Contributed by Bill Wallace      Posted December 22, 2002 by Myrtle Bridges

Alphabetical Roster of Richmond County Soldiers in the War between the States, taken 
from the Rockingham Post Dispatch Thursday, March 20, 1930 issue, printed in Rockingham, North Caro.
Notify C. E. D. Egerton or Post Dispatch of any corrections or
additional names.

This list of officers and soldiers of Richmond County during the War between the States was compiled by 
Capt. W. I. Everett, in 1900.  He arranged the list by regiments or commands, and that made it rather 
difficult to check.

I have arranged the present list in alphabetical order, and suggest that every one preserve the list and 
check through it so as to find out if any names have been omitted, which I am quite sure is the case.
C. E. D, Egerton, Historian for Richmond County

Lieutenant Colonels;
0. H. Dockery
John W. Leak
Benjo F. Little

Atkinson, Roger P.
Austin, Milton S.
Capel Robert W.
Cole, A. T.
Everett, W. I.
Knight, Jas. S.
Malloy, Charles
Moffitt, A. A.
McBride, Malcom H.
McRae, Duncan G.
Stewart, Lawrence
Wall, W. C,
Webb, L. H.
Everett, Lawrence T.
McLaurin, Wm. H.  Read more about Capt. Billy McLaurin here.   July 25, 2009

Baldwin, Thomas R.
Blue, John G.
Buchanon, James C.
Buchanon, John B.
Chappell, James C.
Cole, John W.
Covington, Benj. H.
Covington, H. T.
Covington, Wm. R.
Dockery, Alfred W.
Gibson, Christopher C.
Ingrain, Sanders M.
LeGrand, Nash
Middleton, Hugh
Moody, Thos. W.
McDonald  E. A.
McDonald  M. R.
McGregor  A. W.
Mclntosh  Franklin
McKinnon  John M.
McLaurin  Daniel M.
Nichols, Risden D.
Patter son, Malloy
Robertson, Robert A.
Roper, John W.
Stewart, Daniel
Stewart, Lawrence
Thomas, Stephen M.

Raiford Gibson, Thomas Richard Mangum & James Riley Jordan listed July 21, 2005

Allen, John A. - 18th Reg.  	
Askew, Thomas- 1 st Reg.  	
Atkinson, H. - 72nd Reg.  	
Atkinson, R. P., - 3rd Reg.	
Baldwin, D. M. - 14th Reg. - d  	
Baldwin, D. W. - 52nd Reg  	
Baldwin, Frank T - 4th Cav.  	
Baldwin, Gaston - (?) Reg.  	
Baldwin, Madison - 52 Reg.  	
Baldwin, N. T., 38th Reg. - k  	
Barbee, Beng.- 38th Reg. - w  	
Barber, Benjamin - 5th Bait. Art.	
Barber, H. - 33rd Reg.  	
Barber, Henderson - 38th Reg.  	
Barber, James - 38th Reg.  	
Barber, Murdock - 5th Batt.  	
Banner, W. J. - 52nd Reg.  	
Barrentine, Charles A. - 5th Batt.  	
Barrentine, Silas - 5th Batt. - d  	
Barrentine, Stephen T. - 5th Batt  	
Barrington, C. A. - 52nd Reg.  	
Barrington, Evander - Blue's Co.  
Barrington, Thomas - 33rd Reg.  	
Barrington, William - 40th Reg.  	
Bass, Thomas - 5th Batt.  	
Batton, Beraj. - 38th Reg.  	
Batton, Elisha - 38th Reg.  	
Batton, Wesley ss 5th Batt.  	
Batton, William - 5th Batt. 	
Baynord, Charles - 18th Reg. - k  	
Baynard, Jeff - 18th Reg. - w.  	
Bean, Sax - 5th Reg.  		
Beasley, Cameron - Blue's Co.  	
Beasley, James C. 46th Reg. - d.  
Beasley, Neil - 18th Reg.  	
Beasley, Nichols - Blue's Co.  	
Beasley, Thomas, - Blue's Co.  	
Beasley, W. H. - 72nd Reg.  	
Bennett, Flaman - 5th Batt.  	
Benoist, Daniel - 23rd Reg. - w.  	
Benoist, James - 23rd Reg.  	
Benoist, John - 38th Reg.  	
Benoist, James - 23rd Reg. - w.  	
Benoist, John - 38th Reg.  	
Benton, A. C. - 4th Cav.  	
Best, Neil - 38th Reg. d of w  	
Black, James - 52nd Reg.  	
Blue, Daniel - 1st Batt.  	
Blue, Daniel - 18th Reg. k  	
Blue, John G. - 7th Reg.  	
Blue, Wm. - 33rd Reg.  	
Bolton, Benj. J. - 38th Reg. - w	
Bolton, James - 52 Reg.  	
Boste, B. D. - 33rd Reg.  	
Bostick, James - 38th Reg. - d  	
Bostick, James T. - 38th Reg. - k  
Bostick, John S. (?) - k,  	
Bostick, T - 72nd Reg.  	
Bostick, T. T. - 52nd Reg.  	
Bounds, James D. - 38th Reg.  	
Bounds, Richard D., 38th Reg. - c  
Bounds, W. W., 23rd Reg. - w.  	
Bowden, Jhon - 6th Batt.  	
Bowden, Nathan J - 38th Reg. - d  
Bowden, Riderick - (?)  	
Bowens, John - 5th Batt.  	
Brigman, E. - Navy  		
Bristow, John - 5th Batt.  	
Bristow, Richmond - 5th Batt.  	
Bristow, William - 5th Batt.  	
Britt, James- 33rd Reg.  	
Brooks, Robert - 38th Reg. - k  	
Brookshire, W. F., 52nd Reg.  	
Brown, Daniel - Blue's Co.  	
Brown, Daniel B. - 5th Batt  	
Brown, John W., - 33rd Reg. d  	
Brown, Joshua - 46th Reg.  	
Brown, Leonard - 46th Reg.  	
Brown, Neil - 18th RegoW  	
Brown, Stephen - 33rd Reg.  	
Bruton, Alex - 38th Reg.  	
Bryan, James A. - 5th Batt.  	
Bryant, James H. - 5th Batt.  	
Buchannan, Alex - 18th Reg.  k  	
Buchannan, James C., 18th Reg.  
Buchannan, John B.18th Reg.  	
Buchannan, William - 18th Reg.  \  
Bullard, Chas. W. - Blue's Co.  	
Bullard, W. W. - 18th Reg.  	
Bunnell, S. P. - 52nd Reg.  	
Burgs, John - 18th Reg.  	
Butler, John - 5th Baft.  	
Butler, John W. - 5th Batt. Art.  	
Butler, William - 46th Reg.  	
Butler, Winston - 46th Reg. - d.	
Calder, James A. - 18th Reg.  	
Calder, Peter - Blue's Co.  	
Calder, Samuel - Navy  	
Caldwell, Archibald C. - 46th - c  	
Calhoun, Archibald - 18th Reg. -  	
Calhoun, Daniel - 33rd Reg.  	
Calhoun, Duncan - 18th Reg  	
Calhoun, D. McL - 18th Reg.  	
Calhoun, Hugh C. - 18th Reg.  	
Calhoun, Malcom - 18th Reg.  	
Cameron, Archibald - 18th Reg.  	
Cameron, Daniel - 18th Reg.  	
Cameron, John - 73rd Reg.  	
Cameron, W. C. - 5th Batt.	
Capel, Robert W. - 38th Reg.  	
Capel, Thoso R. - 52nd Reg. - w  
Carmichael, J. M. - 52nd Reg.  - d  
Carr, H. J. - 23rd Reg, - w.  	
Carter, Benj. P. - 5th Batt.  	
Carter, B. F. - 23rd Reg.  	
Chance, Henry, - Blue's Co.  	
Chance, Henry C. - 40th Reg.  	
Chance, John A. - 18th Reg.  	
Chance, Terrel - 38th Reg.  	
Chance, William - 73rd Reg.  	
Chance, William - 33rd Reg.  	
Chapel, Morris - 38th Reg.  	
Chappell, James H. - 23rd Reg.  
Chappell, Martin - 52nd Reg.  	
Chappell, Parks - 23rd Reg.  w.  	
Chavis, George - 5th Batt.  	
Clark, Andrew J. - 18th Reg. - k.  	
Clark, John - 33rd Reg.  	
Clark, Mack - 72nd Reg.  	
Coble, Elias - 5th Batt.  	
Cole A. T., 23rd Reg.  w.  	
Cole, Dudley - 23rd Reg.  k.  	
Cole, E. C. - 4th Cav.  		
Cole, John - 72nd Reg.  	
Cole, John M. - 5th Batt.  	
Cole, John W. - 23rd Reg.  	
Cole, S. E. - 33rd Reg. W and d  	
Cole, Mark - 4th Cav.  		
Cole, Richmond, - 5th Batt.  	
Cole, W. C. - 23rd Reg.  	
Connelly, Daniel W. - 18th - d.  	
Connelly, W. C. - 18th Reg.  	
Coplind, Lewis - 18th Reg.  d of w  
Covingtpn, A. B. - 33rd Reg.  	
Covington, Andy J. - 52nd  d.  	
Covington, Benj. C. - 36th Art.  	
Covington, B. F. - 52nd Reg.  w  	
Covington, Benj. H. - 23rd reg.  	
Covington, E. A. - 33rd Reg.  	
Covington, Garland M. - 38th Reg.  
Covington, Henry - S. C,  	
Covington, Henry A. - 33rd Reg.  	
Covington, H. A. - 52nd Reg.  	
Cpvington, H. H., - 52nd Reg.  	
Covington, H. P. - 46th Reg.  	
Covington, Hy. - 72nd Reg.  	
Covington, J. - 14th Reg.  	
C6vington, J. G. - 23rd Reg.  	
Covington, Jas. H. - 72nd Reg.  	
Covington, James M. - 23rd Reg.  
Covington, John B. - 38th Reg.  	
Covington, John W. - 23rd  - w. .	
Covington, Joseph - 52nd Reg.  w.  	
Covington, K. M. - 38th Reg,  		
Covington, M. T. - 38th Reg, k  		
Covington, Martin V, - 38th  k,  		
Covington, Samuel - 46th - d of w  	
Covington, Samuel P. - 38th Reg.  	
Covington, T, B. - 36th Art. - w.  		
Covington, Thos. P. - 18th Reg.  		
Covington, T. C. - 52nd Reg.  		
Covington, Wm. C. - 23rd  w.  		
Covington, Wm. R. - 38th Reg.  		
Covington, Wm. T. - 38th Reg.  		
Crawford, John J. - 18th Reg.  		
Crouch, Alien - 38th Reg.  		
Crouch, C. C. - 23rd Reg.   w.  		
Crouch, James - 38th Reg,  w.  		
Crouch, John - 38th Reg.  d.  		
Crouch, John B. -/ 38th Reg. - w  		
Crouch, S. C. - 52nd Reg. - w  		
Crowson, James W. - 38th Reg.  		
Currie, J. C. - 72nd Reg.  		
Currie, Malcom B. - 38th Reg.  		
Curtis, James H. - 23rd Reg.   d		
Davis, George W. - 46th Reg.  d  	
Davis, Wm. C.    - 18th Reg.  		
Dawkins  A - 72nd Reg.  		
Dawkins  Abner - 5th Batt.  		
Dawkins  A. G. - 38th Reg.  d.  		
Dawkins  Elijah - 38th Reg.  		
Dawkins  George - 52nd Reg.  		
Dawkins  H. W. - 38th Reg.  		
Dawkins  John - 33rd Reg.  		
Dawkins  John J. - 38th Reg.  		
Dawkins  John W. - 23rd Reg.  w  	
Dawkins  Richard - 33rd Reg.  		
Dawkins  Richard - 38th Reg.  		
Dawkins  Richard - 5th Batt.  		
Dawkins  Samuel - 33rd Reg.  		
Dawkins  S. B. - 52nd Reg.  		
Dawkins  Walter - 5th Batt.  		
Dawkins  Warner, 32nd Regt^  		
Dawkins  Wiley J. - 5th Batt  		
Dawkins  William B. - 5th Batt  		
DeBerry  E. J. - 52nd Reg.  		
DePriest, B. T. - 18th Reg. - d  		
Dockery  A. W. - 38th Reg. w  		
Dockery  B. F. - 38th Reg.  		
Dockery  James M. - 33rd Reg.  	
Dockery  0. H. - 38th Reg.  		
Donahoe  Columbus C. - 5th Batt,  	
Donahoe  Frank - 23rd Reg.		
Donahoe, James - 18th Reg.  - w  
Donahoe, John - 5th Batt.  	
Driggers, Anderson - 52nd Reg,  
Driggers, Samuel - 52nd Reg.  	
Duncan, John 23rd Reg.	
Ellerbe, M. C. - 4th Cav.	
Ellerbe, W. W. - 4th Cav.	
Elliott John - 38th Reg,  w	
Everett, Joseph C. - Blue's Co.	
Everett, Lawrence T. - 23rd Reg.	
Everett, W. I. - 23rd Reg.	
Erwin, John W,  (?)		
Erwin, J. S.  (?)		
Ewing, Thomas M. - 6th Batt,	
Fairley, Alex - 18th Reg. - d  	
Fairley, J. M. - Blue's Co.  	
Fairley, John M. - 18th Reg.  	
Farmer, W. H. - 33rd Reg.  	
Forbes, James H.  (?)  	
Ford, George - 38th Reg. - d  	
Ford, Solomon - 33rd Reg.  w  	
Ford, Wisham - 38th Reg.  	
Fortiner, P. S, - 18th Reg. - d  	
Fowler, Nbrse - 46th Reg.  	
Freeman, James L. - 5th Batt  	
Freeman, Martin - 23rd Reg. - d  	
Freeman, Samuel - 38th Reg.  	
Freeman, W. R. - 44th Reg.	
Gaitley, Isaac - 52nd Reg.  	
Galloway, John - 52nd Reg.  	
Galloway, W. H. = 52nd Reg.  	
Gardner  James - 33rd Reg.  	
Garrett  E. S. - 38th Reg.  	
Garrett  J. P. - 23rd Reg, d of w  	
Garrett  Mason B. - 38th Reg.  	
Garrett  Oliver C, 23rd Reg.  	
Garrett  Thos. J. - Blue's Co.  	
Gay Daniel 0. - 52nd Reg.  w  	
Gay, Henry C. - 38th Reg.  	
Gay, James F. - 38th Reg.  	
Gay, J. W. - 33rd Reg.  	
Gay, Solomon - 38th Reg.  	
Gibson, Christopher C. - 18th Reg.
Gibson, D, M.   18th Reg.   d of w  
Gibson, Ebernezer - 40th Reg,  	
Gibson, Eli - S. C.  		
Gibson, Elijah - 52nd Reg.  	
Gibson, P. B., - S. C,  		
Gibson, Hiram W, - 5th Batt  	
Gibson, Jack - Blue's Co.  	
Gibson, James T. - 28th Reg.  k  	
Gibson, Jeptha - 33rd Reg.  	
Gibson, John -S.C.-k  		
Gibson, John A.  18th Reg.  	
Gibson, John T   - 5th Batt  	
Gibson, J. B,  33rd Reg.  	
Gibson,  J. F.  52nd Reg.  	
Gibson, J. S. - 33rd Reg.  - d  	
Gibson, Nelson - 33rd Reg.  	
Gibson, Noah - 73rd Reg.  	
Gibson, Pleasant - 52nd Reg.  	
Gibson, Raiford - Blue's Co. (Rayford Gibson born Dec. 22, 1847 died August 30, 1911 NC Artillery 
3rd Regt. Co. H.  He was captured and sent to Elmira, NY Prison camp for several months.) George Kemp Jr.
Gibson, R. F. - 52nd Reg.  w  	
Gibson, Samuel, 52nd Reg  	
Gibson, Shockley - 4th Cav.  	
Gibson, Shockley, Blue's Co.  	
Gibson, Stephen P - 46th Reg/  	
Gibson, Thos P. - S. C,  	
Gibson, V. A. - 33rd Reg.  	
Gibson, William - 33rd Reg.  	
Gibson, Vfm. H.  18th Reg   d  	
Gibson, W. H,  - 33td Reg. d  	
Gibson, Wm. M. - 33rd Reg.  	
GibsoUy Vftn. N.  23rd Reg.  w  	
Gibson, Ziba B. - Blues Co.  
Gilchrist, John F. - 18th Reg.  d  	
Gillis, Ellias - 18th Reg. 
Goodman, John T.(Thomas) - 46th Reg.  	
Graham, Henry P. - 18th Reg. d of w  (Peter Graham)
Graham, James H. - 46th Reg.  d  
Graham, James M.  33rd Reg.  	
Graham, Joseph C. - 46th Reg.  d.  
Graham, William - 52nd Reg.  	
Green  Daniel J. - 33rd Reg.  	
Green  David - 33rd Reg.  	
Green  David - Navy  		
Green  George 52 Reg.  	
Green  Joseph P - 18th Reg.  w  	
Green  Wm. H, t8th Reg. - w.  	
Greyson, K.J.M. - 18th Reg.  	
Guinn, Anderson - S. C.	
Hackobee, A. A,   18th Reg,  w  	
Hailey, Hiram   23rd Reg.   d  	
Hailey, Thomas   23rd Reg,  	
Hailey, Wm. L.  23rd Reg.  	
Hall, A. G. - 52nd Reg.   d  	
Hall, Isaac - 23rd Reg.  	
Hall, William - 5th Batt - d  	
Hamer, Alfred W. - 23rd Reg.  	
Hnaner  Peter   73rd Reg.  	
Harbut  John T.  38th Reg.  	
Harris  Benj. R.  38th Reg.   d  	
Harris  H. B.  18th Reg.  k  	
Harris  W. W.  18th Reg.  w  	
Hart, E. S.  23rd Reg.   w  	
Harvel, G. H.  52nd Reg.   w  (thrown overboard by Yankees.)  
Harward, L. V.  - 18th Reg.  	
Hasty, J. A. - 72nd Reg.  	
Hasty, James  52nd Reg.  d  	
Hasty, John - 52nd Reg.  	
Hasty, John H. - 46th Reg.  d  	
Hasty,  Matthew - 33rd Reg.  	
Hasty, Robert - 46th Reg.  	
Hasty, Samuel W. - 2nd Reg.  	
Henderson, Daniel - 33rd Reg.  	
Henderson, Hugh A. - 46th  w.  	
Henderson, Hugh A.  18th w.  	
Henry, H. H. - 52nd Reg.  	
Herndon, Benj. 0. - Blues Co.  	
Hicks, Charles C. - 38th Reg.  	
Hicks, V. L. - 52nd Reg.  	
Hilliard, Thomas - 12th Reg.  	
Hines, James 0 - 38th Reg.  	
Hinson, Brinkley - 52nd Reg. d.  	
Hodge, Martin F. - 5th Batt  	
Hogan, Davis - 52nd Reg. d  	
Hogan, Green - 38th Reg.  	
Hogan, Zachariah  52nd Reg. k  	
Hollifield, H, W.  18th Reg.  	
Hughes, John  18th Reg.	
Ingram, E. N.  4th Cav		
Ingram,  Sanders M.  38th Reg.	
Jackson, Noah - 33rd Reg  	
Jernegan, Wm -23rd Reg   w  	
Jennigan, J. W. - 72nd Reg.  	
Jernigan, Travis - 33rd Reg,  	
Jerning,  Lewis - 52nd Reg,  	
Johnson,  Alexander - 23rd  d,  	
Johnson,  Duncan - 5th Batt  	
Johnson,  I sham H,  52nd Reg   k  
Johnson,  J. J. - 38th Reg,  	
Johnson,  J. J. - 52nd Reg,  	
Johnson,  R. A.  - 1st Batt   w  	
Johnson,  R. D.  - 5th Batt  	
Johnson,  Wm. - 72nd Reg,  	
Johnson,  William H,  - 5th Batt  	
Jones,  Alex - 18th Reg  w  	
Jones,  Dougald - 18th Reg,  w  	
Jones,  Duncan - 46th Reg,  	
Jones,  Duncan  - 73rd Reg,  	
Jones,  H. - 72nd Reg.  	
Jones,  Hiram - 46th Reg,  	
Jones,  Hugh - 52nd Reg.  	
Jones,  H. C. - Blue's Co.  	
Jones,  James H,  - 46th Reg.  	
Jones,  Joseph J. - 18th Reg.  	
Jones,  Marion  (?)  		
Jones,  Samuel - 46th Reg,   w  	
Jones,  Silas - Blues Co.	
Jordan,  James Riley  (He was born November 7, 1847 died February 24, 1933 2nd NC Battalion Co. F) George Kemp Jr.
Kelley, Ebin  38th Reg   k,  	
Keltfy, John   52nd Reg  k  	
Kelley,  J. D,  38th Reg.  	
Kelley,  L, J,  Navy  		
Kelley,  Nash R,, 38th Reg,  	
Kelley, Richard Y,  38th Reg.  	
Kendey, William   52nd Reg.  	
Kenedy, William   23rd Reg.  	
Knight, James S.   23rd Reg,  k	
Lament, Alex   73rd Reg,  	
Lamont, James W.   46th Reg.  	
Lampley, Robert - 38th Reg.  	
Lassiter, Daniel - 5th Batt  	
Leak, John W. - 23rd Reg.  	
Leak, R. S, - 23rd Reg.  	
Ledbetter, T. B. - 23rd Reg, w.  	
LeGrand, Homer - 36th Art.  	
LeGrand, John 38th Reg.  	
LeGrand, Julian E.  36th Art.   d  	
LeGrand, Nash - 36th Art,  	
Lisk, Robinson - 52nd Reg,   d  	
Livingston, Charles - Blue's Co.  	
Livingston, Duncan D. - 46th Reg.
Livingston, D. J.     46th Reg,  	
Livingston, D. W.    24th Reg.  	
Livingston, John   46th Reg  	
Long, Commodore P   5th  Batt  	
Long, James W.    23rd Reg    d  	
Long, John W    5th Batt  	
Long, John W. Jr.   5th Batt  	
Long, Richmond T.,  5th Batt,  	
Long, William     5th Batt  	
Louis, John D.    32nd Reg,  	
Lovelace, Albert  18th Reg,  	
Lovin,  J. T.,  44th Reg,  	
Lovin, W, R.   44th Reg,  	
Lowe, Daniel  - 52nd Reg,  	
Lowe, Isaac   52nd Reg,  	
Lown, E. E.  - 38th Reg,  	
Lown, James M.   38th Reg,  	
Lunsford, Arius   52nd Reg.  	
Lytch, Daniel   73rd Reg,  	
Lytch, John - Blue's Co  	
Lytch, John A,  18th Reg,	
Mallock, Atlas T,  23rd Reg,    w  
Malloy, Alex - 72nd Reg,  	
Malloy, Charles - 18th Reg,  	
Maner, James - 52nd Reg,  k  
Mangum, Thomas Richard  (He was born Oct. 27, 1842 died March 23, 1911.  26th NC Regiment from March 24, 1864 
to June 29, 1865.) George Kemp Jr.
Martin, John - 33rd Reg,  d  	
Martin, John G  18th Reg  w  	
Martin, Roderick  B.   23rd   d,  	
Martin, W. K.  52nd Reg,  k  	
Mason, E, J,  72nd Reg,  	
Mason, Isaac  73rd Reg,  	
Mason, John H,   52nd Reg,  k  	
Mason, Presley,  23rd Reg  w  	
Meacham, J.   33rd Reg.  	
Meacham, Robert C.  38th Reg.  
Meacham, R. C.   52nd Reg,  	
Meacham, W. C.  38th Reg.  w  	
Meacham, W. S.   52nd Reg.  	
Melton, D. F.  18th Reg,  	
Middleton, D, W.  18th Reg,  	
Middleton, Hugh   46th Reg.  	
Millican, C, A,   72nd Reg.  	
Milliken,  Eldridge - 5th Batt,  	
Moffitt, Alfred A., 18th Reg,  	
Montgomery, James  18th Reg,  	
Moody, Thos, W.   5th Batt.  	
Morgan, H.   38th Reg,   d  	
Morgan, James A,  46th Reg.  	
Morgan, J, H.   52nd Reg,  	
Moorman, E, C,  23rd Reg.  w.  	
Moorman, Jack  -  6th Batt,  	
Moorman, Thos, D.  23rd  d of w	
Morrison, Alex    23rd   Reg.  
Morrison, Angus R    23rd   w.  	
Morrison, Daniel    1st Batt,  	
Morrison, Daniel M   5th Batt  	
Morrison, John A   18th Reg,  	
Morrison, John H.  40th Reg.  	
Morrison, John K,   18th Reg,  	
Morrison, John L.  33rd Reg.   d  	
Morrison, Malcom  23rd Reg,  k  	
Morrison, M. L.    33rd Reg,  	
Morrison, McDonald    40th Reg,  
Morse, Geo W   18th Reg.  	
Muda, H. E., Blue's Co,  	
Murphy, John A,   18th Reg,  	
Murphy, Wm, A.   18th Reg,  	
Murray, James,  32nd Reg,	
McAlphin, John A, - 5th Batt,  	
McArn, Hugh - 40th Reg,  	
McArthur, Archie - 46th Reg,  	
McArthur, C. - 72nd Reg,  	
McArthur, P. - 72nd Reg,  	
McArthur, Peter - Navy  	
McArthur, Peter - Navy  	
McBride, Malcom H. - 40th Reg,  	
McCall, Geo, A. - 33rd Reg.  	
McCaskill, Daniel - 23rd Reg,  	
McCaskill, H. H. - 38th Reg,  k  	
McCaskill, Peter - 5th Batt,  	
McCaskill, W. R. - 38th Reg,  	
McCormac, Duncan W, - 46th   d  
McCormac, J. - 72nd Reg,  	
McCormac, J. A. - 46th Reg,  	
McCormac, E. R. - 46th Reg,  	
McCormac, M. - 18th Reg, k  	
McCormac, Nathaniel L, - 40th  	
McDonald, Duncan B. - 5th Batt  	
McDonald, Evander 38th Reg,  d  
McDonald, E. A. - 23rd     w  	
McDonald, John A s 33rd Reg,  	
McDonald, J. W. - (?) 		
McDonald, M. R.-33rd Reg  	
McDonald, S. C.  - 52nd Reg, w  	
McDuffie, Alex - 38th Reg  	
McDuffie, Angus - 33rd Reg,  	
McDuffie, P. A. - 38th Reg,  - w  	
McDuffie, J. W. - 52nd Reg,  	
McDuffie, Murdock - 18th Reg.  	
McDuffie, Murdock - 52nd Reg,	
McEachen, Daniel - 18th Reg.  	
McEachen, Milton - 18th Reg,  	
McEachern,  William R. - 40th Reg,  
McFarland, William - 73rd Reg.  	
McFayden, A. C. - 72nd Reg.  	
McFayden, J. C. - 38th Reg.  	
McGilvery, John - 33rd Reg. - w  	
McGregor, Alfred W. - 18th Reg,  	
McGregor, Benj. F. -40th Reg.  	
McGregor, Hugh - 73rd Reg.  	
McGregor, M, V, - 18th Reg.  	
McInnis, A - 72nd Reg.  	
McInnis, Alexander - 28th   d.  	
McIntosh, Frank - 18th Reg.  	
McIntosh, Peter - 1st Batt  	
McIntyre, Alex - 38th Reg.  	
McIntyre, Alex - 5th Batt.  	
McIntyre, Alexander - 5th Batt.  	
McIntyre, D. - 73rd Reg.  	
McIntyre, Duncan - 33rd Reg.  d  	
McIntyre, James -  (?)  	
McIntyre, J. B. - 73rd Reg.  	
McIver, A - 33rd Reg.   d  	
McKay, Alex - 38th Reg. J  	
McKay, Archibald P.  18th w.  	
McKay, Calvin  (?)  		
McKay, John - 18th Reg.  	
McKay, J. C. - 33rd Reg.  	
McKay, L. L. - 52nd Reg.  k  	
McKay, M. G. - 18th Reg.  	
McKay, William - 40th Reg.  	
McKay, William - 52nd Reg.  d  	
McKenzie, Alex - 23rd Reg.  d  	
McKenzie, Kenneth - 23rd  k  	
McKenzie, Kenneth - 73rd Reg.  	
McKeithan, Alexander - 5th Batt.  	
McKeithan, Sanborn - 5th Batt   d  
McKethan, John G.  - 23rd    w  	
McKethan,  Wm. A. - 23rd   k  	
McKinnon, Alex - 52nd Reg.   d  	
McKinnon, Charles E. - 5th Batt .  	
McKinnon, Col in - 23rd Reg    d  	
McKinnon, Daniel  - 18th Reg.  	
McKinnon, Daniel - 23rd Reg.    d  
McKinnon, G. M. - 18th Reg.   d  	
McKinnon, Hosea - 23rd Reg.  d  
McKinnon, John B.   18th   w  	
McKinnon, John D.  38th Reg.  	
McKinnon, John M.  40th Reg.  	
McKinnon, L. C.  52nd Reg.  	
McKinnon, Luther  - 40th Reg,  	
McKinnon, McKay  - 40th Reg.  	
McKinnon, Murdel  - 40th Reg, '  	
McKinnon, Neil - 5th Batt  	
McKinnon, N. B.  23rd Reg.  w  	
McKinnon, W. B.  23rd  Reg.  d	
McLauren, Duncan -18th Reg,  	
McLauren, W. H. - 18th Reg.  	
McLaurin, Daniel M. - 18th Reg,  	
McLaurin, J. W. - 72nd Reg.  	
McLaurin, L. B. - S. C.  	
McLaurin, Owen - 18th Reg.  d  	
McLauchlin, Alex B. - 18th Reg,  	
McLauchlin, John M. 18th Reg,  w  
McLauchlin, Duncan - 18th Reg,  	
McLauchlin, Alex - 33rd Reg   d  	
McLauchlin, J.  36th Art  	
McLauchlin, J. J.  73rd Reg.  	
McLauchlin, K  36th Art.  	
McLauchlin, Sandy - 33rd Reg.  d  
McLauchlin, Wm. - 33rd Reg.  	
McLean, Augus  36th Art.  	
McLean, Daniel - 52nd Reg.  d  	
McLean, Charles - 46th Reg  	
McLean, Hector - 51st Reg.  	
McLean, Hugh - 23rd Reg.  w. d.  	
McLean, James - 33rd Reg  w.  	
McLean, John F  18th Reg  w  	
McLean, M. S.  18th Reg.  w  	
McLean, Neil - 33rd Reg.  d  	
McLean, Sol - 23rd Reg.  w  	
McLenon, Benj  52nd Reg.  	
McLennon, Benj. 38th Reg.  	
McLenon, John  - 52nd Reg.  	
McLenon, Zachariah - 52nd Reg.  
McLeod, A, J. - 24th Reg.  	
McLeod, James - 73rd Reg.  	
McLeod, W. J. - 24th Reg.  	
McMillan, Duncan - 46th Reg.  w  
McMillan, Malcom  5th Batt  d  	
McMillan, Peter -  5th Batt  	
McNair, Edward   - 18th Reg.  	
McNair, John A.   52nd Reg.  	
McNair, John F.   -  Blue's Co.  	
McNair, J. 0.  -  18th Reg.  	
McNair, Neil - 33rd Reg.  	
McNair, Samuel  - 4oth Reg.  	
McNair, Vander - 33ird Reg.  	
McNair, William - 52nd Reg.  	
McNeill, Archibald - 73rd Reg.  	
McNeill, Archibald - 5th Batt  /  	
McNeill, A. A. - 1st Batt  	
McNeill, Arch.  D.  - 73rd Reg.  	
McNeill, A. H. - 18th Reg,  	
McNeill, Daniel, Jr.  5th Batt  	
McNeill, Duncan - 5th Batt  	
McNeill, Duncan - 18th Reg.  	
McNeill, James - 5th Batt  	
McNeill, John  -  Blue's Co  	
McNeill, J. B.  72nd Reg.  	
McNeill, Malcom B  5th Batt  	
McNeill, Neill    73rd Reg.  	
McNeill, Neill A. - 18 Reg.  w  	
McNeill, W. H. - 18th Reg.  w. d,  	
McPherson, Edgar P  18th Reg	
McPherson, Martin - 33rd Reg   d  
McPherson, William - 33rd  d,  	
McQueen, Angus - 18th Reg,  	
McQueen, Dickerson   18th Reg.  
McQueen, Joseph P. - 18th Reg.  
McQueen, Neill A - 18th Reg,  	
McQuinn,  J. R. - 72nd Reg,  	
McRae, Archibald  L.  18th Reg,  	
McRae, J.Q.R.  33rd Reg.  	
McSween, M. J.  38th Reg,	
Nancy, James   32nd Reg,  	
Newton, Benjamin  38th Reg,  	
Newton, James W.  18th Reg  d  	
Nelson, W, H.  18th Reg   d  	
Nichols, Henry H.   18th Reg,  	
Nichols, John   18th Reg.  	
Nichols, John H.   52nd Reg  d  	
Nichols, J. W., Sr,  18th Reg  	
Nichols, J. W,, Jr.   18th Reg  	
Nichols, R. T.   23rd Reg   d  	
Nicholson, D. B.  73rd Reg,  	
Nicholson, J, C.   33rd Reg.  	
Nicholson, Malcom C.  23rd    d  	
Nicholson, Peter H.  23rd   d  	
Nicholson, W, C,  33rd Reg,  	
Nolan, Jacob  18th Reg.  	
Noland, James  18th Reg.  	
Norton, Daniel  - 46th Reg  w  	
Norton, Eli - Blues Co,  	
Norton, Elijah, Sr. - 18th Reg,  	
Norton, Elijah, Jr.   18th Reg,  d  	
Norton, Isham C  18th Reg,  d  	
Norton, James C.,  18th Reg  w  	
Norton, Lowderwick  46th Reg,  	
Norton, Miles  46th Reg  	
Norton, Neill - 18th Reg.  	
Norton, Nelson - 46th Reg.  d  	
Norton, Wm. L.  46th Reg.  d	
O'Brien, Dennis - 52nd Reg  	
O'Brien, Elijah - 33rd Reg.  	
O'Brien, James  32nd Reg  	
Oliver, Laughlin J.  33rd Reg.	
Padgett, C.A.C.  18th Reg  k  	
Padgett, John  18th Reg  	
Pankey, Saul Ni  38th R^g  	
Parsons, Daniel   (?)  		
Parsons, Jesse F  - 18th Reg.  	
Parsons, M.  52nd Reg   d  	
Pate, Alexander - 5th Batt  	
Pate, Eldridge - 5th Batt d.	
Pate, John  18th Reg  k  	
Pate, Stephen W.  18th Reg  	
Pate, Thorogood  46th Reg  d  	
Patterson, Angus  33rd Reg  w  	
Patterson, Hugh L. 18th Reg w  	
Patterson, John A.  - 18th Reg.  	
Patterson, Neill M. M.   18th Reg  	
Patterson, Neill McN   46th Reg  	
Patterson, W, D.  52nd Reg.  	
Paul, James  23rd Reg,  	
Paul, John  52nd Reg  	
Paul, J. T.  33rd Reg  d  	
Paul, Seth  33rd Reg  		
Peele, David  - 18th Reg  	
Peele, Fletcher - 33rd Reg  	
Peele, Jeptha - Blue^ Co,  	
Peele, John I.  46th Reg  w  	
Perkins, Isaac - 5th Batt  	
Perkins, Jacob  33rd Reg  w  	
Pervis, Robert L  - 46th Reg  	
Paris, M.  - 33rd Reg  w  	
Pharris, William J.  46th Reg  	
Phillips, W. J.  23rd Reg  k  	
Picks, Augustus H  - 41st Reg  	
Plummer, Thos G  41st Reg  	
Poole, Atlas  (?)  k  		
Poote, Seth - 52nd Reg  	
Poole, Terrell (?)  		
Porter, Crawford, 23rd Reg  	
Powell, Charles P.  23rd Reg  w  	
Powell, John M,  18th Reg  	
Powell, R. J,   44th Reg  	
Powell, R, I.  52nd Reg  	
Powell, Thomas F   23rd   k  	
Powell, W, H.  18th Reg  k  	
Price, Calvin  W.  18th Reg,  	
Price, Harrison  5th Batt  	
Priest, William  -  46th Reg,	
Quick, Alex - S. C.  		
Quick, W. R. - 5th Batt,		
Rachels, John -46th Reg.-d.  	
Rachels, Sterling-46th Reg,  	
Rachels, William-46-th Reg,  	
Ragsdale, W. H.-38th Reg.  	
Rainwater, James-23rd Reg. - w  
Rash, L. P.-18th Reg.  	
Revis, Samuel-18th Reg*  	
Richardson, A.H. - 52nd Reg.  d   
Richardson, L.M. - 52nd Reg.  	
Robertson, Green - 41st Reg,  	
Robertson, R.A. -3 8th Reg. w   	
Robertson, P. -3 3rd Reg.  d   	
Robinson, Charles - 52nd w  d  	
Robinson, Julius C. - 36th Arte  	
Rogers, Joseph - l5th Reg,  	
Roper, Amos W. - 18th Reg. w  	
Roper, John W. - 18th Reg.  	
Roper, John W, - 46th Reg.  	
Roper, Wm. T. - 52nd Reg.  	
Russ, Isham-23rd Reg.	
Sanford, Asbberry-23rd Reg.-Wt  
Sanford, D.B.- 52nd Reg.  	
Sanford, James - 44th Reg. k   	
Sanford, Kelita - 52nd Reg.  	
Sanford, W. F. - 52nd Reg.  	
Scales Harris - S. C.  		
Scales Jim - S. C.  		
Scales Mastin - Blues Co.  	
Scales Travis - Blue's Co.  	
Scales William - 5th Batt.  	
Scarborough, W. S. 52nd  d   	
Scholl, P.V. - 46th Reg.  	
Scott, Andrew - 5th Batt.  	
Scott, Meredith - 5th Batt.  	
Scott, Michael-23rd Reg. w   	
Scales, John M. - 18th Reg.  	
Sedberry, D. W. - 52nd Reg.  	
Sedberry, J. - 72nd Reg.  	
Sedberry, John S. - 38th Reg.  	
Sessoms, Neill - 5th Batto  	
Sessoms, Thomas - 23rd Reg.  	
Shaw, Angus -1st Batt.  	
Shaw, Daniel M. - 40th Reg.  	
Shaw, Joseph W. - 46th Reg.  	
Shepherd, Calvin - 52nd Reg.  	
Shepherd, Eli - 52nd Reg.  	
Shepherd, Harrison - 38th Reg.  	
Shepherd, John - 38th Reg. w  	
Shepherd, Oliver-38th Reg.	
Shepherd, Martin - 52nd Reg.  	
Shepherd, N. R. - 52nd Reg. d	
Shepherd, William-52nd Reg.  	
Shepherd, William-38th Reg,  	
Shorfridge, Johnr, Jr. - 23rd Reg.  	
Shorfridge, John, Sr. - 73rd Reg.  	
Skipper, Alex - Blue's Co.  	
Skipper, Barney - 18th Reg.  	
Skipper, Daniel - 46th Reg. d  	
Skipper, Murdock - 46th Reg. w  	
Smart, 0. P. - 18th Reg. d  	
Smart, W. H. - 18th Reg.  d   	
Smith, A. B. - 18fh Reg.  w   	
Smith, Alfred - 73rd Reg.  	
Smith, Anderson - Blue's Co.  	
Smith, Benj. - 36th Act.  		
Smith, Benj. - 38th Reg.  w 	
Smith, Cameron - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, Charles C. -5th Batt.  	
Smith, Charles C. - 23rd Reg. 	
Smith, Clement - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, Elbert - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, J. A. - 73rd Reg.  	
Smith, James A. 38th Reg.  	
Smith, James  - Blue's Co.  	
Smith, John B. - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, John C. - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, J. W. -  18th Reg.  	
Smith, Malcolm B. - 33rd Reg.  	
Smith, Neill McN. - 18th Reg.  	
Smith, Neill W. - 18th Reg.  	
Smith, Sidney J. - 6th Batt.  	
Smith, Simon - 40th Reg.  	
Smith, Simon - Blue's Co.  	
Smith, Thos. C. - 5th Batt.  	
Smith, Thos. G. - Blue's Co.  	
Smith, Thos. G. - 40th Reg.  	
Smith, Thomas J. - 23rd Reg.  	
Smith, Wesley - 36th Art.  	
Smith, William B.-5th Batt.  	
Smith, Wm. P. - 18th Reg.  	
Smith, Wm. H. - 38th Reg.  	
Smith, Zebedee R. - 23rd Reg.  	
Snead, William - 18th Reg.  d  	
Snead, Columbus - 5th Batt.  	
Snead, Daniel - 33rd Reg.  	
Sneed, D. B. - Blues Co.  	
Sneed, Daniel B. - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, Gilbert - Blue's Co.  	
Sneed, Gilbert - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, Israel - Blue's Co.  	
Sneed, Israel - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, James C. - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, John - 23rd Reg.  	
Sneed, John - 33rd Reg.  	
Sneed, John W. - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, Joshua J. - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, Shockley - 5th Batt.  	
Sneed, William - 73rd Reg.  	
Southerland, Duncan D. - 40th Reg.
Southerland, John A. - 24th Reg.  
Stanback, Geo. L. 14-th  d of w  
Stanback, W. L.-14th Reg,  
Stanton, Goodwin - Blues Co,  
Steele, R. J. - 73rd Reg,  
Steele, Thos. J. - 5th Batt.  
Steene, Morgan - 5th Batt.  
Stewart, Daniel - 46th Reg. d 
Stewart, Dougald - 33rd Reg.  
Stewart, Duncan J. - 46th Reg.  
Stewart, Henry - 5th Batt.  
Stewart, John W. - 18th Reg. w  
Stewart, Lawrence - 18th Reg.  k  
Stewart, Malcom B. - 38th Reg.  
Stewart, Neill - l8th Reg.   
Stewart, Wm. - 46th Reg,  w   
Stogner, Andrew J. - 46th Reg,  
Stogner, John - 5th Batt.  
Stone, Samuel - 73rd Reg.  
Stone, Samuel P. - 5th Batt.  
Strickland, Jonathan - 52nd Reg.  
Strickland, Willey L. - 5th Batt.  
Strickland, Hardy - 23rd Reg.  
Strickland, Henry - 23rd Reg.  
Strickland, Jonathan - 23rd Reg,  
Strickland, Joseph - 23rd Reg.  
Strickland, Milton O. - 23rd Reg.  
Stubbs, David - 33rd Reg.  
Stubbs, Silas - 46th Reg.  
Surginer, John - 5th Batt.
Talbert, George - 23rd Reg. w
Taylor, A. J. - 5th Batt.  
Taylor, Gearge W. - 5th Batt.  
Taylor, James P. - 5th Batt.  
Taylor, Thomas H. - 5th Batt.  
Terry, C. G. - 52nd Reg.  
Thgmas, B. M. - 52nd Reg. w  
Thomas, Geo. W. - 6th Batt.  
Thomas, H. T. - 23rd Reg.  d
Thomas, James - 52nd Reg.  d 
Thomas, Robert - 52nd Reg.  k
Thomas, Robert D. - 23rd Reg.  d 
Thomas, S. M. - 46th Reg.  
Thomas, Wm. J. - Blues Co.  
Thompson, George - 52nd Reg.  k 
Thompson, J. B.  - 33rd Reg.  d 
Thompson, Stephenson - 52nd Reg.  
Thompson, Thos. - Blues Co.  
Thompson, William - 52nd Reg.  
Thrower, Charles N. - l5th   w  d   
Thrower, Henry M. - 18th  w 
Thrower, Jesse H. - 38th Reg. w
Thrower, John H. - 72nd Reg.  
Thrower S. M. - 61st Reg.  
Thrower W. H. - 52nd Reg.  k
Tillett James W. - 23rd Reg.  
Tiner, James - 52nd Reg.
Townsend, Fuller C.-Slst Reg. 
Townsman, Benj. J.-28th Reg.  
Tyson, Win. T. -3 8th   d of w 
Upton, Boyd P. - 18th Reg.  
Upton, Robert - 18th Reg. w  
Ussery, Alfred - 38th Reg.  
Ussery, John C. - 23rd Reg.  w  
Ussery, James B. -(?)	
Wade, John V. - 52nd   d in p   
Wall, Stephen - 4th Cav.  
Wall, Thos. H. - 5th Batt.  
Wall, Wm. C. - 23rd Reg.  
Wall, Bennett - 5th Batt.  
Wall, H. C. - 23rd Reg.  
Wall, John F. - 5th Batt.  
Wallace, Counsil - 38th Reg.  
Wallace, James - 46th Reg.  
Wallace, Robert B. - 38th Reg.  
Wallace, W. - 46th Reg.  
Wallace, William -l5th Reg.  k  
Walters, Thos. H. - 38th Reg.  
Waters, Arthur - 46th Reg.  d
Waters, David - 46th Reg.  d 
Waters, John - 46th Reg.  
Waters, John O. - 18th Reg.  w 
Waters, Thomas - 46th Reg.  
Watkins, Willis - 23rd Reg.  d
Watson  Alex M. - 46th Reg.  
Watson  James V. - 46th Reg.  
Watson, J. G. - 52nd Reg.  
Watson, John H. - 46th Reg.  
Watson, John S. - 72nd Reg.  
Webb, A. D. - 18th Reg.  
Webb, A, L. - 52nd Reg.  
Webb, Benj. R. - 28th Reg.  d
Webb, D. D. - 33rd Reg.  d 
Webb, H. C. - 52nd Reg.  
Webb, J. R. - 33rd Reg.  
Webb, John B. - 38th Reg.  d 
Webb, John L. - 52nd Reg.  
Webb, L. H. - 23rd Reg.  
Webb, L. J. - 52nd Reg.  w 
Webb, Noah R. - 38th  w  d in p  
Webb, R. C. - 52nd Reg. d  
Webb, Robert - 23rd Reg.  k 
Webb, S. W. - 23rd Reg.  w  
Webb, Waltey J. G. - 5th Batt.  
Webb, William - 38th Reg.  
Wigg, Joseph, 5th Batt. 
Whisnant, J. P. - 18th Reg.  
Wilkerson, M. A. - 18th Reg.  
Wilkerson, Duncan - 73rd Reg.
Williams, Jas. A.- ? Reg.  	
Williams, P. J.- ? Reg.  	
Williams, James - 18th Reg.  	
Williamson, John - 46th Reg.  d  	
Willoughby, Alex - 73rd Reg.  	
Willoughby, Haywood W. - 5th Batt.  
Willoughby, Joseph W. - 5th Batt.  
Wilson, Martin - 46th Batt.  	
Woodard, J. A.-35th Art.  	
Woodman, Jas A. - Blues Co.  	
Woodward, Harris - 46th Reg.  	
Woodward, Hinson - 46th Reg.  	
Woodward, J. - 72nd Reg.  	
Woodward, Lewis - 46th  w  d   	
Woodward, Thomas - 52nd  d of w   
Weight, Benj. F. - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, Cameron - Blue's Co.  	
Wright, C. J. - 5th Batt.  		
Wright, D. D. - 33rd Reg.  	
Wright, Daniel D. - 33rd Reg.  	
Wright, Bli G. - Blues Co.  	
Weight, George - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, George C. - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, George P. - 5th Batt.  k  	
Wright, Jack - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, James - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, James - Blues Co.  	
Wright, James W. - 18th Reg. k  	
Wright, John P. - 5th Batt.  	
Wright, Samuel - l5th Reg.  k  	
Wright, Samuel G. - Blues Co.  	
Wright, William - 40th Reg.  	
Wright, William - Blue's Co.  	
Wright, Thomas, M. - 5th Batt.	
Yarborough, D. B. - 52nd Reg.

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