Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
If approaching the stop light in Ellerbe from the south on #220, that you should make a left turn 
at the stop light. (If coming from north, make right turn) Follow the road, without making turns,  
all the way to #109 at Mangum. Turn left on #109, and go about one mile. Look on left and will see 
chicken houses on hillside. A little distance further on beyond the chicken houses, there will be 
an open field on the right. In that field will be a growth of bushes, vines, and trees that marks 
the location of the cemetery.

Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Austin Clara Cornelia  5-16-1858  9-28-1858  d/o M.S.& M.E. Austin 
Dumas Burrell Lucy  6-8-1809  2-8-1851	 
Lisk Nelson  ----  2-4-1848	 Stone erected by Lauder 
Dumas Emeline Robinson 	9-15-1810  8-16-1854	w/o Isham A. Dumas d/o T.Robinson

Carolina Observer (Fayetteville, North Carolina), Thursday, March 20, 1828
Married in Montgomery, at the residence of Micajah Gainey, Esq. on the 5th inst. by 
the Rev. James Clarke, Mr. Isham A. Dumas, Merchant of Richmond county, to Miss 
Emaline Robinson.    (Bridges-April 13, 2016)

Dumas Henry Clay  ----  8-17-1837  s/o Isham A. & Emeline Dumas 
Dumas Isham  10-14-1837  10-14-1837  s/o William & Anne Ellen Dumas  
Dumas Isham A.  1-17-1804  3-24-1875	 
Dumas Obediah  11-13-1801  4-1830	 
Dumas Zack  4-4-1776  0-17-1846	 
Dumas Elizabeth  1774  6-28-1861  w/o Zack Dumas

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