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This cemetery is located along the Grassy Island Road between Sides Road and Snow Hill Church Road. 
Four grave markers are worn with no writing visible. There is another Stanback Cemetery within a mile 
and half of this one on same stretch of road.

The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 
by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer.  Contact: Myrtle Bridges  November 30, 2014

Cora May Stanback  Born January 3, 1864, Died October 28, 1867, Aged 3 years 9 mos. & 28 days.

Sacred to the memory of David Stanback, Esq. Born 1781; Died August 20th 1833   See his Estate Record

In memory of Eleanor F. Stanback Born April 16th 1821; & Departed this life May 14th 1837  
May 24 1837 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died in Richmond Co. on the 14th Miss Elenore F. Standback, aged 17,  
daughter of David Standback, deceased.

In memory of Eliza Stanback  Born Jan. 29th 1828 & Departed this life March 12th 1832

George Stanback 12-3-1770  12-12-1818

In memory of Mary J. Stanback  Born May 6th 1810; & Departed this life July 21st 1833  
August 13th 1833 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died. Miss Mary J. Stanback on the 21st in her 23rd year, eldest 
daughter of David Stanback of Richmond County

To the memory of Phebe D. Stanback Born March 17th, 1800; Died Oct. 14th 1834 
October 28th 1834 Issue Fayetteville Observer: Died at her residence in Richmond County on the 14th Mrs. Phebe 
D. Stanback, widow of David Stanback, aged 34 yrs., 7 mos.

Sacred to the memory of Winnifred Stanback who was born 2nd October 1814 and died 3rd July 1820 
Aged 5 years 9 months and 1 day. (Winny/Wincy) was the daughter of George & Elizabeth Stanback.

From Earth she flew to meet that blissful home, Where purest spirits in soft union roam;
This thought the wounded heart of friendship hills, And at the loss due resignation feels.

Dear Parents grieve no more for me  for it was God, who called me hence,
That I might strike my Infant Harp in chords of innocence above.

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