Local Resources: Courthouse Records & Register of Deeds

(2012)The Clerk of Court office is in the new judicial center, New brick building in photo on south-western corner of Franklin 
and Lee St. Cathy Wilson retured as Clerk of Court. Cathy Gainey is the Clerk of Court. Tel. No. 910-419-7400.
North Carolina Center for Health Statistics - birth, death, marriage records. 

When you go in the new building, for Clerk of court, you cannot carry any cell phones, knives, etc. in the building and they have 
you go through the metal detector, empty all your pockets, x-ray your purse, etc.  

Before moving into the new building they shipped a lot of old record books to Archives, I think.  They are not there in the records 
room now.  You can get wills from the late 1700's until recent.  They are in the original books, indexed, in plastic sleeves.  They 
will make copies of wills, $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.  
The Register of Deeds is still in the old Courthouse 114 E. Franklin St.  You can go in there, with no security.  They still have 
deeds, plats, birth, death, and marriage records.  They used to have the military discharge book out where you could look at it.  
Then a law passed in NC, and they moved the military discharge book to the basement, because it has SSN in it, and people could 
steal identities.  A certain amount of records are scanned and online. Linda Douglas Register of Deeds website
If you want the Mapping/Planning dept. it has moved from the basement of the courthouse across the street, on Hancock St. between 
Franklin and Court St.  It is beside the Board of Elections.  You can go in there, and they will help you on finding the location 
of the land. You can also look up parcels of land, streets, etc. on their website. GIS Services  


Private Collection of Isaac Spencer "Ike" London
State Archives General Information

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