CASUALTY LIST World War II, Richmond County, North Carolina
(As compiled by the Rockingham Post-Dispatch
Printed July 3, 1946)

Contributed by John Ussery
Posted July 28, 2006


The names with an * (asterisk) before them are the ones (63) listed by the Army June 27, 1946, 
as having been Army Casualties. 

KIA -- Killed in action. DOW -- Died of wounds. 
DOI -- Died of injuries. DNB -- died (non-combat). 
FOD -- Finding of death under public law 494, 77th Congress. 
M -- Missing. 

* Pvt. Harry C. Aker, died (non combat). 
* Pfc. Armon J.C. Albright, 3-26-45, France, DOW. 
* Cpl. Chas. B. Allen, Hamlet, car hit, Calif. 2-6-43. 
* Pfc. John T. Brown, Germany 1-28-45, 301st Inft.    
Pvt. Genoah A. Brigman, Marines 3-18-45, Iwo Jima.    
Wm. Otis Bullard, Marines, southwest Pacific, 8-21-43.    
Lt. John Lewis Benton, Hamlet, sub. Pacific, 5-43. 
* T-4 Ernest O. Billingsley, died (non combat). 
* Cpl. Melvin T. Bowman, died (non combat). 
* Pfc. Wm. Jackson Bundy, 104th Div. 11-17-44, Germany. (name correction made Nov 21, 2010)
* Sgt. Wallace B. Case, died (non combat). 
* Pfc. Harold Cobb, 13th Inft. 8th Div. 4-16-45, Ger. KIA.    
Robert H. Carpenter, S 2-c, died Camp Lejeune 4-5-45. 
* Capt. Claude E. Clark Jr., Leyte 11-23-44, 32nd Div. KIA. 
* Pvt. Walter S. Covington Jr., 12-9-44, Ger. 8th Div. KIA. 
* Pvc. Robt. Z. Covington, Normandy 6-10-44, 12th Inft,   KIA. 
* Lt. W. L. Covington, air corps pilot, Ger. 5-19-44 FOD. 
* Lt. Carlyle Capps Jr., pilot, Mississippi, 4-23-44, DNB. 
* Pfc Eddie Cagle, died of wounds in Burma 6-13-44. 
* Pfc. John D. Creech, 44th Div. France, 11-20-44. 
* Pvt. Horace C. Culver, France, 9-10-44, Inft., KIA. 
* Cpl. Martin J. Clark, Hamlet rt, 8-5-44, France KIA.    
J.D. Cowan, S 1-c of Hamlet, Mediterranean, 12-2-43. 
* S-Sgt. Roy W. Dabbs, 2-10-45, 4th Div. Luxembourg, KIA. 
* Pvt. Sam J. Deese, killed in action.    
Cpl. A. C. Daughtry Jr., France, 741st F.A. 12-2-44.    
Pvt. James W. Dockery, 12-16-44, Germany 60 FA.    
Pvt. George Wm. Dobbins, plane India 5-22-44.    
James Ray Dawkins, submarine, Pacific, 6-44.    
Walter Elmore, S. 1-c, drowned San Francisco 3-29-45.    
James Archer Easterling, 1-22-44, Italy, Navy.    
Lt. John L. Everett, Jr., submarine, Pacific, 1-11-43. 
* Pfc. Julius Fuller, France 3-16-45, KIA. 
* T-Sgt. Willis K. Flup, FOD. 
* Lt. Coy M. Freeman, Hamlet, pilot, Ger. 12-15-43, FOD. 
* Pfc. Mark Grant, Killed in Action.    
Joyner P. Graham, BM 2-c, Pacific.    
Floyd W. Gerald, Marines, aircraft, California.    
Edward James Haywood, Navy, 6-26-45, Pacific.    
Pvt. Wm. Stancil Harrington, 3-2-45, Germany. 
* S-Sgt. Hubert Harris, 9-1-44, France, Infantry, KIA.    
Pfc. Gordon R. Harrison, Jap prison, 7-18-42.    (Was captured at Corrigedor 5-6-42)    
Pfc. Jas. Claude Henry, Saipan, Pacific, marines, 6-44. 
* Pvt. Edgar E. Hicks, 18th Inft. Belgium 1-21-45 FOD. 
* Pfc. Carl Holbrook, killed in action. 
* Sgt. Wm. S. Huntley, pneumonia, England, Jan. 1945, DNB. 
* Cpl. Charles J. Ivey, killed in action. 
* Lt. Wm. A. Johnson, Hamlet, crash, Columbia, DNB.    
T-5 Wm. D. Joye, died German prison, Spring 1945. 
* Sgt. Leon E. Kelly, 11-22-44, air raid over Germany. 
* Pvt. John R. Kelly Jr., Anzio Beach, Italy, 3-16-44, KIA.    
Wm. Patrick Kelly, S 1-c, Navy, 5-28-45. 
* Pfc. Carl F. Kime Jr., Germany, 11-8-44, 28th Div. FOD. 
* Pfc. Louis L. Kirkley, 3rd Army, France, 11-10-44, DOW. 
* 1st Lt. Thomas C. Leak, fighter pilot, France 8-27-44,    KIA.    
Augusta B. Leak, colored, southwest Pacific.    
Homer L. Melton, Med. "Mattox" 7-10-43.    
Will Benton Morgan, Hamlet, navy "Eagles" 4-23-45. 
* Pfc. James Mason, died (non combat). 
* Pfc. Walter Harris Morris, Italy, 142nd Inft. 2-3-44, KIA. 
* T-Sgt. Ralph F. Morrison, Germany 28th Div. 12-20-44. 
* Pfc. Lonnie L. McDonald, 3-24-45, 32nd Luzon, DOW. 
* S-Sgt. John L. (Jake) McPhail, Germany 4-6-45, Inft., KIA. 
* S-Sgt. James R. Montgomery, died (non combat). 
* 1st Lieut. Leon I. McCaskill, pilot, crash Crete 12-14-45. 
* Pvt. Sam J. McPhail, killed in action, Italy, 5-23-44. 
* Sgt. John Charles McNeill, 7-4-44, Saipan, KIA.    
Morris Mitchell, Jr., air corps, Germany.    
Pvt. Ralph R. McCaskill, Germany, 11-11-44, 29th Div.    
Grady Nicholson, colored, died Ft. Bragg, 1941. 
* Horace E. Nichols (CWO), died (non combat). 
* Pfc. James F. Oakley, killed in action. 
* Pvt. Prentiss Odom, killed in action.    
Sgt. Walter DeWitt Odom, plane crash, 3-29-44.    
S-Sgt. Wverett M. Odom, air corps, Germany.    
Archie Preston Oliver, Av. R 3-c, March, 1944, England. 
* Pvt. Tommy L. Patrick, killed in action 5-12-44, Anzio    Campaign Italy.   
Pfc. Wm. D. Peele, German river 12-6-44, in action.    
Pfc. Matthew Pemberton, Belgium, 1-5-45.    
Roy Pratt, Navy Mediterranian "Mattox" 7-10-43.    
Pvt. Richard C. Patterson, 12-1-44, Inft., Germany.    
Sgt. Grayson Poats, Air Corps, Mediterranean 4-20-44.    
Pfc. John Stanley Quick, England. * Pvt. Prentiss Quick, DOW.    
Lt. (jg) Andy Rohleder, dive bomb, 10-12-44, Formosa. 
* Lt. Henry C. Rancke Jr., pilot, Philippines, 1942, DNB. 
* Pfc. James H. Roberts, killed in action. 
* Sgt. Arthur P. Smith Jr., Hamlet, Inft., Germany, 4-8-45,   KIA.
* Pvt. David C. Smith, DOW. * 2nd Lt. Welsey V. Smith Jr., killed in action. 
* Pfc. Icelee Smith, 7-15-44, 329th Inft., France, DOW. 
* Sgt. Andrew J. Stogner, 8-28-44, Inft. France, KIA.    
Billy Bruton Shelley, S 2-c, killed, wire 2-6-45.    
Pvt. Clyde E. Smith, Inft., Germany, 2-2-45.    
Cpl. Raymond P. Smith, on Peleliu, 10-4-44, Marines.    
Sgt. Wm. David Steele, col., drowned 11-3-45, Florida.    
Pvt. James T. Stein, 12-18-44, in Germany.    
Pvt. John W. Stewart, 1-21-45, Inft., France. 
* Pfc. James (Buddy) Talbert, Pacific, 11-12-44, KIA. 
* Sgt. Harvey S. Terry Jr., 12-25-44, 106th Div., Germany,  DOW. 
* Sgt. Eddie V. Teal, on Leyte, 12-12-44, KIA.    
Pfc. Odom Webb, 165th Inft., Okinawa, 5-1-45. 
* Pfc. Cecil E. White, 503 Para., 4-22-45, Negros Island, KIA. 
* Pfc. Laxton S. White, killed in action. 
* Pfc. C. Raymond White Jr., died Okinawa, 1-29-46, DNB. 
* Pfc. James F. Wilkins, killed in action.    
Samuel Jackson Whitlock, Air Corps, Bermuda.    
Pvt. June L. Wilson, Germany, 5-31-45.    
Lieut. Woodrow Wyand, Bataan, 5-6-42.    
Cpl. James M. Young, wife lives in Hamlet. 

Stewart Gordon Barbour, Navy, off Java, Rm. P. O. 2-c. (Liberated Osaki, Aug., 1945; home 9-45)    
S-Sgt. Bernard L. Broadway, Inft, 10-2-44, France. (Broadway liberated by Russia 3-45).    
Sgt. Howard Baucom, Bomb raid, 9-28-44, Germany. (Sgt. Howard Baucom liberated Germany May 2, 1945)   
Sgt. Vance T. Chavis, France, 12-4-44, Infantry.    
Lt. David C. Brothers, 6-26-44, Austria, Bombardier. (Lt.  Brothers liberated in May and landed    
New York June 5, 1945; home June 8, 1945)    
Lt. Lewis T. Easterling, fighter pilot, Germany 12-17-44. (Lt. Easterling released from German 
prison 4-45 and landed New York May 30, 1945)    
Sgt. Olan R. Freeman, Capt., 10-20-44, home June, 1945.    
Pfc. Gentry Garrett, 9-21-44, France, 142nd Infantry.    
Pfc. Lawrence J. Gore in Germany, 12-21-44, Infantry. (liberated May 1945)    
Pfc. Henry Edw. Hall, Germany, 12-21-44, Infantry. (Hall liberated in May, 1945)    
Pfc. Willie Mack Harrington, Normandy, 6-12-44, Glider. (Pfc. Harrington liberated 1945 in Germany)    
Pfc. T. C. Hardister captured 12-18-44, 2nd Div. (Liberated April 1, 1945, in Germany)    
Pfc. Wm. G. Harris, 69th Inft., 1-17-45, France. (Harris liberated by U.S. Army 4-2-45; home 5-8-45)    
Cpl. Charlie R. Jones, Japs Corrigedor prisoner 5-6-42. (In Spring of 1945 moved to Osaka)    
Cpl. Fred Meacham, North Africa. (Liberated in April, 1945, Germany)    
S-Sgt. Roy C. McGinnis, air corps, Germany, 10-43 or 11-43. (Sgt. McGinnis released Germany April, 1945)    
Pfc. Howard B. McCollum, France, 1-23-45. (McCollum freed 4-2-45 in Germany)    
Elbert M. Overton of Ellerbe, in business in Manilla, captured by Japs and interred 38 months.    
Liberated by MacArthur's army Feb. 23, 1945; home May   13, 1945.)    
T-Sgt. Rufus Thurman Odom, air corps, Germany 2-44. (Sgt. Odom released Germany, April, 1945)    
Pvt. Charlie Paschal, Germany, 10-9-44, Infantry. (Liberated, arrived home June, 1945)    
Bobby Gerrell Robinson, Java Naval, March 1, 1942. (Liberated in September, 1945)    
Pfc. Jasper L. Sikes, Luxembourg, 12-18-44, 28th Div. (Sikes reached Raleigh 6-27-45).    
T-Sgt. Rufus F. Stutts, returned to duty 4-17-45.    
Sgt. Harry L. Seawell, air corps, Oct. 19, 1944, Italy. (Sgt. Harry Seawell liberated Italy April, 1945)    
Walter Horace Seawell, Japs, Philippines. (Seawell liberated Feb., 1945, by MacArthur's Forces).    
Sgt. Samuel R. Suber, Jr., Normandy, Juen 13, 1944. (Suber liberated Kristin, Jan. 31, 1945)    
Col. Hiram W. Tarkington, May, 1942, Formosa. (Liberated in summer of 1945).    
Major C.G. Winn, Hamlet, B-17 pilot, Austria, 12-27-44.

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