Slave Genealogies

1790    DBC-150  JAMES SMITH, SR. to JOHN SMITH  (Bill of Sale) One Negro woman named Ann.  24 November 1790
Attest: WM. LOVE

1790  DBC-151 JOHN SMITH to BENJAMIN SMITH following death of JAMES and SARAH SMITH, SR. who will have use of
Negro woman ANN that MARY WARD have oldest child of Negro ANN until her husband dies then if she remarries ANN's
children revert  to BENJAMIN SMITH.  24 November 1790
Signed: JOHN  SMITH,
Testator: WM. LOVE  Submitted by Bennie Lou Altom

Slave names abstracted from Richmond Co., NC Will Books 1-4 filed at the Court House in Rockingham, NC

BETHUNE, Elizabeth bequeathed ... Negro Boy SAM, ...  Negro JUDITH, ...Negro Girl  FAN .... a Negro HANNAH.  
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC, Will Bk 1, pg 228. 1827.

COVINGTON, Mrs. Jane ...  Report... that they Divided the nineteen Negroes into lots ... 
Lot 1  TRAVIS,  
Lot 2, ABRAM,  
Lot 3, SAM, 
Lot 7, NED &  WILLIAM, 
Lot 9, CHAT &  DIXON.   
[Note:  All were distributed to Covingtons]. 
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House,  Rockingham, NC., Will Bk. 3, no pg #, 1844.

The following Dumas item is RESUBMITTED; I omitted the slave name HAMBLET originally and also felt that the purchasers names should be listed to assist researchers in tracking

DUMAS, Zachariah ... Inventory & Account of Sale of Estate ... 
Negro boy  HARDY $232. to Joel Dumas;  
Negro boy JOHN $302. to B. L. Dumas;   
Negro girl  LAURY $501. and Boy ELI $500. to Mrs. Dumas;     
Negro boy  CALVIN $790. to  Nelson Lisk;  
Negro boy  GREEN $705. to James Dumas;  
Negro boy  SOLOMON $1,501.25   and  
Negro boy  LEM  $602.50  to  B L Dumas; 
Negro Girl  BILINDA  $554.  to H. Craig;               
Negro boy  HAMPTON $850. to Nelson Lisk; 
Negro boy  HAMBLET  $836. to Hampton LeGrand;    
Negro boy  HUBBARD $1,-27. to B L Dumas;
Negro boy  JACK $761. to Mrs. Allen;                 
Negro Girl  TAMER $25.50 to Dr. J. H. Crawford;
Negro boy  MOSES  $149.  to  B L Dumas;            
Negro boy  ABRAM  $30.
Richmond Co, NC Court House Rockingham, NC, Will Bk 3, no pg #,   Jany Term   1847

JONES, Nathan, dec'd .... Account of Sales ... [following are Slaves Hired Out & Amt]
PIERSON   $45.,    
DILSEY  $20.,    
SANDFORD  $26.05,    
JANE  $ .05,    
JACOB  $43.37 1/2, 
VILET & CHILD$16.,    
ABCOMA [sic]  $15.,   
EDY  & $11.,   
HANNAH  $33.60,  
PROSPER  $35.25,  
CRISSY  $35.20,    
LOID  $50.05,    
HARRIET  $6.65,    
ELIZA   $2.75,   
DAWSEY  $8.,   ... 
Balance would not Hire Out and I had to let them out to the lowest bidder
...NOAH[sic], CLEMENTINE, NOAH, RODY and MILLY ... for $40;    
PATSY and HER CHILD, GEORGE, WILEY, MASTIN, AMY and HICKS .. for  $54.50; ...  AMY, FINETTA, ELLENDER and JAMES for $10.; 
 ...  the boy by the name of JAMES has died since the sale ...
Richmond Co, NC, Court House,  Rockingham, NC, Will Bk 3, no pg, Apr Term  1843

JONES, Nathan, dec'd ...  Inventory ... thirty two slaves by the following names, viz,   
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House,  Rockingham, NC.,Will Bk 3,   no pg.  Jan Term 1844

JONES, Nathan, dec'd ... Report of Division of the negroes ... [among legatees of said Jones] ...
lst  Dudley B. Jones ....  JANE valued at $280. and LOID at $525.;
2nd  William Jones ...  STAFFORD [sic] at $450.;  BETSY and CHILD $462;
3rd  Malca Jones  ...   DOSSEY  $350.,  JAKE & GEORGE $365.;
4th  Hiram B Jones  ...  EDE  $260.,  BIG  AMY and ELLEN $400.;
5th  Nathan Jones  ... ELIZA  $300.,   LITTLE  AMY  and  child MILLY $513.;
6th  Atlas Jones  ... HENRIETTA[sic]  $385., MILLY and children RHODA and NOAH $508.;
7th  Sarah Jones  ... PROSPER $488., VILET and child MARTHA  $450.;
8th  Redick Bowden ... DISEY[sic]   $380.,  HANNAH  $375.;
9th  Marion Jones  ... CRISSY  $425.,  PEARSON  $488.;
10th  Ann J  Jones ...  CONEY[sic]  $390., WILEY, HIXEY & MARTIN [or MASTIN] $512.;
11th Mary Covington [dau of dec'd] one negro named ONEY which she had in her father's life time as an advance ... valued at $378., also CLEMENTINE $525.  .....
Richmond Co, NC, Court House,  Rockingham, NC   Will  Bk 3,  no pg,  Jany Term  1844

JONES, Nathan, dec'd  ...  [Another accounting to the distribution was filed at Jany Term 1844 and I noted the following differences again in name, spelling and relationship information] ... to  William Jones  ... SANFORD, PATSY and  her children [sic] ELI ...
to  Malca Jones ... DOSSEY, JACOB and George ...
to  Atlas Jones  ... HAMET [prob Harriet although the writing here is very clear HAMET]
to Ann J. Jones ... COMEY [previously   "Accoma and "Abcoma ;
to Mary Covington ... OMY ... CLEMENTINE and PHINETTA  ...  valued at $803.   [Since the value is the same in this instance,  it suggests that "Phinetta" goes with either Clemetine& nbsp; or  Omy and is probably related to one or the other.];
to  Reddick Bowden ... DILSEY and Hannah; [a correction of the former's name?]
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House,  Rockingham, NC   Will Bk 3,  no pg,  January Term 1844

JONES, Nathan ... Report by his Guardian ...  Negro property AMY & 3 CHILDREN and  ELIZA.
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House,  Rockingham, NC. Will Bk 3,  no pg,  January Term,  1847.

The following McLaurin item is RESUBMITTED; I omitted "child  Amy"
McLAURIN, Lauchlin  [Addendum to Sale of negroes ... Feb 12, 1844]  "Tamer &
child Amy .. $490", then follows the name of another slave  "Amey ... $375. ... 
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC. Will  Bk . 3,  no pg#,  July Term 1844.

POLLY and her THREE CHILDREN and FLORAH and her THREE CHILDREN could not be hired ... let to the lowest bidder.  April Term1847

Hire of [Malloy] Negroes in 1848 indicates some changes in the population ...JACK, GABE, BILL, HORACE, WATSON, JOHN, DENNIS, MATILDA & CHILD, ANDERSON, LAWRENCE,  ESTHER & CHILD, NANCY, KATE,  ... POLLY & CHILDREN... ,  "? HILED??  & CHILDREN,   FLORA  & CHILDREN.
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC. Will Bk. 3, no pg #, January Term,  1848.

MALLOY, Angus, Report of Guardian... Hire of Negroes  Feby 1st  to  Dec 25th, 1848 ...  DAVE, MOSES, CHARLES, WILLLIAM, TILDA & CHILD., support of CHARITY & CHILDREN. 
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC.  Will Bk 3, no pg #, January Term, 1848.

Omitted the names of persons to whom slaves distributed by D. Martin were given at time of  initial submission.
MARTIN, David [or Daniel] bequeathed  ...  MOURNING & JIM to son Alexander Martin, ...
AARON & NANCY to Lauchlin McKinnon {son in law},  
JACK  &  MARY  to  Alexander McDonald {son in law}, ... 
NANCY,  ...  SIGN[?]... and boy named MOSES to wife Jennet Martin.

MASK,  James P. ...  Inventory of Negroes sold Feby 8, 1844... to wit, 
Negro Man  MOSE  $536. to Wm Ledbetter;         
Negro Man  JOHN  $580.  to  J W Cole;   
Negro Boy  ABRAM  $541. to H. Wade & J. Watkins;    
Negro Woman  PHEBE  $140. to  J. W. Cole;    
Negro Girl  VINA  $541. to  Newt Bennet;
Negro Girls   ELIZA  $540.  &  NANCY  $480.55   to Calvin Peacock;      
Negro Girl   LUCY  $551.  to  Hampton LeGrand;            
Negro Girl  DICY  $85.25  to  James L. Terry;      
Negro Girl  ADALINE  $6. to  Phillip Mask;                
Negro Woman  JANE  &  two children PECKET & GILES $605. to Phillip Mask.
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC. Will Bk 3,  no pg #, April Term 1844.

Paid  Phillip Mask  for   keeping   OLD  JACOB ...  April Term  1845.

McCOLL,  Hugh ...Report ... to Divide the Negroes ...
[to] Nancy McColl,  widow ... SAM, CHARLOTTE, JOHNSON, OLIVER and PEGGY;    
[to] John B. McColl ... NANCY, VINEY, BEN, SOLOMON, and DAWSEY ...
also one Negro Girl by the name of  RACHEL ...;   
[to] Solomon Townsend ...  JIM,  NELLY, NATHAN, WILLIAM, AGY & BETSEY. 
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC.   Will  Bk  3,  no pg. #   Date  ?

MCDONALD, Daniel ... Inventory of personal property ... the following Negro Slaves, to Wit,
NELL, aged about 60 years, CHARLOTTE ... 47 years,  JENNY ... 27 years,  ANN ... 8 years, MARY ... 6 years,  AMY ... 28 years, LIAS ? ... 8 years, LOUIS ...  1 1/2 years, JOHN ... 25 years, HANNAH ... 20 years, WILLIAM ... 2 years, HARRY ... 4 months, RICHMOND ... 18 years,  JACKSON ... 20 years, JULIA ... 12 years, 
also suit instituted for another Negro Girl LINSEY ... now in Administrator's possession.    
October Term  1842.

List of hire of Negroes for 1844 of Daniel McDonald dec'd ...  JULIA, JENNY, JOHN,   JACKSON, RICHMOND &  ANN, CAROLINE, CHARLOTTE.    
January Term  1844

Report of Executor [McDonald, Daniel  Estate] ...Negro hire for year 1848 ...
 JOHN, RICHMOND, JACKSON, CAROLINE, JULIA, J-N-- ? [Jenny?], CHARLOTTE, ANN,    MARY, HARRY, a negro belonging to said Estate died the 9th day of March 1846[sic] and  one Called GEORGE was born on the 8th Jany, 1846.   
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House, Rockingham, NC. Will Bk 3,  no pp.  January Term 1846.

MCINTOSH,  George ...  LWT ...  to wife Margarett McIntosh, my Negro Woman MILLY and  her increase,    
boy  DUNCAN and girl LINCY & boy DANIEL commonly called Hooper, ...   
also leave with my wife, BIG JIM during her lifetime; 
to daughter Jennett Fairly Negro Woman FANNY, her child NELLY and her increase;     
to daughter Sarah Shaw  Negro Man REDDICK;  
to daughter Catherine Wilkerson  boy BEN & girl MARY and her increase;
to daughter Mararett Clark  boy HENRY & Girl HESTER and her increase;  
to son John R. McIntosh  LITTLE  JIM;  
to  son Milton McIntosh  Negro Woman BETTY and Man ISAAC and  my JACK  NEALE;   
to daughter  Ann McIntosh  Negro Woman PHILLIS and her CHILDREN  JEAN &  VIRGIL  & her increase ...;      
to son Whitfield McIntosh Boys DANIEL and TOM and Girl FANNY ... & BIG JIM  after the death of my wife...
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House, Rockingham, NC. Will Bk 4,   pp. 21, 22, July Term, 1848.

NICHOLSON,  Alexander ...  Report to Partition of Negroes ...  
to Mrs.Isabella Nicholson AARON; 
to G A Nicholson as Administrator of Neill Nicholson, Dec'd ANNA & CHILD NOAH, BEN, a Boy; LIZY, a Woman; CHARLES, a Boy; ESTHER, a  Girl; 
to G A Nicholson in right of himself ...  ANNA, a Woman; CALVIN, a Boy; HARRIET, a Girl;
to  Florah Nicholson ...  JULIA,    WAT,  SARAH,  DANIEL MARCH;
to  Mary G. Nicholson ...  WILLIS,  BETSY, MARTHA,  SAL,   FRANK, CALEB ...;
Richmond Co, NC, Court House,  Rockingham, NC. Will Bk 3,  no pp, January Term  1847.

PATTERSON, Angus ... Report of Guardian of minor heirs ... against one of heirs Mary Ann Patterson ... March 22nd, her part of five yards Flannel...bought to make a shirt & drawers for negro boy TOM ...  for making shirt and drawers ... $00.57;   
January 13, 1844  Paid  Doc'r  John Malloy her part of his medical attention and services for   negro boy TOM whilst at D  McArns ...
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC.  Will Bk 3, no pp. January Session, 1843.

PATTERSON, John ...  LWT ... to son James A. Patterson ... negroes as follows Viz SAM, CHARLES, & HENRY...;      
To son Gilbert M. M. Patterson ...  negroes herein named ... JACK, SIMON &  ALEXANDER ...;      
To daughter Margaret Ann Murphy Patterson ... Negroes ELIZA and  MARY JANE;      
To daughter Mary Patterson ...  ANN and CHRISTIANA;   
To sons James and Gilbert my two Negro Women  VICEY and DINAH and also first issue to belong to my son James and afterwards these two Negroes VICEY and  DINAH and their issue equally divided  by James & Gilbert at any time;  
Richmond Co, NC  Court House, Rockingham, NC.  Will Bk  4, pg 23.  July Term 1848

POWELL, Robert ...  Inventory ..   "collected from the negroes, which were found on the book of the Testator {viz} from HARRY $2.37, from  JACOB  $1.12 1/2 "... 
Negroes belonging to the Estate with the exception of HARRY, who died 31st October last and MARTIN, who was devised to James Powell, and who ran away,
...    FANNY,    DANIEL,    JACOB,    WYATT,     VINEY,     JENY,      MILLY,    MATILDA,     RICHARDSON,       CALVIN,     AMY,    NANCY,      ROSE,    TONEY,     RACHEL,  SARAH,   LEWIS,    HENRY,    ELI,    CHRISTOPHER   and    JOHN.    
Since  the  probate of the Will Viney and Rachel have each had a child.
Richmond Co, NC,  Court House,  Rockingham,  NC   Will  Bk 3,  no pp, Jany  Term  1843

ROBINSON,  Col. Charles ...  Inventory of personal property ...  Fifty one negroes, that  is to say:  at the Home place twenty five {viz}     
1.  JOHN aged about 80 years 
2.  KATE ...56 years      
3.  MARY about 35 years and Her Children
4.  LAURA, 16 years,      
5.  JUDE, 14 years, 
6.  JOHN, 12 years,
7.  ROSE, 10 years,
8.  NANCY,  8 years,   
9.  MIKE,   4 years,  
10.  ALECK,   2 years,    &
11.  ROGER about 8 month
12.  HARRY, about 31,
13.  PETER, age 29, 
14. RACHEL,  age  8,
15.  BELL,  age 38,        
16.  SOLOMON,  age 28,
17.  WALKER, aged 24 and her Three Children {viz}    
18.  ALLAN,  5 years,  
19.  DELIA,  3 years,         
20.  &  MARGARET  one month old,      
21.  DANIEL  35 years,    
22.  PAT    42 years & her Three Children  {viz} 
23.  BET,  age 10 years, 
24. WINNEY,  8 years & 
25.  TILLER,  6 years,
And at the lower plantation twenty-six negroes Viz.
1.  PETER,  age about 40 years, 
2.  EDWARD or EDMUND,  31 years,      
3.  FRANK,  age 32, 
4.  MOSES age about 27 years,   
5.  ADAM,  age 26, 
6.  DAVID,  24 years, 
 7.  STEPHEN,  25 years, 
8.  NANCY,  30 years & her Six Children {viz}    
[9.]  ELIZA,  age 14, 
10.  SELINA,  age 12 years,  
11.  PATIENCE,  age 10 years,
12.  SARAH, age 6,
13.  MISSOURI,  age 8, 
14.  & ALFRED, aged 6 months,     
15.  GINNY,  age about 40 and her 5 Children {viz} 
16.  ANN, age 17,
17.  MARTHA, age 14, 
18.  SIMEON,  age 12,      
19.  WASHINGTON, age 6,   
20.  CHARITY, age one year, 
21.  PENNY, age about 28 years and her Child
22.  ABRAM, age 8 years, 
23.  SALLY, a negro woman aged 25 years and her Child
24.  BEN  one year,
25. JANE age 21 years  &
26.  HARRIETT, aged 19 years - - these last two are children of PAT mentioned at the home place,...
Richmond Co, NC, Court House, Rockingham, NC Will Bk 3, no pg #.,  Oct. Term 1843

SHAW, Alexander  ...  LWT  Dec 2, 1863  ... Out of my negro property,  I Will ..
to my wife  Sarah Shaw   REDDICK and  HARRIETT;     
to son Angus Shaw,  SAM,   
DREAD,   &  
FANNY and HER CHILD  & her increase  &  
to son Daniel Shaw, AMANDA,   
RITA,   and  
Amand's  CHILDREN  and   
 to son John Duncan Shaw,  ALLEN,   

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