1853 September 16. We, the undersigned, do certify that this statement is true of all the Children under twenty-one and over five years of age of Leaks [Leith's] Creek District No. 17. Number of males 30., Number of females 19. Thirty five of this number received education last year under H. W. Ivey for the term of three months and we paid him sixty dollars for said term which leaves the balance due us and we wish to have added to this years funds. We beg to be excused of our awkward forms, as we are not competent of having the late account and wish if there be any rule or orders, to have them sent to us at the first opportunity. Committee: Jonathan —, Samuel Hasty and Archabald M. McCormick

George W. Davis Milton D. Davis Murphy McCormick Duncan W. McCormick
Andrew J. Clark Daniel Jones James Jones Hiram Jones
Dougald Jones Alexander Jones Samuel Jones Malcom Jones
Daniel McArthur John N. McDonald Daniel McDonald Duncan McMillan
William McQueen Hugh McColl C. McColl T. McColl
J. McColl Neil McColl Duncan Stuart John Stuart
J. W. McLaurin Daniel McQueen Samuel Hasty Colin Hasty
James Hasty John Hasty Sarah M. Davis Christian McDonald
Flora McColl Sarah McDonald Mary Jane McDonald Margaret McMillan
Catherine McMillan Mary A. Stuart Mary M. McQueen Margaret Jane McColl
Catherine McColl Mary Jane Clark Sarah Clark Margaret Jane McRae
Sarah Hasty Mary Hasty Rachel McArthur Isabella McQueen
Bena McQueen

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