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From John Meacham (Junior) to Stephen Pankey (Junior?)
Dated: December 24, 1808
Registered:January Session 1809   
Richmond County, North Carolina
Consideration: $350.00
Description:  140 2/3 acres, a part of a tract of Land of 600 acres granted to Luke Robinson by 
Letters Pattent dated the 22d January 1773 between Mountain Creek & Buffellow Creek
Witnesses: Eli Terry and William Meacham
Deed Book H, Page 54

From Auzy Pankey to John Meacham (Junior)
Dated: October 27, 1825
Recorded:  April Term 1830
Richmond County, North Carolina
Consideration: $200.00
Description: 100 acres on the West side of the North Fork of Mountain Creek which was granted to 
Joshua Collins (no date)
Witnesses:  James Meacham and S. T. M … (illegible) looks like Madocks or Malocks.)
April Term 1830, Richmond County, North Carolina, proven by James Meacham.
 Deed Book N, page 250

From Auzy Pankey to John Meacham
Dated: November 20, 1825
Consideration: $10.00
Description: Beginning at a stake in Auzy Pankey's corner at the middle of a six hundred and fifty 
acres survey granted to Luke Robinson, thence South with Pankey's line to his corner, thence South 
to a pine on James Meacham's line, containing five acres.
Witnesses: James Meacham and Peter Tarver 
Proven by oath of James Meacham at April Term 1830, Richmond County, North Carolina.
Deed Book N, Page 242

From John Meacham (Junior) to Auzy Pankey
Dated: October 16, 1837
Consideration: $250.00
Description: between the waters of Buffalow & Mountain Creek .. South side of Briery Branch on said 
Pankey's line and with said branch up the various courses of said branch on the North side of it to 
a place near its head where the course if continued would again cross it and thence to a pine close 
to the Rockingham Road in the old Luke Robinson line … to Stringfellow's Road … now John Morison's 
corner …. Where Mark Brooks opened a Rocky Spring near the Bare Mountain … joining said Pankey's line
 … on the old Stringfellow Mill Road and Pankey's other corner … to Pankey's line in the Luke Robinson 
survey … by Pankey's other line to said Briery Branch, containing 200 acres.  
Witnesses: Owen McKimson and T. Garret
Proven January Term 1838 by oath of Thomas Garret, a subscribing witness and ordered registered.
Deed Book P, page 160

From James Meacham (Senior)  to Auzy Pankey
Dated: December 19, 1842
Recorded: April Term 1843
Richmond County, North Carolina
Consideration: $144.00
Description:  on the waters of Big Mountain Creek and adjoining the lands of the said Meacham Senior 
and Pankey and others, containing 102 acres.
Witnesses: G. H. Sadberry and T. Garrett
Deed Book R, page 231

From: Hezekiah Micham to Auzy Pankey
Dated: November 7, 1844
[Body of deed recites "Andrew Meacham" as grantor.]
Recorded: July Term 1845, proven in open court by oath of William Bennette, a subscribing witness, 
Richmond County, North Carolina.
Consideration: $150.00
Description: a part of the land granted to John Poston on the 22 day of January 1773 and a part of 
the lands belonging to George Slaughter, deceased, and (illegible) to his daughter, Masa Slaughter 
… Tyson's corner … Elizabeth Covington's corner … being the dividing corner between Andrew Meacham 
and Hezekiah Meacham … containing one hundred and one acres.  (Signed: Andrew Meacham).
Witnesses: Murdock C. Pankey and William Bennette.
Hezekiah Meacham relinquished his right and title to the above described land unto Auzy Pankey, 
November 7, 1844.
Deed Book S, Page 120 

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