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Generation No. 1

Moore Co., N.C., and died February 02, 1864 in Newport Barracks, N.C. (Killed in Battle).

Notes for NOAH F. MUSE:
Noah F. Muse, born in 1834 to Jesse F. and Nancy Muse
                        age 16 years and attending school in November, 1850

     "These families lived around Calvary Church and between
that and Buffalo Creek, northwest of Carthage. " 
Source:   "Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore County ",
               November 13, 1850, Moore County Census, page 271, #1106
               by Rassie E. Wicker

Noah F. Muse, 1st Lieutenant - Military Service Record: Born in Chatham County and appointed 3rd Lieutenant to rank from August 3, 1862. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant September 18, 1862 and to 1st Lieutenant October 16, 1862. Killed in action at Newport Barracks, N.C., February 2, 1864. (Company E, 63rd Regiment North Carolina Troops, 5th Regiment North Carolina Cavalry) Source: "North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, A Roster, Vol II Cavalry " compiled by Louis H. Manarin Publication of the North Carolina Department of Archives and History
Noah F. Muse - Military Service Record Residence: Chatham County (?) Enlisted as a Private on 03 August 1862 Enlisted in Company E, 5th Cavalry Regiment North Carolina on 03 August 1862. Promoted to Full Lieutenant 2nd Class on 18 September 1862 Promoted to Full Lieutenant 1st Class on 18 October 1862 Killed Company E, 5th Cavalry Regiment North Carolina on 02 February 1864 in Newport Barracks, NC
I have acquired a Copy of a Letter written by Noah F. Muse to his friend Artemus S. Caddell who was serving in Company H, 26th Infantry Regiment North Carolina (Moore Independents). The cover is addressed to A. S. Caddell Esq., Carolina City In Care of Capt. W. P. Martin 26th Regiment, postmarked Oct 8 Carthage N.C., Paid 5 : Artemus S. Caddell from Carthage survived the War as did his brother Cornelius Dowd Caddell, who also served in Co. H, 26th Infantry Regiment NC. (Captain William Pinckney Martin, residence Moore County, enlisted as a Captain on 13 May 1861 at the age of 43. Commission in Company H, 26th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 03 June 1861. Killed Company H, 26th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 14 March 1862 in New Berne, NC. After Capt. Martin was killed, 1st Lieutenant Clement Dowd from Moore County was promoted to Captain)
N.C., Moore County Oct 6th day / 61 Old Friend, I take my pen in hand to drop you a few lines I am well and all is well and all the neighbors is all well. Tim I have nothing to write that will amuse you _____(?). Times is hard up here in Moore County such times I never experienced in my born days people is hardly like they use they was. Tim I have wished 100 times I had a went with you I know if you enjoy yourself any you see as much or more pleasure than people does up her people is stird up so Bomable and they are Just a getting _____(?) well, Tim I, S--------R well there is no use in Swearing now but I don't know what to do-------- I don,t know whither to Volunteer or to --------- try to make a farm the ensuing year I think I know which would be the best for our future welfare would be to go and fight the Yankees I have rented out my Stutts place to A. W. Maness again I've only got the _____(?) place to work in _____(?) though I would tend a part of that and put me up a still but times is so ----- troublesome I am a feard to go in to anything that takes money Tim I would be more than glad to see you I could tell you some monstrous ups & downs certain I staid at your fathers house last night me and Dr. Aaron, talked over old times they are well, Captin Scott he be bad off to go a. oppossum hunting. Well AS I got a letter on the 4 from you I was so glad to here from you I get to standing on the past untill sometimes I am (a) good notion to start for you I would like be with you ASC very well if I could fix my arrangements to my notion Tim I cant fix my Mules of any where as I would like without giving them away Riley's got more than he wants to keep so has Pa Commodore is gone Ashley is going to school though I think we will have to go to fighting some where from what I can heare of the war news Tim, it is true I don,t much want to leave Rite off now but I expect I will have to go soon some where Me and C. D. Caddell was talkn that if we had to go we wanted to go in your Company if there was any chance to get in. AS I want you to write me about the chance if we do have to go, Tim, I want you to write News---- if the Malitia is called out Mr. T. W. Ritter is Captain in Dist. No. 9 now I had just as leave go with somebody------- AS don,t neglect writing all about what the chance will be for if time gets mich worse I tell you we will be off _____(?) Well Tim now for the galls they all want to marry ___(?)the worst(?) they will take anybody in the shape of a man they are marrying rite peart now Miss Mary An McItosh took a man Thursday night one _____(?) Malcom Morrisson usses(?) girls is all well & looks as pretty as ever. I charge among them a few Shure A.S I want to know whats become of W.H.H. Ive wrote 3 or 4 times & can heare nothing of him if he is there ask him if he remembers that big S____in(?), Esq. Benselam, I,ll bet if he an't too sick he Laughs tell him I saw his bird & talked with her some well I S-------R I cant go about that old meating house without I feel like I am lost and a heap other ways & feel sorter damp about the eyes. Write soon be shure to write as soon as this gets to hand write a long letter & I will write you a letter so long as you can remember Your mose Truly, Noah F. Muse (Beautiful Signature) (Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitals are exactly as they appear in the letter. The words I have not figured out yet have an under-line with question mark. S------R, I think stands for SWEAR. "AS " is Artemus S., and ASC is Artemus S. Caddell. Tim is his nickname.) Identities of some of the people named in the letter: Riley is William Riley Muse, Noah's older brother. Commodore is Commodore George Muse, Noah's younger brother who was serving as a Corporal in Company I, 2nd Cavalry Reg., NC, Promoted to Full Corporal on 04 June 1863. POW on 16 September 1863 at Culpeper Court House, VA. Died of disease while a POW on 11 May 1865 in Elmira, NY. Ashley is Ashley F. Muse, also a younger brother of Noah's, who Enlisted as a Private in Company H, 26th Infantry Reg., NC on 13 March 1862. Killed on 01 July 1863 in Gettysburg, PA (Ashley Muse is mentioned as being killed on the first day of the battle in the Joseph C. Fry Letter) While not mentioned in the letter, Noah had another younger brother, Archibald Buckley Muse, who served as a Private in Co. E, 5th Cavalry Reg. NC, was a POW confined on 12 September 1864 at Point Lookout, MD, Took Oath of Allegiance on 29 June 1865 at Point Lookout, MD and was Released. W.H.H. is, I believe, William Henry Harrison Lawhon, born on 16 May 1841, and a Student (Moore County), when he Enlisted as a Sergeant on 25 February 1862 at the age of 20. Promoted to Full Lieutenant 3rd Class on 16 April 1862. Enlisted in Company D, 48th Infantry Regiment NC on 19 April 1862. Promoted to Full Lieutenant 2nd Class on 09 July 1862. Promoted to Full Lieutenant 1st Class on 10 February 1863. Promoted to Full Captain on 07 September 1863. Surrendered on 09 April 1865 in Appomattox Court House, VA. **Letter transcribed by Amy Sadler Seitz, Carthage, N.C. on September 17, 2003. The Original Letter is in the possession of a Collector in Ohio. The Research above is mine alone, corrections are welcome. Ph: 910-949-2853 Email: More About NOAH F. MUSE: Census: November 13, 1850, #1106, Around Calvary Church and between that and Buffalo Creek, northwest of Carthage, Moore Co., N.C., 16 years old. Education: November 1850, Attended school within the year.

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