 4 Chairs 25
Ditto---Ditto 1 smoothing iron 03
Ditto---Ditto 2 water pales 06
Ditto---Ditto 2 washing tubs 05
Ditto---Ditto 1 bread trey 01
Ditto---Ditto 1 Sifter 01
Ditto---Ditto 3 bottles 03
Ditto---Ditto 1 meal stand 02
Ditto---Ditto 2 Indego stands 02
Ditto---Ditto 1 pot 04
Ditto---Ditto 1 Kettle 02
Ditto---Ditto Hackle 01
Ditto---Ditto 1 Tin funnel 01
Ditto---Ditto 1 Table 03
Ditto---Ditto 1 Case of Knives and 04
forks 3 Tin Cups
and one Jug
Ditto---Ditto 1 peper box 1 tin bason 02
Silas Lee 1 vice and gimblet 15
Mary Strickland 4 weeding hoe 04

Page 2

Ditto---Ditto 1 grubing hoe 04
Joseph Strickland 2 Ditto---Ditto 30
Thomas Thornton Sen. 3 plow hoes 75
Mary Strickland 1 Skillet 01
Ditto---Ditto 1 Loom 10
Dempsey Warrick 2 hand saws 05
Isaac Strickland 2 Augers 02
John Brogdon Sen. 2 Hatchets 06
Nathan Strickland 2 Chissells 31
Mary Strickland 1 Axe 03
Silas Lee 1 Ditto 40
Sion Hill 2 gimblets 20
John Brogdon Sen. 2 drawing knives 1 43
William Lee 1 hammer & gauge 31
Thomas Thorton Sen 1 Curry Comb 05
Silas Lee one Square & Compas 1 35
Mary Strickland 2 Slays 04
Ditto---Ditto 2 Baskets 01
Ditto---Ditto 4 Barrells 10
Ditto---Ditto 3 Gums 04
Ditto---Ditto 1 bell 03
Ditto---Ditto 1 flax Wheel 01
Ditto---Ditto 1 Wooling Wheel 02
Alexander Flemming 1 Tar Bucket 15
Silas Lee 1 Cowhide 1 65
Sion Hill 2 Horse Collers 22
John Hill Junr 1 Side of Leather 2 50

Page 3

Jeen Wood 1 pair of Cart Wheels 4 76
Nathan Thornton Junr 2 ¼ lbs of Steel 50
Silas Lee 1 Saddle 35
Ditto---Ditto 1 Hammer & Knife 35
Isaac Langston 1 Rasp 25
George Cherry 1 Sow & 3 Shoats 12 50
Crawford Futrel 1 Horse 48 00
Mary Strickland 1 Cow 10 11
Crawford Futrel 1 Bridle 05
Silas Lee 1 Jug 86
Nathan Strickland 1 pair of Wedges 1 50
Mary Strickland 1 Sow and 2 Shoats 6 50
Thomas Thornton 1 Sider troft 1 pare of haims 15
Thomas Thornton Ten cents for the Rock Mark 10
Thos Thornton Dr (Jr)?
four hundred Dollars
for 85 acres of Land -------------------------------- 400 00

Thomas Thornton Admins
Notes: Gimblet: A borer; small instrument with a pointed screw at the end, for boring holes in wood by turning.