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The Political Graveyard--Information on Dead Politicians, where they are buried, how they died, cemeteries & their locations, etc. Very helpful to determine who was in office when your ancestors were living. Information on the entire United States.

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A Collection of Small Cemeteries
An Old Methodist Church Cemetery
More Small Cemeteries
No Name Cemetery
Small Cemeteries #1
Small Cemeteries #2
Small Cemeteries #3

Some More Small Cemeteries, Various

Abrams Cemetery
Adair Family Cemetery
Adaville Baptist Cemetery
Alexander Cemetery
Amos Wall Cemetery
Avondale Cemetery

Back Elliott Cemetery
Bagwell Cemetery
Baxter Cemetery
Beam Cemetery
Bedford Cemetery
Benjamin White Andrews Cemetery
Bethany Baptist Cemetery
Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Big Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Bill's Creek Baptist Cemetery
Blanton Cemetery
Blanton Family Cemetery
Blankenship Cemetery
Bob Price Cemetery
Bostic Baptist Cemetery
Bridges- Johnson Cemetery
Briscoe Cemetery
Brittain Presbyterian Cemetery
Broad River Cemetery
Buck Shoals Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
Bucket Hill Cemetery
Buffalo Cemetery
Butler Cemetery
Butler-Painter Cemetery

Calvary Baptist Cemetery #1
Calvary Baptist Cemetery #2
Calvary Baptist Cemetery #3
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery
Camp Creek Baptist
Camp Creek Baptist Cemetery
Camp Elliot Cemetery
Campfield Baptist Cemetery
Cane Creek Baptist Cemetery
Cane Creek Missionary Baptist Cemetery
Cansler Cemetery
Cedar Creek Holiness Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery (African-American)
Cedar Grove Methodist Cemetery
Centennial United Methodist Cemetery
Cherry Mountain Free Will Baptist Cemetery
Chimney Rock Baptist Cemetery
Chitwood Cemetery
Cliffside Cemetery
Cogdell Family Cemetery
Cole Cemetery
Concord Baptist Cemetery (Surnames Only)
Concord Baptist Cemetery (Listing)
Cool Springs Cemetery (Surnames Only)
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #1
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #2
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #3
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #4
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #5
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #6
Cool Springs Section Cemetery #7
Cooper Springs Congregational Holiness Cemetery
Corinth Baptist Cemetery
County Memorial Cemetery
Crawford Cemetery
Crews Cemetery

Dalton Cemetery
Daniel Family Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Davis Family Cemetery
Deviney Cemetery
Dickey-Lynch Cemetery
Dobbins Cemetery
Doggett Cemetery
Doggett Grove Cemetery (African-American)
Double Sprngs Cemetery
Duffey-Twitty Cemetery
Duggar Freeman Cemetery
Duncan’s Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Edwards Cemetery #1
Edwards Cemetery #2
Elias Alexander Cemetery
Eligah Walker Cemetery
Elizabeth Thompson Cemetery

Fairview Baptist Cemetery
Fellowship Baptist Cemetery #1
Fellowship Baptist Cemetery #2
First Broad Baptist Cemetery
First Broad River Baptist Church Cemetery
Floyd's Creek Baptist Cemetery
Flynn Cemetery
Fortune Cemetery
Fortune-Melton-Rollins Cemetery
Fowler Cemetery
Francis Logan Cemetery
Full Gospel Cemetery

Gilbert Cemetery
Gilboa Methodist Cemetery
Gilkey Cemetery
Gilkey Church of God Cemetery
Gilkey United Methodist Cemetery
Glenwood Baptist Cemetery
Glover Cemetery
Glover-Horton Cemetery
Godfrey Cemetery
Goforth Cemetery
Gold Hill Cemetery (African-American)
Golden Valley Cemetery (Name Unknown)
Golden Valley Church of the Brethren Cemetery
Golden Valley Methodist Cemetery
Goode's Creek Baptist Cemetery
Goode Family Cemetery #1
Goode Family Cemetery #2
Gossett Family Cemetery
Grassy Knob Church Cemetery
Gray’s Chapel Methodist Cemetery #1
Gray’s Chapel Methodist Cemetery #2
Gray's Creek Baptist Cemetery
Green Cemetery #1
Green Cemetery #2
Green Cemetery #3
Green Culbreath Cemetery
Green Hill Baptist Cemetery
Griffin Cemetery

Hampton Cemetery
Hamrick Family Cemetery
Harrill Cemetery
Harris First Baptist Cemetery
Harris-Miller Cemetery
Haynes Grove Cemetery (African-American)
Hemphill-Morgan Cemetery
Henson Cemetery
Hicks Grove Baptist Cemetery
High Shoal Baptist Cemetery
Hill Cemetery
Hillsdale Church Cemetery
Hogue Family Cemetery
Holly Springs Baptist Cemetery
Hopewell A.M.E. Zion Cemetery
Hopewell- Camp - Doggett - Green Cemeteries
Hopewell Methodist Cemetery
Hunt Cemetery
Huntley Cemetery
Huntley Church Cemetery

James Walker Cemetery
Jerusalem Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
Jesse Walker Cemetery
John Walker Family Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery (African-American)
Jones Family Cemetery

Kistler’s Chapel Methodist Cemetery
Koon Cemetery

Lebanon Baptist
Lewis Family Cemetery
Liberty Baptist Cemetery
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Little White Country Church Cemetery
Logan Cemetery

Matthew Chapel AME Zion Cemetery
McCurry Cemetery
McDaniel Cemetery
McDonald Cemetery
McEntire Cemetery
McKinney Cemetery
Melton Cemetery
Miller-Twitty Cemetery
Montford's Cove Baptist Cemetery
Montford's Cove Church Cemetery
Morningstar Baptist Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
Morrow Cemetery
Morrow Cemetery #2
Mount Harmony Baptist Cemetery
Mount Hebron Methodist Cemetery
Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery
Mount Nebo Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
Mount Olivet Baptist Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Baptist Cemetery #1
Mount Pleasant Baptist Cemetery #2
Mount Pleasant Baptist Cemetery #3
Mount Pleasant C.M.E. Cemetery (African-American)
Mountain Creek Baptist Cemetery
Mountain View Baptist Cemetery #1
Mountain View Baptist Cemetery #2
Mt. Vernon Baptist Cemetery
Murphy Cemetery

New Bethel Baptist Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery (African-American)
New Salem Church Cemetery
New Vernon Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
New Zion Baptist Cemetery

Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Oak Springs Baptist Cemetery
Oakridge Baptist Cemetery
Old Cool Springs Baptist Cemetery
Old Duncan Creek Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Dunkard Cemetery
Old Hopewell Cemetery
Old Methodist Church Cemetery #1
Old Methodist Church Cemetery #2
Old South Creek Cemetery
Old State Line Church Cemetery
Old Thermal City Church Cemetery
Old White Church

Padgett Cemetery
Pannel Cemetery
Piedmont Baptist Cemetery
Piney Knob Baptist Cemetery
Piney Mountain Baptist Cemetery
Piney Ridge C.M.E. Cemetery (African-American)
Pisgah Methodist Cemetery
Plainview& Calvary Baptist Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery #1
Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery #2
Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery (African-American)
Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery
Poor's Ford Baptist Cemetery
Price Cemetery
Providence Methodist Cemetery

Racepath Baptist Cemetery
Riverside Baptist Cemetery
Roberson Creek Freebill Baptist Cemetery
Rock Spring Baptist Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Rollins Cemetery
Ross Hill Baptist Cemetery
Round Hill Baptist Cemetery #1
Round Hill Baptist Cemetery #2
Rutherford City Cemetery
Rutherford Memorial Cemetery
Rutherfordton City Cemetery

Salem United Methodist Cemetery
Sandy Level Baptist Cemetery
Scruggs Cemetery #1
Scruggs Cemetery #2
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery
Shingle Hollow Holiness Cemetery
Sims Cemetery
Smith Grove Baptist Cemetery
Southern Baptist Cemetery
Sparks Cemetery
Spindale Cemetery
Spurling Family Cemetery
St. Francis Cemetery
St. John's Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
St. Paul AME Zion Cemetery (African-American)
Stewart Cemetery
Sulphur Springs Baptist Cemetery
Sulphur Springs Holiness Cemetery
Sunset Memorial Cemetery
Sunshine United Methodist Cemetery
Sweezy-Murray Cemetery
Swofford Cemetery

Tanner's Grove Methodist Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Temple of Jesus Cemetery
Thomas Walker Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Thorn Cemetery
Toms Family Cemetery
Towry Family Cemetery
Trout Cemetery
Twitty-Miller Cemetery

Union Cemetery
Union Hill A.M.E. Zion Cemetery
Union Mills Cemetery
Union Mills Presbyterian Cemetery

Walker Cemetery
Wall's Baptist Cemetery
Watkin's Cemetery
Weast Cemetery
Webb Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
Webster Cemetery
Weeks Family Cemetery
Welcome Home Baptist Cemetery
Wells Cemetery
Wells Springs United Methodist Cemetery
West Memorial Baptist Cemetery
WestPoint Baptist Cemetery
Westminister Baptist Cemetery
White Oak Springs Baptist Cemetery (African-American)
Whiteside Cemetery (African-American)
Whiteside Cemetery #1
Whiteside Cemetery #2
Wilson Baptist Cemetery

Zachariah McDaniel Cemetery

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