Thompson Cemetery
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

The Thompson family cemetery is located in Hoffman. The direction from Rockingham is to go US #1 North when you get to Hoffman you turn right onto School Drive, SR-1474 as you cross the railroad tracks turn right onto Butler Drive, SR-1602 you go about .4 of mile (it just as you pass Hoffman School) and the family cemetery is on the right. It is off the road about a hundred yards and you can't see the grave markers from the road account of trees and brush.  Darrell Allen

Up-dated December 26, 2009

Thompson Howard Gray, July 18, 1922 - Feb. 14, 2004
Thompson Charles E.	8/3/03	9/15/89	 
Thompson Charlie M. 	4/2/1879	3/11/44	 
Thompson Ethel Robbins  	4/26/1895	12/5/82	 
Thompson Gladys Starratt	8/2/1877	10/1/53	 
Thompson Harrington J. 	8/12/02	9/8/72	 
Thompson John F.	8/2/1874	1/12/45

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