1873 Conveyance from William L. Hailey to Josephine Hailey, Virginia Hailey & Erasmus Hailey
Contributed by Charles R. Hailey
May 31, 2002

State of Texas, Harrison County
Know ye all men by these presents that I William L Hailey of the county and state above mentioned for 
and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby 
acknowledged have bargained, sold, released and conveyed, and do by these presents bargain, sell, 
release and convey unto Josephine Hailey, Virginia Hailey and Erasmus Hailey all of my right, title 
or interest in anywise whatever in a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the State 
of North Carolina in the County of Richmond situated and described as follows. Lying on the south 
side of the road from Hailey's Ferry to the Wolf Pit and bounded on the north by lands belonging 
to John W. Covington deceased and Robert J. Steele deceased and on the east by lands belonging to 
Robert J. Steele deceased and on the south by lands belonging to Sarah McAlester and on the west 
by lands belonging to the estate of sd John W. Covington it being a parcel or tract of land conveyed 
by Jonathan Hailey by deed of gift about the year 1853 to Mourning J. Hailey, Hiram Hailey, Robert 
Hailey, Mark Hailey, William Hailey and others to have and to hold fee simple forever. 

Given unto my hand and sealed this the first day of December AD 1873.

W. L. Hailey {seal}

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