by: Julia English-Spicer (2003)

Posted January 21, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

I.  (Unknown first name) SINCLAIR, born in Scotland, married REBECCA FENNELSON,
born abt. 1794 in North Carolina;  d. aft. 1870, presumably in Moore County.  Rebecca 
was enumerated in the 1840 Cumberland County, NC census as being 40-50 years of age,  
with two boys aged 5-10.  She had 1 male slave & 3 female slaves.  She was enumerated 
with son Duncan F. Sinclair in the 1870 Moore County, NC census, aged 76.  Daniel F. 
Sinclair was also living in the household at this time.  In Cumberland County, NC Deed
Book 52-40, Rebecca, Daniel F. and Duncan F. Sinclair of Moore County sold two tracts of 
land to Matthew Strickland (dated 14 March 1854).

II.  DANIEL F. SINCLAIR was born 15 Sept 1831 in Cumberland County, NC.  He died in 
Hamlet, Richmond County on 26 April 1918.  He was buried at Oak Ridge.  Civil War Roster      
states:  "Daniel F. Sinclair, b. Cumberland County, resided in Moore.  Farmer, enlisted  
(age 30) March 30, 1862, present Sep-Oct 1862,  Jan-June 1863 and Mar-Apr 1864. 
Wounded left arm Cold Harbor, VA.  Amputated 3 Jun 1864.  Furloughed 60 days June 25.    
Retired Invalid Corps October 7, 1864."  Daniel applied for and received a pension in 1901 

from Cumberland County.  He was described as 5 ft 7 1/4 inches tall.  Company D, 48th 
Regiment N.C. Troops.

III.  DUNCAN F. SINCLAIR  enlisted in Company C, 3rd Regiment of NC State Troops.  The    
roster states:  "Duncan F. Sinclair, private.  Born in Cumberland County and resided as a 
farmer in Moore County where he enlisted at age 30, July 20, 1862 for the war.  Present 
and accounted for until discharged January 26, 1863 by reason of disability caused by 
'chronic plurisy with empyema. "  He applied for a pension in 1902 at age 69.  He was 
described as 5'6" tall, sallow complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, farmer by occupation.  
His widow applied for his pension in May 1906.

Duncan F. Sinclair  (b. 1/30/1833, d. 1/24/1906), m. SARAH ANN STUART (b. 5/10/1835, d. 
6/4/1912) on July 5, 1855 in Moore Co.  Sarah Ann was the daughter of John Stuart 
(5/1/1805-12/1/1889) and Dianna ("Dicey") Riddle.  The 1850 census shows John as 49; a
farmer;  Dicey 40,  children:  Elias 17,  Sarah 15,  Margaret 11,  Ellen 9,   Martha 7, 
Mary E, 4, and Catherine 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   John Stuart is buried at Carthage, NC Methodist Church.                                                             Parents of John Stuart are Edward Stuart and Mary McPherson.

(The 1880 U.S. Census shows John Stuart as being widowed and 75 yrs. of age;  only daughters
Margaret, age 40 and Ellen, age 37 are living in the home.  The next household shows Elias, John's 
son, age 46;  Sarah F. (wife), 36, and children:  Elizabeth 19, Samuel D. 17, Murdock 16,  Wesley 14, 
James 12, Thomas 10, William 6, Neill 2.)

In 1870, Duncan F. Sinclair was listed as "working turpentine".  1900 finds Duncan F.  
Sinclair in Laurel Hill, Scotland Co., 67 years of age, cotton mill operator, Sarah Ann 65,   
6 children born,  6 children living, youngest Sarah Catherine 23.

Duncan F. and Sarah Ann had children:
            A.  James Alexander Sinclair                (6/11/1858-
            B.  Mary Jane Sinclair                (6/2/1862-4/15/1929)
            C.  Margaret Ann Sinclair                (11/19/1865-6/1/1926)
            D.  John Kenneth Sinclair                (10/16/1869-2/5/1950)
            E.  Diana Ellen Rebecca Sinclair (7-3/1872-12/18/1935)
            F.  Sarah Catherine Sinclair                (7/15/1876-12/23/1911)

Duncan F. Sinclair is buried in the Old King Cemetery, Laurel Hill, NC.  His son-in-law Charles Lockamy 
is buried beside him.

Daniel F. Sinclair is buried in the S. Gibson Cemetery, Hamlet, N.C. as is:
            Sarah Ann Stuart Sinclair, wife of Duncan F. Sinclair
            John Kenneth Sinclair
            Sarah Catherine Sinclair Pate
            Margaret Ann Sinclair Smith

 A.  JAMES ALEXANDER SINCLAIR (6/11/1858-  ?) in Moore Co., NC, married Martha 
                 J. ___.    (FamilySearch shows in the 1880 Census taken at Carthage that 
                                James Alexander Sinclair, 21 yrs. of age, a farmer, married to Martha
                                J., age 33, live in the next household to Duncan F. Sinclair's family.)
                        1.  Walter Sinclair             abt.  1881
                        2.  William Sinclair            abt.  1883
                        3.  John Sinclair               abt.  1889

NOTE:  on the 1880 US Census taken at Carthage, the following shows:
James A. Sinclair, born 1859,  age 21,  married to:
Martha J. Sinclair,   age 33

This above household is to the right of the Duncan F. Sinclair household.
To the right of the Duncan F. Sinclair home is:  Thomas M. Stewart 
household, Thomas being 32 yrs. of age, wife Ellen F., age 30;  children:

Sarah E. 8,  Lilly M.  6,  Mary E.  4,  Laura J.  3, and John W.  1.

B.  MARY JANE SINCLAIR ("Mollie")  Born 6/2/1862 in Moore Co., NC;  died 
415/1929 in Richmond Co., NC;  (Betty Ruth Smith says that Mollie is buried in the
Old King Cemetery, but JKS has not checked this out yet.)  married Henry T. Norton ("Bud") who 
died 3/19/1924.  Children: 
1.  Carrie Norton (10/29/1894-abt. 1791), burial in the Stevan Gibson 
Cemetery, Oak Ridge Church Rd., Richmond Co., NC;  married
Edmund David Gibson on 7/7/1912.  Children:

(a)  Ralph Duncan Gibson
(b)  Guilford Lee Gibson (abt. 1916-abt. 1976), burial in Richmond
Memorial Park, Richmond Co., NC.  He married Alice Grooms and had child:
(1)  Margaret Ann Gibson, married James Idol.  Child:
(a)  Jamie Idol
(c)  Gracie Everline Gibson (2/1/1922-   ), married James Smith  ("Jim");  children:

(1)  James Smith, married Sue ___
(2)  Catherine Smith, married 1st:  Billy Cole;  children:
(a)  Robbie Cole
(b)  Libby Cole 

Catherine married 2nd:  Charles Pait
(d)  Vera Kate Gibson (5/10/1919-5/15/1925)

2.  Johnny Norton, married Sallie Hersey, had daughter
a)  Ruby Norton, married ___ Parrish

C.  MARGARET ANN SINCLAIR ("Maggie"),  born 11/19/1865 in Moore Co., NC;   
died 6/1/1926 in Richmond Co., NC;  burial in Stevan Gibson Cemetery; 
She married Layfette Smith (abt. 1860-5/27/1890) on 8/19/1888 in Mallory's
Factory, Richmond Co., NC.

Margaret Ann's 2nd marriage was to:  Paul Smith (2/14/1855-3/3/1929),( Layfette's 
brother) on 12/14/1890 in Stewartsville Twp., Richmond Co., NC.  Paul is buried  
in the Stevan Gibson Cemetery.  Children:

1.  Marshal Kenneth Smith, born 1/11/1893 in Richmond Co., NC., died 
4/4/1930, burial in Stevan Gibson Cmemtery.  He married Cora Effie 
Kelly (10/8/1892-1/11/1920) on 1/12/1914.  Cora Effie was buried in 
Stevan Gibson Cemetery.  Children:
a)  Wilma Catherine Smith (11/14/1914-10/5/1979 in Raleigh, 
Wake Co., NC.  She married Ernest E. Berry (3/15/1895-1/2/1948 in Hamlet, Richmond Co., NC) abt. 1932.  
(1)  Mary Sue Berry (7/15/1933-   ), m. David Wayne Norton, (12/15/1929 - died 5/25/1997) on 12/24/1949.  
(a)  Ronnie Allen Norton, Sr. (11/6/1952  ), m. Lucis Gongalez (1/20/1953 ) on 2/25/1970.
   David Wayne Norton Sr.    
i)  Jason William Norton (9/10/1970  )
ii) Ronnie Allan Norton, Jr. (8/16/1971)
iii) Johnny Walter Barber is married to Patricia Sue Norton
(b)  Patricia Sue Norton (2/2/1954  ), m. Johnny Barber (6/4/1954  ) on 6/30/1973.
i)  Tony Walter Barber (September 7, 1974) m. Cara Lynn Bellows on March 12, 1995
(c)  Deborah Kay Norton (6/17/1955  ), m. Manvel Juan Hernandez
(d)  Vicky Lynn Norton was born 23 July 1959 and passed away 10 Nov. 2008. 
(e)  Linda Gayle Norton born 1961
(f)  David Wayne Norton Jr. born 1 March 1963

(2)  Mamie Lou Berry (12/1/1934  ), m. Henry Small (10/18/1926 ) in Lenoir Co., NC - d. 1/12/1993 in  
Kinston, NC)  on 6/22/1952  in Dillon, SC.  Children:
(a)  Annie Catherine Small (6/14/1956 in Kinston, NC)
(b)  Linda Kay Small (11/27/1959 in Kinston, NC)

(3)  George Ervin Berry (4/16/1938  ), m. Katherine ___ (4/8/1945  ).  Children:
(a)  Michael Berry (2/1959  )
(b)  Becky Berry (1/19/1960  )
(c)  John Berry (1963  )
(d)  Doug Berry (1965  )
(e)  Shaun Berry (6/20/1966  )
(f)  Chad Berry (6/15/1967  )
(g)  Chris Berry (6/4/1969  )

(4)  Joe Bennett Berry (8/26/1936  ), m. Jackie ___
Joe's 2nd wife:  Lois ____.  Children:
(a)  Cora Mae Berry (7/9/1939 in Morganton, NC), m. James Robert Sanderford ("Bobby")
(1938 in Raleigh) on 1/9/1960 in Raleigh.
i)  James Sanderford ("Ricky")  Cora Mae's 2nd husband:  Clifton Earl Ange (9/21/1927 in Wilson, NC 
- 5/31/1997) in Carteret Co., NC) on 12/4/1977 in Kinston, NC.
2nd husband of Wilma Catherine Smith:  Isaac Coston ("Ike") 
8/29/1909 ) on 2/12/1956.  There were no children.

b)  Alton Kenneth Smith (6/21/1916  - 7/31/1933 in Hamlet, NC),  
burial in Stevan Gibson Cemetery.
c)  Warren Lee Smith (6/16/1918-  ), m. Clara Lucille Owens  
(2/23/1920) on 6/19/1936.  Children:

(1)  Kenneth Lee Smith (4/30/1939  ), m. Mary Helen Jenkins                                                            
(3/17/1940  ) on 5/31/1958.  Children:
a)  Kenneth Lee Smith, Jr.  (3/10/1959  ), m. Susan 
Alice Harris (4/22/1960  ) on 4/7/1984.  Children:
i)  Sarah Nicole Smith (1/14/1988 )
ii) Mary Catherine Smith (11/22/1989  )
(b)  Devon Laine Smith (4/27/1967  ), m. Gary McKnight.  Children:
i)  Stephanie Logan McKnight (6/11/1989  )
ii)  Morgan Brittnie McKnight (7/18/1991  )

(2)  Effie Theresa Smith (9/30/1944 in Bennettsville, SC), m. Bobby Cottrell Pernell (4/5/1942-  ) 
on 8/7/1964 in Carey's Chapel Baptist Church, Henderson, NC in Vance Co., NC.  
(a)  Christopher Warren Pernell (1/11/1965-  in Raleigh) married Katherine Loraine Brown 
(1/8/1963) on 9/10/1963 in White Plains Methodist Church, Cary, Wake Co., NC
Their children:
i)  Richard Colin Pernell (8/29/1994 in Raleigh Wake Co., NC
ii)  Sarah Katherine Pernell (5/26/1996 in Raleigh)

(b)  Paige Delaine Pernell (2/22/1969 in Raleigh, NC), married Peter Gerald Klas (1/14/1966 
in North Tonawanda, NY) on June 10, 1989 in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Raleigh, NC.  

(3)  Donna Kay Smith (3/27/1954  ), married Edwin Cecil 
Wheeler, Jr. on 6/19/1971.  Children:
(a)  Michael Daryl Wheeler (4/9/1974 ), m. Jennifer Elizabeth Raper on 6/19/1999 in First Free Will  
Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC.
(b)  Chadwick Bryan Wheeler (11/5/1981  )  
2nd wife of Marshal Kenneth Smith:  Beulah May Terry (5/20/1904-2/14/1978 in St. Joseph of the 
Pines Hospital, Southern Pines, Moore Co., NC.)  

a)  Raymond Dexter Smith (2/12/1926-3/9/1991), burial in Richmond 
Memorial Park, Richmond Co., NC;  married Edith Iona Stogner  
(2/28/1927-6/14/1947 in Cobb Memorial Baptist Church.  Children:

(1)  Patsy Lynn Smith (2/4/1952  ), married John Harden.  There were no children.

Patsy Lynn married a second time:  Kenneth Knorr. 
(a)  Amanda Renee Knorr
b)  Betty Ruth Smith (7/4/1929  ) ++++++++++++++++++++ * * * * * * *

2.  Mattie Lee Smith (10/1/1896-6/20/1917), burial in Stevan Gibson  
Cemetery, Richmond Co., NC

D.  JOHN KENNETH SINCLAIR (10/16/11869 in Moore Co., NC - 2/5/1950 in Richmond  
Co., NC;  burial in Stevan Gibson Cemetery, Oak Ridge Church Rd., Richmond 
Co, NC, married Martha Louisa King (8/20/1874 - 11/17/1902) on 6/25/1895 in 
Richmond Co., NC;  burial in Stevan Gibson Cemetery but later moved to 
Thrower Cemetery by Walter & Charlie King. 

Note:   Betty Ruth Smith states:  John K. Sinclair, his sister Anna (Diana Rebecca Ellen
Sinclair) , and Anna's husband Bill Steen, lived in the house now owned by Lila 
Mae Fuller off Hwy. 74 E.  Bill farmed and raised vegetables.  John K. was em-                                                  
ployed by Jim Pegram as clerk in Pegram Grocery.  After Anna's death, John K. & 
Bill moved into a kind of make-shift house (made from 2 or 3 old sheds) behind the
Jesse Malloy house in the Steen Town Community of Hamlet, NC.  

In his later years, John K. lived in a couple of houses in the Oak Ridge Community:
1st with Milton Terry, his mother (Maggie Smith Terry), his sister, Beulah Terry 
Smith and her daughter Betty Ruth Smith.  Later he lived  with Billy Steen's 
nephew and his wife, Sam and Aggie Dunn Steen. 

Several years later, he became unable to take care of himself and went to 
Glenwood Boarding Home (which in today's terms was a rest home) where he died.

Sometime between 1920 and 1925 John K. won a new Touring car.  He sold it
because the car was open with no glasses.  It would have been necessary to 
purchase curtains to pull on the sides.  Mr. Sinclair drove a Model T Ford around
for a long time, mainly in low gear.  He used to invite Warren Smith to ride with
him to Misenheimer, NC where he visited relatives, and Warren visited his sister
Wilma at Phifer College.  The car had clencher tires.  The rim would cut the 
tires and they would have a flat about every 10 miles which kept them busy
taking the tire off the wheel, innertube out of the tire, locate the hole (sometimes
using saliva to cause a bubble to find it), patch the innertube, and proceed to get
everything back on the car again.  (The wheels did not come off this particular car.)

John K. was superintendent of the Sunday School at Oak Ridge Church and also
led the singing as his sister Anna played the piano.  Oak Ridge Church was a
small white inter-denominational church sitting on a hill surrounded by oak 
trees.  The church began as a one room school with only one teacher during
the week, a Sunday School on Sundays, and preaching service once a month.
Since they had no pastor, a preacher from another church (Presbyterian, 
Methodist, Baptist, or Spring Hill Weslyan Methodist) would come and preach.
The children had to walk for miles to go to school.  One family would ride in a
mule drawn wagon.  The mule was always hitched to a tree in the school yard.
Ther ride was always ready and waiting for the return trip at the end of school.

Children of John K. and Martha Lou: 1. Martha Lou Sinclair ("Mattie") (4/19/1898 in Richmond Co., NC - 8/19/1955 in North Cove, NC; burial in English Family Cemetery in North Cove, NC; married William Garvel English (1/18/1899-5/12/1993) on 10/18/1924; buried In English Family Cemetery, North Cove, NC.
About Martha Lou Sinclair ("Mattie"): Mattie was one of two children born to John Kenneth Sinclair and Martha Lou King. She was only 4 years old when her mother died; her sister Alma only 3. Feeling that his daughters could be given a better life, John Kenneth Sinclair agreed to let them move in with his deceased wife's family. The Kings saw to it that the girls' needs were met in every way including sending them to college: Mattie to St. Mary's in Raleigh and Alma to The North Carolina College for Women. Afterwards, Mattie engaged in secretarial work and became secretary to the Secretary of State, W. N. Everett. Mattie's Aunt Julia King developed tuberculosis and came to Asheville to be treated. Mattie and other King relatives came to visit Aunt Julia King in Asheville and boarded at the home of Rose Ellen English in nearby Ashford/North Cove where she met and fell in love with future husband, William Garvel English. Mattie's maternal grandparents were William Jerome King (1834-1890) and Martha Jane Warner (4/1/1845-1900), whose parents were William Dawson Warner and Louise (Sarah) Thrower. Children of William Jerome King and Martha Jane Warner: Martha Lou King (8/20/1874-11/17/1902) - Mattie's mother Julia E. King (7/15/1884-1/11/1924) Carrie King (9/11/1886-9/28/1904) William Walter King (3/21/1878-7/8/1952)..... (who together owned the Charles Winfield King (3/27/1880-2/8/1965)..... Watson-King Funeral Home in Rockingham, NC) Daisy King (6/4/1882-1/1/1948) Neither Julia, Carrie nor Walter was married. Charles Winfield King married Geneva Hinson and had son Charles, Jr. who lives and teaches in Arizona and had a son Charles and a daughter Patty. Daisy married Fred Maurice also of Rockingham and had 3 children: 1. Julia Maurice (3/13/1904-3/1983), married H. Frank Ellerbe and had son: Frank, Jr. (2/21/1931-5/5/1999), married Marilyn Layton. 2. George Maurice (1/9/1906-4/28/1984) married Gertie ___ and had daughter: Barbara. 3. Martha Frances Maurice (6/13/1914-12/15/1997) married Ben Bezanson. Both Frances and Ben were cremated; their ashes in columbarium of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Greenville, NC. Most of the Kings are buried in the Thrower Cemetery in Richmond Co., NC ., including: William Jerome King, Martha Jane Warner King, Martha Jane's parents: William Dawson Warner and Louise Sarah Thrower Warner, Martha Lou King (listed as Louise A. King on the tombstone), Charles D. Sinclair (Martha Lou's son), William Walter King, Carrie M. King, and Julia E. King. The following are buried in the Eastside Cemetery in Richmond Co., NC: Geneva Robinson King, Charles Winfield King; Daisy King Maurice; Fred W. Maurice; and George T. Maurice.
Children of Martha Lou Sinclair and William Garvel English: a) William Garvel English, Jr. ("Bill") (5/6/1925 ), married Ann Cosentino (7/6/1934-1/8/2002); buried in English Family Cemetery, North Cove, NC. Children: (1) William Michael English (1/9/1958 ), m. Darlene Spencer. Children: (a) Candace Ann English (8/1/1990 ) (b) Heather Marie English (10/19/1992 ) (2) Timothy Lawrence English (2/9/1959 ), married Emmy Estadillo (8/8/1958 ). Children: (a) Julia Ann English (11/9/1991 ) b) Julia King English ("Judy") (2/23/1927 ), married Francis Beauchamp Spicer (4/11/1918-9/25/1985). There were no children. c) Romulus Jehu English ("Rom") (10/29/1929 ), married Bobby Jean Gragg (6/25/1931). Their children: (1) Julia Ellen English (2/23/1960 ), married Howard C. Mace (6/15/1959 ); children: (a) Rachel Ellen Mace (6/21/1991 ) (b) Howard Phillip Mace (5/14/1993 ) (c) Julia Allison Mace (11/17/1994 ) (2) Betsy Maurice English (6/1/1963 ), married Mark E. Stanek. Children: (a) Caroline Gragg Stanek (5/23/1994 ) (b) Lawrence Sinclair Stanek ("Laurie") (2/3/1996 ) (c) Betsy Calloway Stanek ("Callie") (5/11/1999 ) (d) Romulus English Stanek ("Rom") (8/10/2001 ) (3) Jean Olivia English (2/11/1971 ), married Paul Anthony Taylor (11/18/1967 ); Children: (a) Bobbie Lindsay Taylor (12/27/2001 ) (d) Walter Sinclair English (12/14/1931 ), married 1st: Juanita Ethel Dellinger; children: (1) Terry English (8/7/1954 ), m. Charles Phillips; children: (a) Charles Burnel Phillips (4/1/1983-4/30/1983) (b) Jason Sinclair Phillips ( 7/21/1984 ) (c) Kyle Phillips (10/1/1991 ) (d) Cory Phillips (10/1/1991-January 1992) (2) Garrett Sinclair English (5/25/1958 ), married Lynn Mitchell; children: (a) Garrett English (10/22/1984 ) (b) Mona Nichole English (4/8/1986 ) 2nd wife of Garrett Sinclair English: Donna Murphy 2nd wife of Walter Sinclair English: Margaret Hanks ("Maggi")(5/19/1937 ). 2. Alma Livingstone Sinclair (9/13/1899 in Richmond Co., NC - 1/22/1990), burial in Richmond Memorial Park, Richmond Co., NC; married Grover Cleveland Baxley (8/13/1892-10/15/1972), burial Richmond Memorial Park. Children: a) Grover Cleveland Baxley, Jr. (5/11/1923-4/30/2001), burial Richmond Memorial Park; married Vivian Yow (3/18/1923-8/31/1980), burial Richmond Memorial Park; Children: (1) Grover Cleveland Baxley III ("Cleve") (11/8/1950-10/17/1985), burial Richmond Memorial Park; married Ginger Warner. Children: (a) Grover Cleveland Baxley IV (b) Daniel Baxley (2) Garry Baxley (3) Kevin Baxley (4) Jan Baxley 2nd wife of Grover Cleveland Baxley, Jr.: Betty Forbis. Children: (1) Christopher ("Chris") Lee Baxley (9/17/1971-10/17/1981), son of Betty & adopted by Grover, Jr., buried Richmond Memorial Park. b) Margaret Sinclair Baxley (8/1/1933 in R'ham-7/10/1969 in West Palm Beach, FL), buried in Royal Palm Memorial Garden, West Palm Beach, FL.; married Charles Dyson. Children: (1) Patricia Anne Dyson McDaniel (adopted by Margaret's 2nd husband), married Jerry Spangler. 2nd marriage for Margaret: William B. McDaniel (10/28/1932-7/5/1970), burial in Royal Palm Memorial Garden, West Palm Beach, FL. Children: (1) Robert Louis McDaniel ("Bob"), married Jodi Price. Children: (a) Emily Nicole McDaniel (b) Perry Blake McDaniel (2) William Michael McDaniel ("Mike") 3. Charles D. Sinclair (12/19/1901-9/24/1902), burial in Thrower Cemetery, Richmond Co., NC. E. DIANA REBECCA ELLEN SINCLAIR ("Annie"/"Anna") (7/3/1872 in Moore Co., NC - 12/28/1935); burial in Eastside Cemetery, married William Steen ("Billy"),(5/4/1862-5/2/1939); burial in Mary Love Cemetery, Hamlet, Richmond Co., NC. 2nd husband of Diana Ellen Rebecca: Charles Lockamy (b. abt. 1867- d. before 1910), married 5/31/1891 in Richmond Co., NC. Children: 1. Charles James Lockamy ("Jim") (4/7/1899 in Richmond Co. - 1/8/1964) burial in Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC., married Minnie Stancil Steen (6/30/1902-2/9/1982) on 4/28/1919, burial Eastside Cemetery. Children: a) Charles James Lockamy, Jr. (2/26/1920-4/10/1938), burial in Eastside Cemetery b) William Everette Lockamy (2/3/1922 )(living in Texas), married___ Sims. Children: 1) Ebbie Lockamy c) Sarah Frances Lockamy (4/10/1926 - ? ), burial Richmond Memorial Park, married Alton Green (4/18/1922-11/18/1964), burial in Eastside Cemetery. Children: (1) Infant son Green (12/1/1948-12/1/1948), burial Eastside Cemetery (2) James A. Green (7/25/1952-1/17/1966), burial EastsideCemetery (3) Catherine Green - living in Texas F. SARAH CATHERINE SINCLAIR ("Kate") (7/15/1876 in Moore Co., 12/23/1911 in Richmond Co.); burial in Steven Gibson Cemetery, Oak Ridge Church Road, Richmond Co., NC, married William E. Pate ("Bill") (3/10/1862-4/26/1941), married abt. 1904; burial in Mary Love Cemetery, Hamlet, Richmond Co., NC. Children: 1. Ruby Pate (b. abt. 1908) 2. Charles B. Pate ("Charlie") (8/23/1893-9/17/1946), burial Mary Love Cemetery; married Cora Steen (6/26/1891-7/26/1982), burial Mary Love Cemetery. Children: a) Jack Pate, married Louise Vencher. Children: (1) Malinda Pate (2) Charlie Pate (b) Clarence L. Pate, married Elizabeth Turner ("Lib") (b. abt. 1928 - 10/18/1992), burial Richmond Memorial Park. Children: (1) Robin Pate, married Don or Doug Smith from R'ham c) Edward L. Pate (abt. 1927-abt. 1994), burial Richmond Memorial Park; married Norma Holmes (3/3/1928-3/28/1994), burial in Richmond Memorial Park. d) Mae Pate, married Dannie Rice. Children: (1) Dannie Rice, Jr. e) Johnsie Pate, married Jake Atkinson

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