Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, NC) Wednesday, July 29, 1840     Myrtle Bridges   November 23, 2009
Time how short,
Eternity how long;
Another Revolutioner gone

Death in all its forms is terrific, but how much more so does it appear, when its object is suddenly seized upon, and 
at once destroyed by its powerful grasp. Tillotson O'Bryan, Esq., suddenly departed this life at his residence in 
Richmond County, N.C., in the 82nd year of his age, about 11 o'clock of the evening of the 11th of July 1840. He took 
supper as usual, and retired to bed, and was taken with the Asthma and died in a few minutes. Thus he was a lifeless 
corpse who a few minutes before was cheerful and apparently in good health.  Mr. O'Bryan was a soldier of the Revolution, 
and has left but six of his fellow soldiers behind him in Richmond County. He had been an excellent Magistrate for many 
years, and had devoted much of his life to Education of the young.

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