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Will of Neill RAY, 1808

Transcribed by Emma Lou Weldon

Robeson Co Original Wills
CR 083.801.11

State of North Carolina Robeson County

In the Name of God Amen.
I Neill Ray inhabitant of said State and County though low in heath and weak in body yet in perfect sense and memory Blessed be God for it do hereby make my last will and testament as follows

Item. To my dearly beloved companion Florah Ray I do leave one hundred acres land whereon the improvement stands whilest living in her widowhood.

Item. I leave to my children all the rest of my land and other possessions of all kinds under the management of my executors and I do constitute Daniel Ray and Edward Wilkison as executors and managers of all my worldly business - and I do empower said executors to sell or not sell all the land and other property as they shall see right to the best advantage for the orphans and I do authorize my executors to pay my debts out of the property and charge them with the reasonable education to the orphans out of my estate.

Given this 11th September 1808 in presents of us

Test. Dugald McMillan				Neill Ray

Daniel Wilkison					his mark

Peter Wilkison

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