1855 Survey for Stephen Gibson
Contributed by George Kemp, Jr.
Posted by Myrtle Bridges November 16, 2005

Surveyed for Stephen Gibson this the 20th day of February 1855. One hundered acres of land in Richmond County. Beginning at the 4th corner of a 100 acre survey of Neill McKinnon but now David Quicks and runs thence South twenty eight degrees West thirty six ch to a corner cropping four mile branch thence North eighty two degrees West fifteen ch to a stake and some pointers. Thence South forty degrees West seventeen and a half ch to a line of a 100 acre survey of the Calloway Hodges now Samuel Hodges. Thence as its line reverse North twenty degrees West twenty five ch to its corner and also a corner of another 100 acre survey of Stephen Gibson. Thence North eighty three degrees East five and a half ch to a pine and some pines pointers. The last corner of said David Quicks 100 acres. Thence as the lines reverse North fifty five degrees East twenty eight ch cropping four mile branch to a stake a Black Jack pointer thence North eighty degrees East twenty three ch to the beginning. --- Entered 20th day of March A.D. 1854 Number Warrant 531---surveyed by N.P. Gibson Department Surveyer Elisha Gibson ( chair carriers for --- Thomas Gibson C.S. Morgan Stein

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