The Old Talley Family Cemetery

Camp Dan Valley Road 
Northwest of Reidsville, North Carolina 

T. P. Talley  
born: Aug 30, 1860 
died: Feb 25, 1932 

Mrs. T. P. Talley 
born: Aug 24, 1868 
died: Feb 7, 1935 

Robert Wilson King 
son of 
M. M. and M. M. King 
born: Dec 12 1918 
died: July 7, 1929 

J. Willard Talley 
Son of T. P. and R. B. Talley 
born: Nov 6, 1898 
died: Dec 12 1918 


John T. Meeks 
A Confederate Soldier 
born: Sept 17 1838 
died: 1919 

Alice Virginia Gilley 

Thomas J. Talley 
born: Oct 2, 1892 
died: Feb 27, 1912 

James Banister Talley 
born Feb 23, 1835 
died: Mar 10, 1902 


Sallie A. Talley 
born: Mar 8, 1836 
died: Oct 30, 1912 
Sallie was Sarah Ann Lemons, wife of James Banister Talley 

Jesse E. Talley 
son of J. E. and Lula Talley 
born: Dec 13, 1914 
died: Dec 13, 1914 

R. P. Talley 
born: Oct 1, 1876 
died: June 12, 1914 

William R. Talley, Jr. 
son of R. P. & M. A. Talley 
born: Feb 1, 1915 
died: July 5, 1916 


Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chambers 
Sept 21, 1936 


Children of S. A. and S. L. Roberts 
born: July 6, 1908 
died: April 19, 1909 

born: July 6, 1908 
died: May 7, 1909 

born: Dec 24, 1911 
died: Feb 13, 1912 

born: May 27, 1903 
died: Feb 23, 1904 

Jesse E. 
born: Dec 12, 1904 
died: Jan 3, 1905 

Annie L. 
born: Dec 12 1904 
died: Feb 16, 1905 

Alvis Glenn Borland 
born: Mar, 1899 
died: Feb, 1921 


During my visit to Reidsville, North Carolina in 1987, my Aunt Billie took me to all of the cemeteries where we have relatives buried. It was an honor to be able to copy the information contained on the headstones of our ancestors. The following pages contain the names of the cemeteries I visited and the names of the people buried there who are ancestors to the Borland’s and both Talley Families. If anyone has further information to add, please feel free to do so.   Submitted by: Kaththea Borland-Mills 12 October 2003

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