1878 April 6. To the Treasurer of Richmond Co. I, G. A. McKinnon, having a second grade teacher's certificate, do certify that I taught a Free Public School at Bridge Creek in School District No. 28 Township, Stewartsville [now Laurinburg] in County of Richmond from the third day of December, 1877 to the 28th day of Feb., 1878 being two-thirds of a four month School Term, in which were enrolled 41 pupils of the colored race, 20 males and 21 females. The average attendance during the two-thirds term ending the 28th day of February, 1878 was 20. Number of Teachers in said School, one. This the 6 day of April, 1878. George A. McKinnon, Teacher.

R. T. Long, Treasurer of Richmond County paid out of Public School money $80 to George A. McKinnon on order for services as Teacher of a Public School on the 6th day of April, 1878. Committee: McEachin, Anderson Wall, Anderson Patterson. Wit., Thomas H. Parnell.

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