Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

The O.H. Dockery (Oliver Hart Dockery) Cemetery is also in Mangum, in Steeles township, in the far north-west area of the county. It is not far from the Mangum Community Center, but on private property, and not accessible to the public. Sandra Elliott   5-10-2012 The additional listings and remarks shown in RED are from the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina, 1937-1938 by Mrs. Myrtle Porter Hamer. November 26, 2014 Contact: Myrtle Bridges

Covington John H.	11/12/1858	10/1/1874	 
Dockery	Infant	No Date	No Date	Dau. of Olivert H. & M. Jane Dockery.
Dockery	Infant	9/2/1858	8/4/1859	 
Dockery	Allie Dumas	7/2/1843	4/2/67	w/o Oliver H. Dockery.
Dockery	Alfred Victor	1851	1935	 
Dockery	Claudius	1867	1941	 
Dockery	Fannie Steele (Settle) 	11/10/1836	3/8/1894	3rd w/o Oliver Hart Dockery
Dockery	Franklin Wall	3/8/1863	5/14/1863	s/o Oliver H. & Sallie J.D Dumas Dockery.
Dockery	Lillie	9/2/1858	8/4/1859	 
Dockery	Martha Jane	11/30/1830	5/14/1863	1st w/o Oliver Hart Dockery
Dockery	Maud Mae Rider	1873	1951	w/o Claudius Dockery.
Dockery	Col. Oliver Hart	8/12/1828	3/21/1906	 
Dockery	Robert	10/5/1893	4/26/04	s/o Wm. Stanback & J.S. Dockery.
Dockery	Sallie Dumas	7/2/1843	4/7/1867	w/o Col. Oliver Hart Dockery.
Dockery	William Stanback	4/8/1856	3/8/1894

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