Mac sent Uncle Raymond White this photo of his bomber crew during War World II. It was either a B-17 or B-24. Hopefully someone is still left in their family who may want them. l to r standing: Cpl. Art Marozas - Tail Gunner; 2nd Lt. Chris Christen - Navigator; 3rd Lt. Paul Kindig - Co-Pilot; 2nd Lt. Eric Krohn - Pilot; 2nd Lt. Miles Culver - Bombardier; Cpl. Joe Monyok - Waist Gunner. l to r sitting: Cpl. Mac McKenzie - Radio Operator (Waist Gunner); Sgt. Johnny Comloquoy - Ball Turret; Cpl. Pete Peterson - Engineer (Upper Turret); Cpl. Hank O'Sullivan - Armour (absent). If you know any of these men please contact Bobby Carter

l to r: Mac McKenzie and his sister (name?); Mary Jane White; Her brother, Raymond Callie White, Jr. is behind her in uniform. Doug in back row. Mary Jane White (Mom) graduated from Rockingham High School in 1943 and Uncle Raymond in 1944. Bobby Carter

A news clipping shows the death of Sgt. Harvey S. Terry, Jr. He was a friend of my mother's family. Please contact Bobby Carter

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November 8, 2010