Morrison Cemetery
Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram

"This old cemetery is behind the Pate Lovin home on the road that passes the Spring Church. Many of the marble markers are so old they are illegible. Many are broken and lying flat. Elisha Champ Terry's and wife's Emily's markers are to be found there. Their sons, Gaston (1874-1943) and Eli (1892-1973) are also distinguishable. There are McPherson, Pate, Morrison, and Dockery markers. The old cemetery is badly grown up. On one small marker was written "Not lost but gone before."Source: Hamlet newspaper dated March 15, 1979 contributed by Lee Hill    Myrtle Bridges

If you have specific directions to this cemetery please share with us. Thanks, Myrtle

Davis Infant	11/20/1875	11/20/1875	s/o Lewis & J. H. Davis
Davis Infant	7/29/1891	7/29/1891	s/o Lewis & J. H. Davis
Davis Blanche	6/11/02	2/25/03	 
Davis T.F.	7/13/1865	1/19/06	 
Gillis Archibald	No Date	5/10/1820	 
Huckeby	Alexander	2/1/1834	7/2/1870	 
Huckeby	John	6/6/1837	1/8/1838	 
McPherson Bell & Duncan 	No Dates	No Dates	 
McPherson Flora & Margaret 	No Dates	No Dates	 
Morrison Archibald	12/22/1824	11/22/1848	s/o Malcom Morrison
Morrison Archie 	11/27/1850	1/27/27	 
Morrison Catherine	1820	9/21/1898	w/o Malcom C. Morrison
Morrison Evan	6/6/1897	10/8/1898	s/o Archie & Sarah A. Morrison
Morrison Malcom C.	12/24/1795	12/13/1851	 
Morrison Mary	No Date 	7/1/1837	1st w/o Malcom C. Morrison
Morrison Minnie E.	6/22/1895	6/1/1896	d/o Archie & Sarah A. Morrison
Morrison Sarah A.	4/8/1865	5/11/23	w/o Archie Morrison
Morrison William R. 	8/31/1891	9/3/1892	s/o Archie & Sarah A. Morrison
Pate Elijah S.	5/25/1791	7/24/1880	 
Pate John A.	9/3/1871	11/29/1876	s/o S.W.& M.J.Pate
Pate Mary Ann	10/24/1867	11/27/1876	d/o S.W.& M.J.Pate
Pate Polly	5/11/1807	10/14/1860	w/o Elijah S. Pate
Terry Elisha C. 	6/16/1843	6/17/14	 
Terry Emily 	No Dates	 
Terry Gaston	9/21/1874	5/14/43	 
Terry Henry Wade	7/5/13	2/3/16	s/o Winston & Maggie Terry
Terry Mary Alma 	9/27/11 	8/9/13	d/o Winston & Maggie Terry
Terry Winston	1/6/1872	4/10/32	 
Wright Martha Jane	7/10/1867	12/2/1876	d/o M. E. Wright

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