Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

From Rockingham take Cartledge Creek Rd. north, turn left on Grassy Island Road.  Turn right on Cagel Grave Road,  
go past the Mary Cagle Cemetery and continue up the dirt road.  A hunting club has rented the land and has a campsite, 
with a gate.  If the gate is open continue going through the campsite, and turn right, and continue up the hill.  
The small cemetery is near the top of the hill on the right. (The Cagle Graveyard Rd. sign may be missing)
Directions by Sandra Elliott and James C. Hudson Jr.   Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Capel O. C. 	No Date	No Date	 
Deane John G.	6/15/1847	8/6/35	 
Deane Lucy	1861	5/5/01	w/o John G. Deane
Elliott	Robert	9/10/1876	3/20/1877	 
Elliott	Israel	No Date	No Date	 
Hudson John David	1832	1/3/07	 
Hudson Marie Eliz Reynolds	10/14/1890	7/23/16	w/o C.A. Hudson
Hudson Miller	10/15/1859	1910
Hudson Infant son of William David Hudson and Lydia Jane King  b/d c. 1925 
Richardson Infant	2/7/03	2/7/03	s/o J.S. & J.C. Richardson
Richardson Jessie B. b 2/27/1903   d 12-19-1928.  Death Cert. (see 2010 query)
Sneed Edy Ann	6/21/1891	5/5/1896	d/o A.C. & Sarah Sneed
Turner Sallie	10/19/1886	4/17/11

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