Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville, NC), Thursday, January 07, 1830

Myrtle Bridges   November 07, 2009

We have been requested by a gentleman from Marlborough District, S.C., to call to the attention 
of the people, and especially of the Magistrates, of this County and Richmond, to the propriety 
of making Free Bridges of the several small bridges at which the planter and merchant of that 
district now pay tolls. There are, Campbell's Gilchrist's and McFarland's Bridges over Lumber 
River, and Davis's Bridge over Rockfish. At the three first, though the stream is small, each 
wagon pays 50 cents, and at the other 25 cents. Below the three bridges over Lumber River, there 
are five others within this State, some of them large and costly, and all free affording every 
facility to the people of Marion District to get their produce to this market.

If the same facility were afforded to the planters of Marlborough, our informant is of opinion, 
that many of them would gladly avail themselves of it, in preference to trading at Cheraw, which 
is so much nearer to them. The present inducements, he says, to trade at this place in preference 
to Cheraw, are, that as good a price, at least, is obtained for produce; goods of all kinds may be 
purchased on better terms; and the planter does not find 3 or 4 lbs. deducted for bale rope from 
the weight of each bale of cotton, as at Cheraw. Make the above bridges free, and he thinks so 
decided a preponderance would be given to the claims of Fayetteville, as to bring a large additional 
trade from that district.

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