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These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through, Rutherford County, NC. 
They were submitted by researchers to the North Carolina Family Group Sheet Project.
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If you submit group sheets relating to Rutherford County families, 
please notify Bettie WOOD (above), so I can list them on this page.
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Family Group Sheet for: Submitted by:
ALLEN, Joseph Paschal Barbara Dyer Channell
ALLEN, Paschal Ira Grant Barbara Dyer Channell
ALLEN, William W. Barbara Dyer Channell
BURNS, Levi,  Jr. James H. Burns
COCHRAN, William Brenda Boiter
DRISKILL, John F. Betty Vaughn
DYE, Gilbert Sherri Sontag
DYE, Henry (wife #2) Sherri Sontag
DYE, John (wife #1) Sherri Sontag
DYE, John (wife #2) Sherri Sontag
DYE, Thomas Sherri Sontag
DYE, William Sherri Sontag
DYER, Allen Lancaster Barbara Dyer Channell
DYER, Samuel Barbara Dyer Channell
GIBBS, James Barbara Dyer Channell
HAYS, John Lewis Mary Jane FORD
HENDERSON, William Irvine Josephine Sanders Sparks
JOHNSON, Samuel C. Kathy Marler
JOHNSON, Wilburn Kathy Marler
JOHNSON, William Lafayette Kathy Marler
JOHNSON, William Perry Kathy Marler
KILPATRICK, Merrill Nimrod Laura Williams
LONG, Charles Joseph (wife #1) Kathryn L.C.Bagwell
MCBRAYER, James W. Barbara Dyer Channell
McBRAYER, Napoleon Bonaparte Barbara Dyer Channell
MCDADE, John Spartan E. Kerley
MOORE, James "Jim" Brenda Boiter
PENLAND, Edward G. Lola Avery
ROMANS, Frazier Alexander Kathy Marler
>SANDERS, William Moses Josephine Sanders Sparks
SCOGGIN, Joseph (wife #1) Laura Williams
SCOGGIN, Joseph (wife #2) Laura Williams
SPARKS, Calvin Barbara Dyer Channell
TAYLOR, Arthur Josephine Sanders Sparks
TERRY, Julius Jackson Ed Lott
UNKNOWN(spouse of Sarah Ann Johnson) Kathy Marler
WALTON, William Kerma (Neal) Breedlove
WEBB, Drewry Dobbins Meg Swartley

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