Last Will & Testament of Nathaniel Gibson - 1846
Submitted by Dianne Duncan

State of North Carolina
Richmond county.				December the 8th day A. D. 1846.

In the name of God, Amen.  I Nathaniel Gibson, Senior of the State and county aforesaid, being of sound mind 
and perfect memory (thanks be to God) do this day publish and make this my last will & testament in manner and 
from as follows: Vis:
First, I will and bequeath unto my son Eli Gibson all the land attached to my home plantation containing three 
hundred and fifty acres more or less.  I also will & bequeath unto my daughter Ann, one Negro girl by the name 
of Charlotte, and order that my son Eli pay to my daughter Ann, four hundred dollars in money.  I also will & 
bequeath to my daughter Ann, two cows and calves one feather bed and furniture.  And I further order and request 
that all the rest of my property not mentioned above both real and personal of every description that I may die 
seized and possessed with, be equally divided among my heirs, namely, one child's part to be equally divided 
between Nathan and his two sons James & John, Thomas John Ziba, Rachael, James, Noah, William, Elizabeth, Nelson, 
Eli and Ann.  I will and bequest also to my son Eli one bedsted and furniture, two cows & calves, and I constitute 
and appoint my son Thomas Gibson and my son-in-law Raiford Fletcher Executers to this my last will & testament.  
In witness whereof I the said Nathaniel Gibson Senior do hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year written 
(Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of)
Attest		Ziba Gibson					Nathaniel Gibson (Seal)
		Nelson Gibson
North Carolina, Richmond County-I, D. Stewart, C,S.C. do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of 
the last will and Testament of Nathaniel Gibson deceased, together with the proofs and probate thereof from 
the original in my office and as the same is recorded
							D. Stewart C.S.C.
							F. Sandford D.C.S.C.
(Transcription of Probate of Nathaniel Gibson's will in 1875)
State of North Carolina
County of Richmond			In Probate Court
Eli Gibson Being by me duly sworn says
1.	That Nathaniel Gibson died in the county of Richmond in the year 1848 having first made and published his  
Last Will and Testament in which Thomas Gibson and Raiford Fletcher were named as Executors.
2.	That the Executors therein named died before the same was admitted to probate and the said Will has not been 
3.	That the affiant is a devisee named in said Will and the only devisee.
4.	That the said Nathaniel Gibson left property real and personal, consisting of land, stock, slaves, farming 
utensils and other articles.
5.	That the persons entitled under said Will are John M. Gibson, James N. Gibson, Nelson M. Gibson, Eli Gibson, 
William Gibson, Anna Fletcher, John K. Fletcher, R.F. Gibson and wife Elisabeth, William W. Gibson and wife 
Nancy, Pressley Mangum and wife Rachal, Archibald F. Fletcher, Raiford  J.W. Fletcher, Frank B. Gibson, Henry D. 
Gibson, William  F. Gibson, David D. Gibson, Joel Gibson, Edmond Gibson, Robert C. Easterling and wife Anna G., 
Sarah J. Gibson, Mary Gibson, Raiford Gibson, Nathan Gibson, Milton Gibson, Charles Gibson, Lawrence Gibson, 
W.G. Gibson, Stafford F. Gibson, Thomas G. Gibson, Nathaniel Gibson, Mordecai K. Gibson, Simson Smith and wife 
Rachael, Nancy Gibson, Elisa Gibson, William Bethea and wife Victoria, William Mangum and wife Nancy A., Joshua 
Gibson, Dargan Gibson, and Agnes Gibson - and of these, Edmond Gibson, Sarah J. Gibson, Mary Gibson, Milton 
Gibson, Charles Gibson, Lawrence Gibson, Elisa Gibson, Joshua Gibson, Dargan Gibson, are minors and have no 
The following reside in the County of Marlborough in the State of South Carolina, Vis: James M. Gibson, Nelson 
M. Gibson, Anna Fletcher, John K. Fletcher, Archibald Fletcher, Raiford Fletcher, Rachal Mangum, Anna Easterling, 
Raiford Gibson and Victoria Bethea, and the others in Richmond County in this State
								Eli Gibson
Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 29th day of October, A. D. 1875.
D. Stewart. C.S.C.
Joel Bullard and Christopher C. Gibson being by me duly sworn, say that Ziba Gibson, one of subscribing witnesses 
to the Last Will & Testament is dead, that they are well acquainted with his handwriting, having often seen him 
write, and they believe the signature of the said Ziba Gibson is in his own proper handwriting.
								Joel Bullard
								C. C. Gibson
Sworn to and subscribed before me on his the 29th day of Oct. A. D. 1875
								D. Steward C.S.C.
Malcolm D. McNeill being by me duly sworn says, that his is well acquainted with the handwriting of Nathaniel 
Gibson having often seen him write, and believes the signature to said paper writing to be in the handwriting 
of the said Nathaniel Gibson.
								M.D. McNeill
Sworn to and subscribed before me on this the 29th day of Oct. A. D. 1875

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