August 12, 1863 Issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges March 01, 2003

The following list contains the names of donors to this Fund, with the amounts of their respective 
donations up to this date. All who have contributed fifty dollars or more are Trustees of the Fund, and 
they and all others hereafter contributing like amounts, are respectfully requested to meet in Raleigh, 
NC., on Thursday, 20th day of August, 1863, for the transaction of important business. Those who cannot 
be present in person may be represented by proxy:

[Richmond County names selected from complete list] John P. Little, $1000; Col. Walter L. Steele, $1000; 
Col. O. H. Dockery, $500; Capt. B. F. Little, $500; Homer LeGrand, $500; James R. McLauren, $500; Dr. J. Malloy, 
$500; R. J. Steele, Sr., $500; Pressley N. Stanback, $500; William P. Stanback, $500; Mrs. Elizabeth Stanback, 
$250; Mrs. Frances S. Covington, $100; Thomas A. Covington, $100; Mrs. Mary A. Roper, $100; Dr. C. Covington, 
$50; M. C. Ellerbe, $50; L. W. McLaurin, $50;  D. N. Middleton, $50; James D. Pemberton, $50; Lieut. J. W. Roper, 
$50;  School of Prof. Gage, $50; Gen. Alfred Dockery, $40; G. H. Graham, $25; Elias Gillis, $25; S. W. Covington, 
$20; Isham A. Dumas, $20; Mrs. Octavia Stanback, $15; Peter McRae, $10; Dr. D. N. Patterson, $10;  J. H. Parker, $5;

In this list there may be mistakes in names, assignments or amounts, made in the original taking or in copying 
from subscription papers or from the books. It is, however, believed to be accurate. If the slightest error be 
detected please make the correction in a letter to our Financial Agent, Rev. Dr. Deems, Wilson, N.C. Parties 
who have subscribed but whose bonds or cash have not yet come to hand, will find their names in a subsequent 
acknowledgement, as the agent is directed to make periodical acknowledgements through the papers. Among these 
is a very handsome donation of several thousands of dollars from gentlemen in Richmond County, which will be 
stated as soon as the merchandise they contributed is sold. These gentlemen, namely; Hon. Walter S. Leake, 
Col. Leak, Dr. Steele, Rev. Mr. Ledbetter and J. Shortridge, Esq., are already acknowledged as Trustees. 
Occasionally the papers have stated a certain amount as collected in a certain locality, and the sum of the 
acknowledgement from that county does not equal the reported statement, for the reason that gentlemen from 
other counties were present and their donations were included in the general statement, whereas, in this 
report they are assigned to their several counties. It will be seen that comparatively few of the counties 
are yet represented. Laborious as have been the operations of the Agent, the time has not allowed him to go 
over the whole State, but it is proposed that every county (not in the enemy's hands) shall be visited, that 
every citizen may have an opportunity to contribute to this noblest of all patriotic charities ever submitted 
to the people of North Carolina, S.S. Satchwell, Provisional Chairman. August 1, 1863. The newspapers of North 
Carolina will favor the cause to our soldiers by copying; and are respectfully requested to do so.

September 07, 1864
ORPHANS FUND SUCCESSFUL IN MOORE AND MONTGOMERY-We learn from Dr. Deems, who has just returned from Moore 
and Montgomery Counties, that he was very successful in those counties in his efforts for the Orphan Fund. 
The people of Moore subscribed $22,000 and Montgomery $10,000 to the fund. These counties have responded 
nobly to the appeal which Dr. D. is making for the orphan children of our soldiers. Acts speak louder than 
words. These counties have shown their regard for the children of the soldiers, and have thus manifested, 
in a substantial way, their attachment for and interest in the Southern cause.

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