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BY MELANIE KELLEY, Copyright 1998

NOTE FROM MELANIE: Where you see a blank space or a question mark, I was 

unsure of what the original said.


I, James Copeland in the name of God Amen, sick of body but in perfect 

judgement and memory blessed be God for his         and knowing that 

death is natural to all doth make and publish this my last will and 

testament and do give and bequeath my worldly property in the follow 

manner.  I will that my dear and loving wife Sara Copeland have my 

plantation whereon I now live till all my children is owed to the 

age of twenty one years if they should all live to that age otherwise 

till the youngest surviving arrives to that age then to dispose of the 

plantation at her discretion, then I will that my said wife have all 

my perishable property including one mare one cow nine head of hogs 

inclusive of four fattening hog together with all my household furniture.  

Then I will that my daughter Susanna Melvin have five shillings.  

Then I will that my daughter Roberta Bush have five shillings.  

I do hereby appoint make and publish my worthy friends James Humphry 

and Wendal Parnell and my Wife Sara Copeland executors and execution 

to this my last will.  Witness what unto I have herento set my name 

and seal this 24th Novembe 1816 signed sealed in presence of us who 

were present at the time of uncutting said will.

Duncan Campbell				James  X  Copeland

Susanna  X  Hollclaus                                             his mark

           her mark

Robeson county November term 1817.  This will was proved in open court 

by the oath of Duncan Campbell and ordered to be reported.  R.G. Bunting 

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