Comments about Stone Cemetery:
I have a little more information about this particular cemetery.  It is located in a residential neighborhood 
on the corner of Richmond Road and Ashe Street in Rockingham.  In the past it was referred to by my family as 
the old Smith/Stone Cemetery.  Cousins have memories of visiting this cemetery with an aunt before it became 
neglected.  At one time my Great Grandfather, Alexander Martin Smith was buried there.  At the death of his wife 
and at her previous request, he was disinterred and buried in Eastside Cemetery with his wife Elizabeth Stone 
Smith.  This grave is unmarked and I do not know the exact location.  We have a Stogner plot in Eastside and I 
have no idea if they were buried near there or not.  
In the past, according to family history, there was a large Surginer family monument in the middle of this 
particular Smith/Stone Cemetery.  Elizabeth Stone Smith's mother was Martha Jane Surginer Stone, wife of  
Samuel Ferdinand Stone.
I have had correspondence with Jack Ingram and he indicates that Ethel M. Stone, James Mitchell and Luther 
(s/o James and Minnie McK Stone), Margaret Surginor (w/o Samuel Ferdinand Stone) and Samuel Ferdinand Stone 
(CSA Army) were all buried there.    I have no idea how they found this information as when I was last there 
many years ago the metal marker for Ethel M. Stone was still there but no other stones were visible.  I'm sure 
they are all sunken as there were many sunken places in the area.  I was able to see a piece of a marker at 
one place-mostly beneath ground.  I also have reason to believe that my parents first child Kay Duess Stogner 
was buried there by my Father and uncle.  Unfortunately, I didn't become interested in genealogy while they 
could actually confirm that.  My uncle did indicate that to me while he was still alive but wasn't positive.  
It would certainly be wonderful to have the stones raised and the cemetery brought back, but I have no idea 
how one would go about having that done.  
Jane Stogner Thompson
3122 Graystone Manor Parkway
Louisville, Kentucky 40241

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