Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
If approaching the stop light in Ellerbe from the south on #220, that you should make a left turn 
at the stop light. (If coming from north, make right turn) Follow the road, without making turns,  
all the way to #109 at Mangum. Turn left on #109, and go about one mile. Look on left and will see 
chicken houses on hillside. A little distance further on beyond the chicken houses, there will be 
an open field on the right. In that field will be a growth of bushes, vines, and trees that marks 
the location of the cemetery.

Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Austin Clara Cornelia  5-16-1858  9-28-1858  d/o M.S.& M.E. Austin 
Dumas Burrell Lucy  6-8-1809  2-8-1851	 
Lisk Nelson  ----  2-4-1848	 Stone erected by Lauder 
Dumas Emeline Robinson 	9-15-1810  8-16-1854	w/o Isham A. Dumas d/o T.Robinson
Dumas Henry Clay  ----  8-17-1837  s/o Isham A. & Emeline Dumas 
Dumas Isham  10-14-1837  10-14-1837  s/o William & Anne Ellen Dumas  
Dumas Isham A.  1-17-1804  3-24-1875	 
Dumas Obediah  11-13-1801  4-1830	 
Dumas Zack  4-4-1776  0-17-1846	 
Dumas Elizabeth  1774  6-28-1861  w/o Zack Dumas

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