May MacCallum
The listings on this page were tediously compiled and shared by May MacCallum, Richmond County Historical Society.

Names of the residents of The Richmond County Homes for the Poor and Infirm were not found listed in the County records. 
May spent many hours meticulously searching and copying death certificates that related to the County Homes #1 and #2. 
In order to locate the residents, sometimes called 'Inmates', it was necessary to find 'someone' whose occupation was 
shown as Keeper of the Poor House. The search involved viewing page after page of the Federal Census of Richmond County 
each decade from 1860 - 1940. May's determined labor of love has resulted in a 4-inch thick notebook, (yes, I measured it.) 
stuffed with her wonderful findings. Much of it has been published on this site. 

The people who lived out their golden years in Homes #1 & #2 truly deserve a valid place in Richmond County History, and 
their descendants deserve to know where they rest today.  

The first group of residents on this page were buried on the property of the home in which they lived. Their death certificates were 
found in the Richmond County Courthouse in Rockingham. May 

The second group listed on this page show names and the cemeteries in which they are buried. Their death certificates were located 
either in Richmond County Court House, or Ancestry.Com on line.

Click on individual name to view death certificate, and learn even more. Enjoy, Myrtle Bridges NCGenWeb Coordinator Richmond County
Joe Allen Jos Allen Morris Allred Dora Baldwin Margaret Banks Alexander Barnett Jack Barrington
Dan Bethea Will Blue Christopher Bostick Frank Bostick Jeter Bostick King Bostick Rachel Bostick
Russell Brock William Brock Henrietta Brower Jennie Brown Isaac Carr Elijah Chance Rhoda Chappel
P.C. Clark Maggie Davis Sue Davis Thomas Davis Ed Diggs Geary Dockery Sim Dockery
Spencer Dockery Hattie Drummett Wade Ellerbe Easterling Levi Ellerbe Ida Everett Zulie R. Farmer James O. Farmer
h/o Julie R.
Joe Faulk James Fairley John Fowler Tobe Gay Margaret Gibson Alice Green W.C. Grissom
Jack Haithcock Samuel Hall Fannie Hammond John Herbron Josie Hines Shade Israel Green Jones
Ab Little Annie Kelly Harriet Little Jane Best Little Laura Leak Rachel Leak Robb Livingston
Clara McFayden C.W. Luther Judge McInnis Mahaley McKenzie Mary McDonald Rosena McLaurin Thomas Livingston
Archie McRae James Pemberton John McNeil Mary Little Odesa Monroe Sarah J. Poole William Mock
Coot Rae David Richardson Francis Roary Harlee Roberson Jane Robinson Julius Rush Robert Rose
Harriet Sedberry John W. Scott Jonas Strickland Mary Sanford Sophia Smith Tom Rose Wilson Shepherd
Benjamin Tyson Henry Thompson Jack Stone Junius Turner Leod Stroud Norman Thomas Thomas Ussery
John Tyson Alice Plummer Utsey Willie Valentine Hannah Walker Sam Wall Emaline Wallace John Wesley Walton
Samuel Watts Henry Webb Pas White William White Laura McLean Fletcher Wilson Mary J. Wright
Lula Williams Vacant Vacant Vacant
The following residents lived in one of the Richmond County Homes for the Poor and Infirm. Members of this group were NOT 
buried on County Home property. However, the County Home was sometimes listed as the undertaker, even if buried elsewhere. 
This information was obtained from death certificates located in the Richmond County Courthouse. May MacCallum
Red Simms
Mary Love
Thomas Anthony
East Side
Lillie Arnette
East Side
Josh H. Beane
Hillside (Lrib, NC)
Henry Brown
Eliz. C. Butler
Mt. Beulah (Anson)
David Cameron
Zeb Crouch
Saron Church
Edward Carlan
East Side
Ella E. Covington
Mary Love
Francis Covington
South Side
Jno A. Carpenter
Moses Covington
Silver Grove
Sarus Capel
Alex Dockery
Poplar Springs
J.G. Williams
Johnnie Driggers
Bear Branch
John Ewing
St. Stephens
Mary J. Garrett
T. Garrett
Melton O. Gibson
Green Lake
William Douglas
Green Chapel
Thomas Gibson
Green Lake
Betty Gray
William R. Gray
Eller Lee Guinn
Tabernacle Ch.
Scotland County
Angus A. Hicks
'Let' Hill
Mary D. Hinshaw
Mary Ellen Huff
Walls Chapel
Archie J. Jenkins
Oak Lawn, Charlotte
Mazie Johnson
Mary Love
Susan Long
Guy H. Lewis
Marks Creek
Louisa Little
Snow Hill Cem.
Mary L. Little
Mt. Gilead
Viola D. McDuffie
Lee Thee
Duglie McKay
Saron Church
Neil McKay
City (Rkhm)
John W. McQueen
Virginia G. Meachum
Phillip P. Melton
Hattie Moree
Ann Moss
Forestville, Anson
John K. Pond
N. D. Rivenbark
Zion Church
Tom Russell
Ashley Chapel
J.H. Sasser
Coon Shephard
Zion Church
Wm. R. Simpson
Hamlet Cem.
John K. Sinclair
Oak Ridge Ch.
Ross Smith
St. Stephens
Bob Stanback
Snow Hill
Aleck Stankwytch
John E. Steel
Littles Mills (Mt. Gilead, Montgomery)
Lizzie Stein
Pleasant Hill Ch.
Eddie Teal
Lilesville Cem. Anson
John Thompson
Johnsie Wall
Silver Grove
Lewis Wall
Silver Grove
Pecolia Wall
Poplar Springs
Louisa Wall
Letha Church
(Lee Thee?)
Richard Wilson
Mary Love
John Williamson
B.H. Baldwin
Montgomery Co.
James Worth
Walls Chapel
Lillie Paul
John J. Wilkerson
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant

No known death certificates exist before 1913. On March 10, 1913 the General Assembly ratified an "Act to Provide for the 
Registration of all Births and Deaths in the State of North Carolina." Compliance with this law was less than complete at 
first. Most deaths and births still took place at home - isolation, carelessness, and the habits of generations inhibited 
enforcement. North Carolina Research - Genealogy & Local History, 2nd Edit., Helen F.M. Leary, C.G., F.A.S.G. Editor

Very little is known about the residents below. Everyone deserves to be validated and remembered. If your research reveals 
information about any of these folks, please consider sharing it with others. I would be delighted to add it to this site. 
Thanks! Myrtle Bridges, NCGenWeb Coordinator for Richmond County

The 1860 United States Federal Census for Richmond County, Wolf Pit District shows in Dwelling #557, 
John Taylor 33, Keeper of the Poor House; Mary Jane Taylor, wife, 21; Christopher C. Taylor 2 years;
and Mary Nicholson 65, Pauper. John is s/o Morgan & Jane 'Ginsey' Hunt Taylor - See Descendants Morgan Taylor

Dwelling #558:
Charlotte Covington 65, Intellectually disabled. May be w/o Samuel Covington, Pauper, who d. bet. 1850-1860
Charlotte Everette 48, Idiot (Intellectually disabled)
Esther Covington 65, Idiot
Sarah Loyd 75, Pauper

Dwelling #559:
Milla Sneed 85, Pauper
Nancy Yates, Sr., 75, Pauper
Nancy Yates, Jr., 46, Insane from Affliction
Nancy Barber 85, Pauper

Dwelling #560:
Martha B. Sneed 55, Pauper
Jemimah Sneed 23, Pauper
Daniel J. Sneed 20, Pauper
Solomon Sneed 21, Insane
Patsy A. Sneed 16, Insane

Dwelling #561:
Daniel Lampley 38, Born Blind
Elizer Wiggin 26, b. SC, Pauper
John Wiggin 5, b. NC, Insane

Dwelling #562:
Hugh G. McColl 57, Insanity Hereditary
Ellis Viner 30, Idiot 

The 1870 United States Federal Census for Richmond County, Rockingham Township shows in Dwelling #60, Joseph Smith 
58, Keeper of the Poor House; Nancy Smith 54; Mary Smith 17; and Nancy Smith 12 

Dwelling #61: 
Nancy Yates 42, Pauper (w)
Mary Burns 42, Pauper (w)
Milly Steele 70, Pauper (b)
Polly Taylor 100, Pauper (w)

Dwelling #62: 
Sarah Loyd 85, Pauper (w) 
Sarah Leak 41, Pauper (w) 

The 1880 United States Federal Census for Richmond County, Rockingham Township shows in Dwelling #66, Alamander Taylor 
51, Keeper for House; Marthey 48, wife; Mary Taylor 50, sister; Noah Taylor 15, (b) servant. 
Alamander is s/o Morgan & Jane 'Ginsey' Hunt Taylor - See Descendants Morgan Taylor

Dwelling #67: 
Easter Covington 88, (w) at Poor House 
Christian McIntire 77, (w) at Poor House 
Susan Powell 75, (w) at Poor House 
Sarah Dawkins 20, at Poor House 
Nancy Yates 57, at Poor House 
Hannah Poolin 35 (b), at Poor House 
Holden Batton 71, (w), at Poor House 
Thos. Johnson 60, (w) at Poor House 
Ellis Wall 83 (b), at Poor House 
Littleton Ingram 75 (b), at Poor House 
Alax Jones 26, (b) at Poor House 
Thos. McGurt 18, (w) at Poor House

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