Original Sessional Records of Old Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church, Laurel Hill, NC
1817 - 1862

Transcribed by Myrtle Bridges from records at Montreat, NC.

Now includes Laurel Hill Church, Ashpole, Centre & Red Bluff Churches
August 16, 2002

The collective reports of Laurel Hill Church, Sharon Church & Ashpole Church are written in same paragraph.

Laurel Hill Church
Laurel Hill Church, March 7th 1817. The Session met in the morning and appointed J. MacAlester, 
Esquire & Robert Campbell to superintend the collection to be made this day for charitable purposes. 
In the evening sameday the above committee reported that they had received 26 dollars, 95 cents, viz $17.45 
for Missionary Society of No. Carolina, $6.35 for the Fayetteville Auxiliary Bible Society, $2.65 for the 
commissioner to the General Assembly. The above report was reviewed and adopted, closed with prayer. 
Sharon Church, March 14th, 1817. After prayer the Session resolved that it be recommended to the 
congregration to contribute their mite this day for charitable purposes - after a recess it appeared that 
$19.86 cents was contributed viz for The No Carolina Missionary Society, #14 for the Fayetteville Bible 
Society, $5.76 to ... Closed with prayer. Ashpole [Church] [illegible] The Session met and resolved 
that a collection be made this day for the different charitable Societies. After a recess it appeared $37 
was collected viz for ... Missionary Society $15.55 cents, The Bible Society at Fayetteville $10.45, 
Theological School $2.65 cents Commissioner to the Genr'l Assembly. Closed with prayer. Eighth Session of 
the Presbytery of Fayetteville, Euphronia Church 4th April 1817. Therefor examined and approved. 
Colin McIver, Moderator.

Laurel Hill Church. The following persons were examined by the Session and received into the church - date not 
recollected; Gilbert Patterson, Neill Patterson and Blacks, Bob (McKay) and Dennis (McLeod)

Laurel Hill Church, July 31st, 1830. Session met constituted with prayer. Ann McIntosh, Angus McLean,
Angus McGilvary, Christian (illegible, may be McColl, (illegible) Anderson, AnnSmith and Catharine Smith were 
examined touching their knowledge, faith, repentance, etc., previous to the administration of the Supper of 
our Blessed Saviour.

Laurel Hill Church, 20th Feby, 1831. The Session met constituted with prayer when Peter Smith, Effy Smith,
Milton McIntosh, Miss Sarah Campbell, Mrs. Mary Campbell, Robert Campbell, Miss Jennet Blue ... (illegible)

Laurel Hill Church 1842 ... following sentence viz., Mrs. McQuean is hereby suspended from the priviledges of 
the Church for the above mentioned offence until she repent. (Signed) D[aniel] C[ampbell] Stewart, Clerk
The Session then proceeded to take up the case of John L. McColl who was said to be guilty of intoxication,
the following preamble and resolution was adopted. Whereas on the 28th of July 1842 John McColl was said to 
be in a state of drunkeness ...
Laurel Hill Church (pg. 87) Nov. 1st A.D. 1846. Session met. Opened with prayer by the moderator. Present
Mesers George McIntosh, John Buckhannan, William McLeod, Duncan Stalker, Murdoc McKinon, Daniel C.
Stewart and James McQueen. A petition was rec'd from Mrs. Mary McQueen a suspended member of this
Church asking to be dismissed ··· (illegible)

Laurel Hill Church (pg. 88) No date. Mr. William McLeod obtained leave of absence whereupon it was resolved
that Mrs. McQueen who was suspended by the Session of this Church for marrying the husband of her deceased
sister, be and she is hereby dismissed in this suspended state at her own request. A. McMillan, Moderator

Laurel Hill Church, August 1st 1847. Session met constituted with prayer when Duncan McLaurin and
Mary (illegible) Ann Campbell came before the Session and were examined prepartory to the Lord's Supper 
touching their faith, repentance, etc., and being approved they were admitted to the Communion for the 
first time. Closed with prayer.

Laurel Hill Church. Infants baptized February 1847, Daniel Archibald Stewart and Alex'r Malloy.

Laurel Hill Church, Decer 14, 1862. Daniel Patterson, son of William and Jennet Blue and Juliann, daughter
of the same were baptized by Rev. A. McQueen.

Laurel Hill Church, December 28, 1862. John McNair infant son of A. S. Buie and Bella Buie was baptised. 
He was born October 16, 1862.

Centre Church
Centre Church. (This entry is written directly above the following from Center Church dated March 2nd 1817)
No date. ... Margaret Campbell, Mary Blue, Mary Carmechal, Nancy McLane, Nancy McDuffie & Caty Brown were 
examined touching their knowledge, faith, repentance, etc., previous to the administration of the holy Supper.
Their examination being approved of they were admitted (to the Lord's table)

Centre Church March 2nd, 1817. The Session met by special request consituted by prayer. W. Murphy represented 
the destitute situation of ... this congregation in consequence of the death of Dr. McKay an Elder in said 
station - recommended (with the consent of the members in that neighborhood) Mr. D. MacPhattair to supply the 
vacancy - whereopon resolved unanimously that D. MacPhattair be nominated this day in the congregation for the 
office of an Elder in this congregation, and that suitable time be allowed him for deliberation. The above 
resolution ... Closed with prayer (very difficult to read, print faded.)

Centre Church, 23rd Oct'r 1830. Session met constituted with prayer when Archibald McKay, Neill McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Catharine McKay, Mary Wilkison, (Rev.?) McDearmid, William Campbell, (name illegible, May be Christian 
Campbell?), Mary McMillan and Catharine Chisholm appeared before them desirous to be examined previous to the 
Sacrament ot the Lord's Supper and the Session being satisfied with their experimental acquanitance (illegible) 
their faith & repentance they were admitted to the Lord's table.

Centre Church, Nov'r 19th 1831  Session met, constituted with prayer. Present Matthew Watson, John McLean, 
Daniel Wilkerson, Duncan McArthur, Daniel Smith, Daniel McKinnon, Allen Smith, Archibald Smith, Neill McNeill, 
Ruling Elders and Rev. Archibald Buie, Moderator 

Centre Church, 29th Oct'r 1831. Session met, constituted with prayer when Daniel Henderson, Alex'r Sutherland
Neil Morrison, Neil Currie, John Smith, Effy McPhattair, Catharine McNeil, Nancy McArthur, Jennet Currie, Hector 
Currie, Alex'r McBryde, Anna McKay, Alex'r Morrison, Daniel C. McCormick, Duncan Graham, Daniel Gillis and 
Edy and Hannah (blacks) came before them and were examined prepatory to the Lords Supper touching their faith, 
repentance, etc. and being approved they were admitted to Communion for the first time. Closed with Prayer.

Centre Church, 8 April 1832 ... (illegible) and a criminal prosecution in the Superior Court of this County has been 
instituted in which all the parties are more or less interested and concerned. Resolved that they all be 
suspended from the privileges of the Church as least until the determination of said prosecution and 
afterwards until they bring forth fruits merit for repentance. Closed with prayer.

Archibald McEachin a regular member of this church made application to have Baptism administered to his 
infant child, which application being granted the following persons, viz, John McLean, Allen Smith and 
Daniel Wilkerson gave notice that they would protest against this resolution of the Session, closed with 
prayer (It is but justice to the memory of A. McEachin to state that no protest in their case ever 
appeared and no objection was ever afterwards made.) Thirty eighth Session Fayetteville Presbytery, 
Centre Church. 16th April 1832. Examined and approved - Arch'd McQueen, Moderator.

Centre Church, August 17th 1834. Session met according to special appointment when Mrs. (blank) McGill, who 
had been rightly summoned appeared, being charged with the sin of fornication (before her marriage) acknowledged 
her guilt, and declared her willingness to submit to any discipline from the church, and manifested such 
repentance and sorrow, yet the Session from a sense of her great guilt before the church and before God and 
convinced of the inexpedency of hasty readmissions to the Church in such case, resolved that she remain in a 
state of suspension from the Church until she give full satisfactory evidence of that sorrow which ought to 
follow such heinous sins. Closed with prayer.

Red Bluff Church
Red Bluff Church, Oct 30th, 1830. Session met, constituted with prayer, and having no particular business
to transact, adjourned until tomorrow 11 o'clock.

Red Bluff Church, Sunday 31th Oct'r 1830, Session met constituted with prayer when Miss Christian McLeod, Mrs. 
Sarah McKinnon, Angus Graham, John Murdoch and Mrs. Murdoch were examined in their experimental acquaintance
with religion, their faith and repentance, etc, preparatory to the Communion of the Lord's Supper, and their 
examinations being sustained they were accordingly received as members of our Church and admitted to the table 
of Our Lord. Closed with prayer.

Red Bluff Church, After Church Dec 11th 1830. The Session met constituted with prayer whereupon Miss Effy 
McArthur, Sarah Trawick, Mr. Edward McCallum, Archibald McCormick & his wife Margaret McCormick made 
application to be admitted to the Communion of the Church, and being severaly examined as our Church prescribes 
and their examinations sustained, they were accordingly admitted to the Lord's table. Closed with prayer.

Red Bluff Church, Nov'r 1831 Session met, constituted with prayer when Mrs. Eliza Fairley and Mrs. Margaret 
Sinclair appeared before them manifesting a desire to be admitted to the Communion of the Church, and having
given satisfactory evidence of their faith, repentance and knowledge to deserve the Lord's body, they were
accordingly admitted. Closed with prayer.

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