Contributed by Alan Stubbs
Located on the East side of the Elmore Road between Elmore & Springfield near Laurinburg, NC 
about 50 yards in the woods. These are the graves where permanent markers can be found. As a young boy 
I remember other temporary markers being there but no one seems to know for sure if there were any more 
graves.  If you have any information on any of these families please email Alan Stubbs

Posted December 17, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges
Tombstone					Other Information		
Infant Son of 					Infant son of George Strong & Hattie A.
George & Hattie Hargrave			Gibson Hargrave
D. 1887

Hattie A. Hargrove				Spelling should be Hargrave
Consort of George S. Hargrove		1st wife of George S. Hargrave
Apr. 8, 1866
Dec. 11, 1887

Infant Daughter of H.P. & H.J. Gibson	Daughter of Harrison Patterson & Hettie James
b. Oct. 25, 1895				Hargrave Gibson
D. Oct. 27, 1895

Harriet A. 	
Wife of N. T. Gibson			            Harriet A. McNair Gibson
B. March 1829				Wife of Nathan Talley Gibson
D. Apr. 8, 1899

Jesse Hargrave				Col. Jesse Hargrave of CSA
B. Mar. 1, 1838
D. Jan. 15, 1905

Nettie Prince Hargrave			Daughter of John Lindsey Hargrave Jr. & Martha
Dau. Of J. L. & M. M. Hargrave		Ellen Matherson Hargrave
B. Oct. 1, 1907
D. Nov. 2, 1910

Sarah McCall					She was a nurse that worked for the family
D. May 1915
Age about 76 yrs.

N. T. Gibson	
Masonic Emblem				Nathan Talley Gibson of CSA
B. Jul. 9, 1835				Husband of Harriet A. McNair Gibson
D. Jan. 8, 1923

Evalena Gibson				Daughter of Nathan Talley & Harriet A. McNair 
B. Jul. 13, 1873				Gibson
D. Mar. 4, 1941				Never married

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