1854 March 10. Gentlemen, The Petition of sundry Citizens of the 14th District of Common Schools in the County of Richmond and State of North Carolina respectfully showeth unto you that we are aggrieved by our own present Committeemen for the fact of their moving our common school house from it's present location, when there is no necessity for such movement. First, because we have a comfortable School House situated in the center of the Children that attends the School, with as good a spring of water as there is in the County. Second, because if the School House is moved there are three large families of Children that cannot attend School on account of crossing bad swamps — Your petitioners do therefore pray that you will duly consider the premises and not suffer our School House moved for these and various other reasons that we can and will make known to you. Your Petitioners as in duty bound ever pray. [Signed] Petitioners 14th District

John D. Currie Daniel Currie Stephen Gibson Arthur Waters
James Rachels W. R. Quick W. Covington Nathaniel P. Gibson
Thomas Norton John Gibson Avery Parham Daniel Quick
Noah Quick

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