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	In the name of God Amen.   I, Wesley Covington of the County of Richmond and State 
of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this 
frail and transitory life do therefore make ordain publish and disclose this to be my 
last will and testament

That is to say first after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged the residue of 
my estate real and personal I give bequeath and dispose of to my beloved wife during 
the term of her natural life and after her death to be divided equaly among my heirs
In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the fourth 
day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.
						Wesley Covington SEAL
 	Walter L Steele
	R J McDonald

The will above was discovered by Andrew J Stogner and his wife Smithy Miranda Stogner, 
daughter of Wesley Covington, sometime after his death among Wesley's papers.

There are numerous papers filed in the Superior Court in this matter of the will of 
Wesley Covington discovered some 30 years after its writing.  It is not known exactly 
when he died. He and his wife Sarah were both living at age 65 in 1880 census. The 
problem with the will was that both witnesses had died and various people were called  
to give their statements that the writing was of Wesley Covington and that the 
witnesses were deceased.

The court accepted the will and the various depositions as well. None of this much good 
for genealogical purposes except the naming by Mrs Stogner of the heirs on the application 
for Administration of the will.  This is proof of parentage for the heirs. Elsewhere in 
these papers it clarifies that Ms Stogner's name was Smithy Miranda [Covington] Stogner.

Application for Letters of Administration NC, County of Richmond, In the Superior Court In the matter of the administration of the estate of Wesley Covington, deceased Mrs S. M. Stogner being sworn, doth say: That Wesley Covington, late of said county, is dead, leaving a last will and testament but without naming an executor. Mrs S M Stogner therefore applies for letters of adminstration with this will annexed, on the estate of the said Wesley Covington. Further, that the value of said estate, so far as can be ascertained at the date of this application is about $75.00, and that H. P. Covington, Mrs Mary Gibson, Mrs S M Stogner, Mrs Caroline McAskill, Lucy Anne Covington, the heirs of Sena A Middleton, deceased, Mrs Martha J Pate, Mrs Sarah Dunn, and Addie Pate are entitled as heirs and distributees thereof. Sworn and subscribed before me this 18th day of October 1895. F J Long Clerk Superior Court

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