Photo shared by Golda Brigman and Zelia Cline    Contact: Myrtle Bridges January 19, 2011

Left to right: Duncan Melvin Gibson (b 1905); Mary Ellen Gibson (b 1903). I've tried in vain to find when Mary Ellen married Clint McCormick...would have to be between 1921 when his lst wife died, and 1925 when their only living son was born; Stephen Covington Gibson had a full head of hair...tho white already, he died in 1931 of "stomach cancer" and is buried at Stevan Gibson cemetery; Orilla T Gibson; Ida Mae Gibson McKeithan McNeil (b 1907); and in front, George W Gibson (b 1909). Photo taken about 1920.

Evidently they were dressed to go to church perhaps...think they went to church out at Oakridge Baptist Church or at Mt was where the Rev Noah H Gibson was pastor. That's where the Stevan Gibson cemetery is at Oakridge...and the "old Gibson Cemetery" is on out the same road near where old Mt Moriah church.

There were five family members older, not on this picture, David, William, Floyd, Annabelle, and John K. There was also a young child, Sherwood, the very youngest who did not live to adulthood.    Zelia Cline

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