Cemetery Inscriptions contributed by:
Phillips Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Archibald Prevatt(e) Family Cemetery
I. J. Prevatte Cemetery
J. Thomas Prevatte Cemetery
Prevatt/Prevatte Cemetery
Proctorville Cemetery John Rhodes, 2002
Raft Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery Lynn Prettyman, 13 Jun 2000
Neill Regan Cemetery
Regan United Methodist Church Cemetery
Rhodes Cemetery 1 John B. Rhodes, Jr., 1999
Rice Family Cemetery
Robeson County Indian Cemeteries
Rozier Family Cemetery
Sessoms Family Cemetery
Armistead Singletary Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Smith's United Methodist Church Cemetery
Speights Cemetery
Stone Cemetery
B.L. Sutton Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
Ten Mile Baptist Church Cemetery Ellen Reich and Jane Barnhill, Aug 2001
Townsend Family Cemetery
Haynes Walters Cemetery
Helen Walters Cemetery
Speir Walters Cemetery
Carson West Cemetery
West Cemetery
Wilkins Cemetery
Zion's Tabernacle Baptist Church Cemetery






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