Norton Kills Campbell
Richmond Superior Court - Letter to the Editors of the Observer, dated Rockingham, N.C. Sept. 26, 1863. 
The Superior Court has just closed its Fall Term, Judge Osborne presiding. There was not a very large 
Docket and the business was nearly all disposed of. On Thursday, Daniel Norton was put upon his trial 
for the murder of Angus Campbell on the 23 of January 1862. The killing took place in the county of 
Richmond some 17 miles south of Rockingham. The parties were intoxicated. The prosecution was conducted
on the part of the State with great zeal and ability by Solicitor Buxton and Colonel Robert Strange, and 
on the part of the defence by Colonel J. W. Cameron, who fully sustained the high reputation he has acquired 
in this part of the State for being a good criminal lawyer. His honor summed up the testimony and in a very 
clear and learned charge delivered the case to the Jury, who after an absence of an hour returned a verdict 
of "Guilty of the felony and murder whereof he was charged."

On yesterday the prisoner was brought in to court to receive the sentence of the law. Just as the Court was 
about to pass sentence the prisoner's counsel moved for a rule on the State to show cause why the verdict of 
the Jury should not be set aside and a new trial granted. His honor refused the motion and proceeded to pass
sentence after first urging on the prisoner in a very eloquent and impressive exhertation the great necessity 
of spending the short time allowed him to prepare for the awful doom that awaits him. He was sentenced to be
hung on the 30th October proxime, whereupon the prisoner's counsel craved and obtained an appeal to the Supreme 

I need not tell you the Judge Osborne in and out of court wins the esteem and respect of all who make his 
acquaintance for his urbanity and kindness of manner. He is emphatically a good Judge and a good man.

Noah, a slave, the property of a Mr. Davis of Moore County, is under sentence of death to be hung on Friday next
at Carthage. He was tried and condemned at the recent Term of the Superior Court held for that county by Judge
French. His crime was rape committed on a white woman. Fayetteville Observer, October 05, 1863 Issue

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