Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

Hello, Myrtle
Just a note with some new information concerning Terry Bridge Cemetery in Richmond County. The cemetery 
was "re-discovered" on 5/3/2010 by Platt Terry, Jr. and Ken Bagley.  

The cemetery is completely overgrown with dense foliage, thickets, and fallen trees and limbs, but the 
headstones are in remarkably good condition once the soil and overgrowth are pushed away.  They are all 
easily readable, and the information on the Richmond Co. website surveyed by Mr. Sherrill and Ingram appears 
to be correct.

There is no road or path to the site, and is only accessible through dense woods and brush.  It is located 
approximately 200 or 300 yards from Terry Bridge Road.  The address would be about 130 Terry Bridge Rd., and 
for those who use Google Earth or a GPS, the map coordinates would be 34.58.19 N and 79.44.05W.
Several of my wife's Terry relatives, all lifelong residents of the Roberdel area, were all completely unaware 
of a cemetery on Terry Bridge Rd.  Please feel free to use the location information to update the website for 
anyone who might wish to make their way to this cemetery. And Thank You for all of your efforts to help us amateur 
family historians. Ken Bagley May 3, 2010   Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Terry J.	No Date	5/10/1852	 
Bennett	Elizabeth Terry	3/26/1845	11/17/1872	w/o John W. Bennett
Terry C.	No Date	1867	w/o John W. Bennett
Terry Caroline C.	1/31/1843	12/19/11	 
Terry Eliza Crawford	11/17/1813	9/9/1882	w/o Samuel Terry
Terry Emma S.	6/19/1866	6/11/1868	 
Terry Martha H.	5/15/1849	10/23/17	 
Terry R.	No Date	6/4/1855	 
Terry Rachel C. 	5/15/1849	12/4/12	 
Terry Richard	4/10/1810	6/15/1855	 
Terry Samuel	1800	1875	Wife: Eliza Crawford
Terry William A.  unknown    7/20/1859
Terry William C.	11/9/1846	2/10/1870	 
Phillips Johnna Terry	12/9/1851	5/7/16	 
Phillips Robert	1846	1921	 
Phillips Son	Infant	1911	s/o W.C. & Marianna Phillips

Bennett C. Terry  unknown  1867
Terry Ann Raiford unknown  1805     
Terry William     unknown  1805   Darrell Allen  11-5-2011

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