Old McDonald Cemetery
Located On Graham Bridge Rd., Rockingham, Richmond Co., N.C

Posted March 26, 2002 after I learned that these two people were shown incorrectly in the McDonald Church Cemetery. If you know of others buried in this cemetery please share their dates with us. Thanks. Myrtle Bridges

McDonald Daniel [Oliver]	4-4-1823	1-19-1892	h/o Margaret A. Long
McDonald Margaret Ann Long 	1-15-1843	5-18-1917	w/o Daniel McDonald
McDonald Mary Polly Oliver  1806   Jan-29-1883
McDonald James Benjamin  Jan/2/1877   May/24/1946 
McLean Abbie L.   April/12/1880   Feb/23/1912   1st wife of Hugh Gilbert McLean. "My father's 
2nd wife was Josie O'Brien. She was my mother." R. Carol McLean.
McDonald Daniel F.   May/18/1874   Feb 10/1904 
McInnis Susan P. Wife Of Alex McInnis   May/7/1841   Jan/5/1905     
McInnis Alex  1843  Feb/5/1922 
McDonald Daniel C.   Son of W.S. & E.M. McDonald  Dec/9/1950 
McDonald W. Scott   June/20/1882    Sept/18/1967  
McDonald Brevie E. Wife of W. Scott McDonald  June/9/1889  March/28/1935  
McDonald William A.    Mar/1/1867   Feb26/1940
McDonald Nancy B.  Wife of William A. McDonald   Jan/25/1878  Oct/6/1961 
McDonald George W.  Feb/18/1912   Dec/20/1981  
Marion McDonald Died 2001 
McDonald Edward Lee  U.S. Army   Sept/18/1923   April/11/1981 
McDonald Margaret Mae   March/22/1924   March 24/1942   
McDonald James S  P.F.C U.S  Army World War II    Aug/19/1913   April/2/1967   
Bruton Ada B Capel Wife of D.C. Bruton  Oct/15/1882   Sept/1/1956  
Bruton David C.   Jan/30/1888   May 23/1961  
Cribb Mary Elizabeth   Aug/13/1922   Jan/23/1993

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