January 18, 1860 Issue of the WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, North Carolina)
   Transcribed and Posted by Myrtle Bridges March 29, 2003

In obedience to public notice, a portion of the citizens of Moore county assembled in the Court House 
at Carthage on the 9th inst., when, on motion, Dr. John D. Shaw was called to the chair, and m. D. McNeill 
and Alex. Barrett were requested to act as secretaries. The chairman explained the object of the meeting to 
be to send delegates to the State and District conventions. It was them moved by Col. John Morrison that a 
committee be appointed by the chair to report resolutions for the consideration of the meeting. The following 
persons were named as said committee, viz:
	Col. John Morrison, John J. McIntosh, Neil R. Currie, John McNeil, W. T. Jenkins, and Samuel Barrett.
	Retiring for a short time, they returned and reported through their chairman, Col. Morrison, the 
following preamble and resolutions:
	Whereas, The times for the State and District conventions of the Democratic party are approaching, 
the Democracy of Moore, feeling a deep interest in the success of their principles, have determined to 
express their opinions and represent their interest on those occasions by appointing a number of delegates 
to attend each; therefore, 
Resolved, That the chairman of this meeting appoint fifty delegates to the State convention, and 
that the same be requested to attend the District convention to be held either in Raleigh or some point 
in the district hereafter to be agreed on.
Resolved, That we have unabated confidence in the wisdom, ability, and integrity of James Buchanan; 
that his eminently conservative course in upholding the constitution entitles him to the confidence of all 
lovers of the Union, and that he is our first choice for the Charleston nomination.
Resolved, That the course of Gov. Ellis is such as commands the respect and confidence of the people, 
and that we urge his re-election to the office of Chief Magistrate of the State.
Resolved, That we view with the deepest abhorrence the outbreak at Harper's Ferry; and while we would, 
in common with our sister States, join in defense of our wives, and children, and property against such an 
invasion as was recently made upon the sacred zeal of Virginia, yet we regard that demonstration as but 
the manifestation of a party purely sectional and limited in extent, and whose principles are not yet 
engrafted into the minds of the masses of the North.
Resolved, That our attachment to the Union is as stable and unswerving as ever; that each futile 
attempt to shake the foundation of government leaves it in a more solid and permanent form, and that all 
that is necessary to support the fair fabric of the constitution is for the conservative men, every where, 
to rally around her arches to uphold them against the storms of fanaticism and sectional hostility from 
whatever quarter they may come.
Resolved, That we are not for compromising the rights of either the South or the North, but that 
we are for a faithful adherence to, and a strict construction of the constitution of the United States.
Resolved, That the nationality of the Democratic party is co-extensive with the union; that the 
federal constitution has in that party a faithful exponent in every confederate State, and that it is 
the duty of all who desire security and cherish harmony and good feeling throughout the land, to rally 
to the support of the nominee of the Charleston convention.
In presenting the resolutions, Col. Morrison, in his usual eloquent and effective manner, addressed the 
meeting in support of the resolutions. He had observed the workings of the government for the last thirty 
years. He dwelt with peculiar interest on the history of parties-alluded to the fierceness with which 
President Jackson was assailed, and now the unanimity of praise bestowed upon him-eulogized the firmness 
with which the constitutional men of the North have withstood the blasts of fanaticism, and ended by 
exhorting all to adhere to the constitution.
When he concluded, the resolutions were adopted with unanimous applause.
In conformity with the first resolution, the chairman appointed the following delegates, viz: R. W. Goldston, 
Matthew G. Campbell, Wyat Williamson, Robert Melton, N. R. Brady, William Brewer, L. B. Munroe, Kenneth Mathison, 
John M. Fry, Allen Morrison, Jno. Munroe, Wm. M. Black, Amos Jessup, John W. Warner, Col. Jno. Morrison, 
John J. McIntosh, Samuel Barrett, Dr. H. Turner, Wm. P. Martin, Iver D. Patterson, S. C. Barrett, W. T. Jenkins, 
C. Dowd, Archibald Ray, Daniel C. Clark, John McNeill, Dr. William Arnold, Neill McKeithan, J. McF. Baker, 
Archibald McCallum, A. H. McNeill, William M. Person, George Foushee, A. C. Currie, W. D. Harrington, 
A. R. Wadsworth, N. K. McNeill, Thos. D. Williams, Dr. J. McIntosh, A. A. F. Seawell, Dr. James Shepperd, 
A. A. Harrington, Alex. Wadsworth, Dr. J. M. Campbell, J. R. Sloan, Maj. Alfred Oliver, J. J. Gilmore, 
Thomas Shaw Jas. Riddle, N. R. Bryan,  A. M. Branson, Col. J. C. Davis and D. M. Kennedy.
	It was moved by Col. Morrison that the chairman and secretaries be added to the list.
	On motion of Wm. T. Jenkins, the proceedings were ordered to be published in the N. C. Standard and North 
Carolinian, to which S. C. Barrett added the Western Sentinel.
The meeting then, on motion of Samuel Barrett, adjourned. (signed) John Shaw, Chairman, M. D. McNeill and 
Alex. Barrett, Secretaries.

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