Surveyed by Woodford Sherrill and Jack Ingram
If anyone can give directions to this cemetery or has knowledge of more recent burials here, please share them with us. 
Contact: Myrtle Bridges

McKinnon Artela Frances	6-15-1858	3-5-1866	d/o George W. & Margaret M. McKinnon
McKinnon George W.	6-15-1825	8-29-1897	 
McKinnon George W.	10-7-1899	11-25-21	s/o W. W. & Littla F. McKinnon
McKinnon Grace E.	11-22-05	12-25-57	 
McKinnon John T.	12-11-1870	6-8-37	 
McKinnon Littla F.	1-22-1872	2-22-45	  w/o W. W. McKinnon
McKinnon Margaret M.	8-14-1826	6-11-1899	w/o George W. McKinnon
McKinnon Mary Littla	1-5-1877	3-6-15	w/o John T. McKinnon
McKinnon Sara Catherine	11-20-1851	8-30-1855	d/o George W. & Margaret M. McKinnon
McKinnon W. W.	9-30-1857	2-15-29	 
Walters	Sara	1821	11-1-01	w/o George W. Walters
Watson William B.	1-4-1891	10-10-1891	s/o Alex & Rebecca J. Watson

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