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"As you go from Laurinburg to Aberdeen, it is on the left off the Highway about a half mile (guess) in an area that used to be called Elmore. It used to be in an Oak grove. This was evidently a larger cemetery than the listings would indicate, as many sunken places, indicating old graves, could be found. This is now Scotland, but was Richmond when these people lived and died." Catherine McNeill     Posted March 24, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

In Memory of 
Rachel McNair
died Oct. 2, 1825
Age about (this is either 75 or 25. Since it is an estimate, I would guess 75)

Catherine McNair 
died Nov. 30,1882
Age about 90 yrs.

Sacred to the Memory of
Elizabeth McNair
Dau. of James and Mary McNair
and relict of Archd. McNair
died April 5,  1872
age 73 yrs, 6mos. 24 das.
A native of Killean, Kintyre,
Argyllshire, Scotland.

(three sunken places near the above)

Erected to Mem. of
Gilbert McNair
who died in March, 1819
aged 78 years.

In Memory of Catharine  Consort of Daniel(?) McNair
and dau. of John and Catherine McMillan
died Nov 15, 1817, age 35

Gilbert,son of Dan.and Catherine McNair
Jan 14, 1810 (one date only. Infant?)

Father's Grave
Mathew W. McNair   (the W. is for Watson)
died Dec. 12, 1873
age 68 yrs.

Mother's Grave
Martha Ann, wife of M.W. McNair
died April 13,1881,aged 65 yrs.

Brother's Grave
Wm. J. McNair
son of M.W. and M.A. McNair
died Jan.9, 1857
aged 17 yrs, 11 mos, 11 da.

Son of Jeptha and J.M. Peele
b.and d. Feb 23, 1879.

In Mem. Father
J.C. Smith
b.Oct 29, 1805
d.Dec. 19, 1876

These are all I was able to locate. As I said, there are many "sinks" indicating no marker or 
lost marker (as in wooden ones)

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