Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
Ussery Cemetery is on Holly Grove Church Rd., Ellerbe, NC. From #74 in Rockingham, take Cartledge Creek Rd. north.  
Turn left on Holly Grove Church Rd.  After passing the church on the right, keep going until you see a large pond 
on the left, and a dirt road on the right, before you get to the 90 degree curve.  There is a metal gate across the 
dirt road.  Walk over or around the gate, and follow the trail up to the top of the hill, take the left branch of 
the road, and walk to the power line, and turn left, follow under the power line until you see the cemetery in the 
trees, with a rock wall around it.  Sandra Elliott
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Dockery Julia	4/10/1865  7/10/08	w/o S.P. Dockery
Pipkin Nancy C.	11/17/1834	8/17/1857	 
Ussery Catherine Covington	8/7/1843  1/27/12  w/o J.C. Ussery
Ussery J. C.  9/22/1838	 10/29/12	 
Ussery Mary Ann	6/19/1886	1/5/51	 
Ussery Mattie C.  2/9/1882	11/8/03	 
Ussery W. D.  11/14/1801  1/21/1892	w: Sarah E. Ussery
Ussery Robert Franklin	9/4/1840  4/22/1854	s/o W. D. & Sarah Ussery
Ussery Sarah Everett  8/9/1814  3/18/1888	w/o W.D. Ussery

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