The Meachum Deeds   1790-1808
Contributed by Alta Mitchem Durden
Revised July 16, 2002

JOHN MEACHUM, SENIOR, disposed of his property ... both real and personal ... by deeds to his three sons a 
few years before his death.

The man in the deed below is John Meachum, Junior:

BOOK H, PAGES 98 AND 99: (This is an old book and these deeds were partially destroyed during the Civil War.  
The black spots on the copy that is darker is from where the documents were thrown out in the red clay that 
we have in our area. Sarah B. Sessoms, Deputy)


  This Indenture, made & entered into the seventh day of August in the year One thousand eight hundred & 
  four between JOHN MEACHUM of the County of Richmond, State of North Carolina, of the one part & RICHARD MORGAN 
  of the Co. & State aforesaid, of the other part, WITNESSETH:  That for & in consideration of the sum of 
  one hundred & fifty dollars to him in hand paid by the said RICHARD MORGAN, the receipt whereof is hereby 
  acknowledged, hath bargained, sold, aliened, enoffened & confirmed unto the said RICHARD MORGAN his heirs 
  & assigns forever a Certain tract or parcel of Land lying & being in Richmond County aforesaid on the drain 
  of Little Buffellow Creek being part of a tract pattented by JAMES SMITH & from him conveyed to JOHN MEACHUM, 
  SEN'R and by Deed from the said JOHN MEACHUM, SEN'R to said JOHN MEACHUM, JUN'R, and bounded as follows:  
  Beginning at a stake at a branch next to McDANIEL'S Run thence N448 (degrees) 48 poles to a corner Spanish 
  Oak & sour wood pointers, thence N.61E.73 poles to a corner, thence N30E57 poles to a white oak corner of 
  the said tract, thence N51W.112 poles to a corner, thence S26W179 poles to a corner, thence to the said 
  branch & up it to the Beginning. --- Containing 104 acres, more or less, with the exception of one third 
  of an acre for a burying place where JOHN MEACHUM, SEN'R is buried,  to be reserved for the use of the 
  MEACHUM family for a burying place except which one third acre all and every other appurtenance to the 
  said land belonging or in anywise appertaining to have & to hold unto him the said RICH'D MORGAN, his 
  heirs & assigns in fee simple forever & I the said JOHN MEACHUM, for my self, my heirs, Executors & c. 
  will and do hereby warrant and forever defend the said Land and premises unto him the said RICHARD MORGAN, 
  his heirs & assigns against the lawfull claim or claims of any other person or persons whatever  --- 
  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand & seal date first above written.  
                                                 JOHN MEACHUM (Seal)
Signed, Sealed & delivered
in presence of us:

Richmond County - March Sess. 1809 - Proved in Open Court by PHILIP BROOKS, Ordered to be Registered.(nearly 
5 years later).
                                                             Wm. P. Leah, Clk.														 

Ironically, the next deed, beginning on page 99, is from RICHARD MORGAN TO HIS SON, WILLIAM, dated the twenty 
second day of March,  in the year one thousand eight hundred and (illegible), for and in consideration of the 
sum of two hundred dollars ... and then I do not have page 100 where this deed is continued ... Sorry.  I was 
wondering if perhaps it is the same property that JOHN MEACHUM, SENIOR bought from JAMES SMITH; that JOHN 
MEACHUM, SENIOR deeded portions to his three sons; and that JOHN MEACHUM, JUNIOR sold to RICHARD MORGAN, above.   

Date: April 23, 1790 Book C, page 117 From JAMES SMITH to JOHN MEACHAM, for thirty-five pouonds lawful money of the State of North Carolina, in payment of land on the drains of Little Buffalow East of Little River, being the same land JAMES SMITH purchased of JONATHAN HARRY, near LUKE ROBINSON'S line, containing two hundred acres. Acknowledged in Open Court and ordered to be registered (no date given). Witnessed by PHINEAS ALRED (by his mark) and RICHARD MEACHAM. Clerk: WM. LOVE.
Dated November 21, 1795 - Book C, page 707 [This deed is tantamount to a last will and testament]: JOHN MEACHAM to JAMES, WILLIAM and JOHN MEACHAM, JR. JOHN MEACHAM (SENIOR) sold, for fifty pounds paid by the three named, the same property he had bought from JAMES SMITH in 1790 (deed above), "whereon the said JOHN MEACHAM now lives." Additionally, John, Senior, "... for the consideration of Ten Shillings" sold to JAMES MEACHAM "one bay horse cold, 2 years old next spring", known and called by the name of Fearnaught, and one feather bed and furniture. To WILLIAM MEACHAM, for the same consideration, a black mare colt named Fanny, 2 years old, and one feather bed and furniture, and also to JOHN MEACHAM, JR., for the consideration aforesaid, a black mare named Beauty 9(?) years old and one feather bed and furniture. Witnessed by JONATHAN BALDWIN and RICHARD ELKINS, acknowledged January Session 1796 and ordered to be registered.
Dated March 12, 1803, Book F, page 218 From JAMES SMITH and JAMES MEACHAM to JAMES McDANIEL, for 60 dollars (the part conveyed by JAMES SMITH begins at a black gum in MEACHAM's corner near ARON BALDWIN'S land, then JAMES SPURLING's line, (also GEORGE SLAUGHTER's corner), containing 100 acres. The part conveyed by JAMES MEACHAM beginning at a stake in the line first above mentoned where said line crosses the Cool Spring Branch and includes 6 2/3 acres EXCEPT the Spring formerly made use of by the said JAMES MEACHAM. (signed by JAMES MEACHAM and witnessed by JOHN SMITH and RICHARD SMITH. Clerk: ELI TERRY.
Book F, page 283 Dated July 7, 1803, for 150 dollars, WILLIAM MEACHAM sold land to JAMES McDONALD, "part of a tract of land ... on the head of Little Buffalow Creek, it being the land and plantation the said WILLIAM MEACHAM now lives on, beginning at a small black gum, said MEACHAM's beginning corner, and ... to the Cold (Cool?) Sprng Branch as said branch intersects McDONALD's line, containing 89 acres. Signed by WILLIAM MEACHAM, witnessed by JAMES SMITH and (looks like) "COUSTENCY" SMITH. Acknowledged in Open Court March Term 1804 and ordered registered. JOHN McALLISTER, Deputy Clerk for ELI TERRY, Clerk.
Dated July 7, 1803 - Book F, page 299 JAMES MEACHAM to WILLIAM MEACHAM and JOHN MEACHAM (Junior), for 45 dollars, JAMES MEACHAM sold to WILLIAM MEACHAM and JOHN MEACHAM (presumed to be "Junior"), on the drain of Little Buffalow East of Little River, "it being his own third part of the land JOHN MEACHAM, deceased, purchased of JAMES SMITH and whereon the said JAMES, WILLIAM and JOHN MEACHAM now live EXCEPT six and two-thirds acres sold by the said JAMES MEACHAM to JAMES SMITH binding on the 4th line of the original tract, including the plantation on the SouthW side of the Cool Spring Branch, containing 60 acres." Signed by JAMES MEACHAM and witnessed by JAMES SMITH and JAMES HINES. March Term 1804.
Dated June 8, 1804 - Book G, page 47 WILLIAM MEACHAM bought from JOSEPH HINES, for $500, on the Northeast side of the Pee Dee River on the South fork of Mountain Creek, on the first line of THOMAS DOCKERY's 640 acres survey ... to GOULD's line ... crossing the creek to BROWN's, containing 124 acres, being part of a tract of land of 640 acres granted to THOMAS DOCKERY by Patent dated 11th November 1771, and conveyed to (sic-by) said THOS. DOCKERY to said JOSEPH HINES by deed bearing date the third of March 1789. Witnessed by PHILIP BROOKS and WM. COLE, December Session 1805.
Dated November 13, 1806 - Book G, page 313 WILLIAM LEATON to JOHN MEACHUM, (both described as "planter"), for $500, on the Northeast side of the Pee Dee River, beginning between Mountain Creek and Buffalow in the middle of the third line ... containing 150 acres. Witnessed by WELCOME USERY and EDW'D. CHAMBERS, January Term 1808. Proved in Open Court by WELCOME USERY and ordered to be registered.
Dated January 10, 1806 - Book G, page 391 From TRISTRAM THOMAS (of Marlborough District in South Carolina) to JAMES MEACHUM, for $150, beginning at the end of 93 poles in the first line from the beginning of said Tract of Land 236 acres patented by JOSEPH HINES, bearing date of the 19th day of May 1773 ... containing 110 acres of Land. Witnessed by JOHN MEACHUM and E.D.W. McKAY, January Court, 1808 on the oath of JOHN MEACHUM.
Dated December 24, 1808, Book H, page 54 For $350, from JOHN MEACHUM to STEPHEN PANKY, "part of a tract of land patented to LUKE ROBINSON by Letters Patent dated the 22nd day of January 1773, between Mountain Creek and Bufflaw Creek ...." [NOTE BY A.M.D. My notes end here. I do not have acreage, witnesses, or date registered by Clerk.]
Next deed is found in Book H, page 98, sent previously. This is the deed conveying land "EXCEPT" one-third acre on which JOHN MEACHAM (SENIOR) is buried. From JOHN MEACHUM to RICHARD MORGAN, dated August 7, 1804, for $150, on the drain of Little Bufflow Creek ....." DEED - JAMES MEACHUM, JR., to ELISHA THOMPSON THIS INDENTURE, made the 19th day of September in the year of our Lord 1839, between JAMES MEACHUM, JR., of the County of Richmond of the State of No. Carolina, of the one part, and ELISHA THOMPSON of the County of Montgomery of the State of NoCarolina of the other part. WITNESSETH: That the said JAMES MEACHUM, JR., for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & seventy two dollars to him in hand paid by the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON, security and Trustee, the rect. whereof the said JAMES MEACHUM, JR., doth hereby acknowledge & in further consideration of the purposes hereinafter expressed, hath given, granted, bargained, and sold, and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, and sell to the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON security and Trustee, his heirs & assigns, two certain tracts or parcels of Land, one on the Eastern side of Little River on the waters of Little Thicketty Creek near the mouth of the first branch on the upper side of sd. creek, Beginning at a white oak by some pine and dogwood pointers and runs Et thirty one chains & 60 links to a pine and cucumber pointer, then South 15 chains & 81 links to the Beginning, containing fifty acres, the same more or less - AND one other tract on the waters of Little Thicketty Creek Beginning at JOHN YARBROUGH's corner hickory and runs South 50 poles to JAMES BLAKE's corner post oak, with and beyond his line Wt. 16 poles to a stake, No. 50 poles to said JOHN YARBROUGH's corner, with his line Et. 160 poles to the Beginning, be it more or less. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same with the appurtenances to the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON, his heirs and assigns forever, and the sd. JAMES MEACHUM, JR., doth covenant to warrant and defend the same with the appurtenances to the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON security against him & all persons claiming under him, together with the appurtenances, (illegible) against the claims of all persons whatsoever & the sd. JAMES MEACHUM, JR., further covenants and binds himself to the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON, his heirs & assigns that he is seized of the premises with all the appurtenances in fee simple & hath full power and ability to convey the same in fee simple, and doth hereby convey the same in fee simple (illegible) condition, and provisions hereinafter contained, the condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above named JAMES MEACHUM is indebted to ELISHA THOMPSON in the sum of one hundred and seventy two dollars by three notes bearing date 31st day of August 1839 due at different times & whereas it is the purpose of this conveyance to secure the payment thereof, NOW, THEREFORE, if the sd. JAMES MEACHUM, JR., shall well and truly pay the sum of one hundred seventy two dollars, or if on the 1st day of January 1842 it is hereby provided & agreed that the aforesd. ELISHA THOMPSON, security & Trustee, shall enter upon the premises & take possession thereof, & the same shall be advertised at three public places in sd. County of Montgomery & shall sell the same at public auction to the highest bidder on the following terms, to-wit: the purchaser to pay out of the proceeds of sd. sale the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON, security & Trustee, sd. sum of one hundred and seventy two dollars, with all legal costs and reasonable charges in executing this trust and the overplus, if any, he is to pay over to the sd. JAMES MEACHUM, JR., or his order, and it is (illegible) and (illegible) until there is a breach of the foregoing provision (illegible) to entitle the sd. ELISHA THOMPSON, security & Trustee, to enter the sd. JAMES MEACHUM, JR., is to remain in the ossession and enjoyment of the premises. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals, this the date above written. (Signed) JAMES MEACHUM (Seal) (Signed) ELISHA THOMPSON Signed, Sealed, and delivered in the presence of: NATH'L KNIGHT CHARLES MEACHUM STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, MONTGOMERY COUNTY. September 19, 1839-Acklnowledged Recorded, September 21, 1839. THIS IS FROM MONTGOMERY COUNTY (NC) DEED BOOK 14, PAGES 185 AND 186. --------- NOTE: According to Clarence E. Mitcham's book, witness CHARLES MEACHUM was brother of the above JAMES MEACHUM, JR., and there were marriages involving THOMPSON, YARBOROUGH (other than JARIAH YARBOROUGH), USSREY, BLAKE, etc., whose names appear in the above instrument, in Montgomery and Richmond Counties, NC. CHARLES MEACHUM moved with his family in 1845 to Fayetteville (Cumberland County), NC, where he lived near his brother, JAMES MEACHUM, whose wife was a Sister to Charles's wife. JAMES HENRY MEACHUM died in Georgia in 1845. I am frank to admit I do not understand this.  Alta Mitchem Durden --------- Not everyone knows that John Mitchum, younger brother of actor Robert Mitchum, was not only an actor like his brother (although not as accomplished), but was a songwriter and poet as well. I once saw those two ... "Them Ornery Mitchum Boys"... on the Johnny Carson show where they played a banjo and guitar and sang some "folksy" songs like "Jimmy Cracked Corn", etc. I corresponded with John and his wife, Bonnie, when I lived in North Carolina (for the second time), 1986-1991. Sadly, now Robert and John are both deceased and so are their Sister and their Mother (who lived in Arizona and Nevada.) Another fact that not everyone knows is that Robert was born in Lane, (Williamsburg County), South Carolina and that his Father, James Thomas Mitchum, was killed in a railroad yard accident in Charleston County (SC) a few months before John was born. This is due, in part, to the fact that publicists most often write that Robert was born in Connecticut (which is where the family went to live after the death of James Thomas Mitchum.) Notice that Robert named his first-born son James. Jim's also an actor, but, again, not as accomplished as Robert. Some of you older folks may remember this as the music that was played .... years ago ... when all the television sets went off the air about midnight or 1:00 a.m. It brings back memories for that reason, too. Who better to narrate a patriotic work than John Wayne and, as we learn from listening to the words, who better to write it than John Mitchum? Thanks, again, and enjoy.
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