The News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) February 16, 1886; Issue 81; col E.
Rockingham Spirit of the South March 06, 1886; Issue 95; col C
Myrtle Bridges   December 7, 2011

	Rev Mr. Lindsey, who formerly resided and preached in this county, was able to boast that he was born four months 
after his mother had been dead and buried. Here is the explanation: His mother, who resided in Stewartsville township, 
in this county, fell ill and to all appearances died and was buried in Stewartsville cemetery. The night following her
interment, ghouls, for the purpose of securing some jewelry that was buried with the body, uneartherd the remains, when
conciousness returned and she was enabled to return to her home. Arriving at her late residence she rapped at the door
and was answered by her husband who demanded to know who was there. To his great astonishment the answer came, "It is I, 
your wife." He was not quick in opening the door, but finally did so and was overjoyed to meet again in life his beloved 
wife, whom he had mourned as dead. Four months afterwards Rev. Mr. Lindsey was born, and she survived several years. This 
is indeed a strange story, but we are assured that it is literally true.

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