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                              BACK SWAMP BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY

                                   HILLY BRANCH ROAD-HWY 301

                                      BACK SWAMP TOWNSHIP

                                   LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA

Margaret Eloise Adams  b. 1-26-1921, d. 7-7-1992


Lora Althia Howell  b. 9-15-1866, d. 3-25-1926 w/o Henry Hansford Howell

L A H small marble marker (foot marker)

Henry Hansford Howell  b. 10-4-1847, d. 9-6-1922

H H H small marble marker (foot marker)

Mary Alden  b.10-7-1922, d. 9-23-1934 dau of TB and Minnie Adams


Thomas B. Adams  b. 3-2-1883, d. 9-14-1973

Minnie H. Adams  b. 5-23-1885, d. 6-16-1970 w/o TB Adams

M H A small marble marker (foot marker)

Catherine Willoughby  b. 1857, d. 6-22-1919


Elva Smith  b.8-22-1858, d. 11-11-1939 w/o AB Smith

E  S small marble marker (foot marker)

A.B. Smith  b. 12-22-1856, d. 4-20-1932

A B S small marble marker

Metal Funeral Marker tag no name

Mitchell B. Smith  d. 1-9-1942, NC FVT 64th INF 7th DIV

LARGE TOWNSEND TOMBSTONE (no names on stone)

Mother small marble marker

Infant small marble marker

Mother small marble marker

Daughter small marble marker

Thomas H. Britt  b. 4-1-1873, d. 6-14-1908

T H B small marble marker (foot stone)

Mittie Townsend Britt  b. 8-17-1871, d. 11-17-1926 w/o TH Britt

M T B small marble marker (foot stone)

Thelmore H. Britt  b. 5-12-1906, d. 5-23-1925

Infant son of OT and Emmaline Townsend  b. 3-7-1911, d. 3-8-1911

Emmaline Britt  b. 1883, d. 1911 w/o OT Townsend  

Ottie T. Townsend  b. 8-27-1884, d. 12-6-1970

Appie Davis  b. 4-30-1832, d. 3-23-1949 w/o OT Townsend

Quessie Merium Townsend   b. 11-20-1912, d. 1-19-1964

Charlie Stone  b. 8-24-1909, d. 1-4-1934 son of "Will " William Stone

C S small marble marker (foot marker)

Julia F. (Woodell) Stone  b. 1-28-1882, d. 11-21-1922 w/o "DW" Doctor Warren 


J F S small marble marker (foot marker)

Doctor Warren Stone  b. 6-17-1875, d. 12-8-1927 son of Hardy J. Stone and 

Mary C.(Sutton) Stone

"Roy" T. L. Stone  b.6-19-1889, d. 4-9-1965 son of Hardy J. Stone and Mary C. 

(Sutton) Stone

Minnie Stone  b. 10-16-1878, d. 6-19-1909 dau of Hardy J. Stone and Mary C. 

(Sutton) Stone

Hardy J. Stone  d. 7-14-1919 at 77 yrs

Mary C. (Sutton) Stone  b. 3-7-1849, d. 7-10-1928 w/o Hardy J. Stone

John L. Wiggins  b. 6-3-1866, d. 10-15-1914

J L W small marble marker (foot marker)

James H. Miller  d. 10-18-1935 PVT 1st COL 155 DEPOT BRIGG

J H M small marble marker (foot marker)

J. D. Kinlaw  b. 9-15-1892, d. 11-10-1918

J D K small marble marker (foot marker)

Willis Earl Barnes  b. 9-12-1918, d. 11-11-1967

Myrta Inez Lewis  b. 3-17-1889, d. 3-30-1948

Willis Claude Barnes  b. 9-28-1882, d. 6-16-1966

Aldena B. Atkinson w/o A. D. Barnes b. 3-5-1870, d. 1-23-1964


Arthur D. Barnes  b. 10-22-1868, d. 7-10-1932

Billy Hugh Barnes  b. 10-24-1935, d. 3-29-2000

Elizabeth  b. 12-22-1910, d. 2-10-1917 dau of AD Barnes

Norva Barnes  b. 11-13-1903, d. 3-13-1903

Leafy B. "Cliff" Newbury  b. 12-14-1898, d. 4-14-1963


Emely Eliza Barnes  b. 10-23-1841, d. 7-11-1926 w/o Oliver Barnes  

E E B small marble marker (foot marker)

Oliver Barnes  b. 1-31-1838, d. 11-30-1891

O B small marble marker (foot marker)

Dollie A. Singletary  b. 5-27-1881, d. 8-15-1973

Mike M. Singletary  b. 2-1876, d. 6-1946

Lula Blanch Britt  b. 1886, d. 1978 w/o Mike M. Singletary

Isabelle J. Lewis  B. 9-1867, d. 8-1948

Lou L. Singletary  b. 4-3-1871, d. 8-30-1958

L L S small marble marker (foot marker)

John T. Singletary  b. 5-18-1878, d. 4-7-1917

Bertha Catherine Mitchell  b. 2-25-1887, d. 1-14-1986 spouse of  John T. 



Sarah C. Singletary  b. 4-18-1846, d. 7-19-1939 w/o J. K. Singletary

S C S  small marble marker (foot marker)

J. K. Singletary  b. 6-15-1844, d. 3-12-1911

J K S small marble marker (foot marker)

F M T small marble marker

M G  small marble marker

M D T small marble marker

Sally M. Thompson  b. 1-29-1875, d. 2-26-1906 w/o  Dr. N. A. Thompson

Neill Townsend  b. 12-13-1838, d. 8-20-1904

Narcissa D. Howell  b. 6-3-1840, d. 9-27-1923 w/o Neill Townsend

Julia Pitman  w/o Jasper Covington Barnes b. 8-3-1882, d. 6-19-1910

Jasper Covington Barnes  b. 11-11-1877, d. 10-6-1946

Vinnie Byrd Barnes  w/o Jasper C. Barnes b. 7-22-1927, d. 11-30-1957 

Jasper C. Barnes  Jr. b. 9-10-1918, d. 10-11-1994


Carole Bradley

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