Transcribed from a photocopy of the original by Ruth Duncan of Tujunga, CA
Posted September 5, 2010 by Myrtle Bridges

State of North Carolina and 
County of Richmond
October the 2nd 1919

I John S. Ledbetter of the state and county above written doth hereby will give, devise and bequeath and by these present doth will give, 
devise and bequeath all of my property whatever and wherever found to my beloved wife Sarah C. Ledbetter during her natural life only, the 
returns, income and dividends accruing upon such stock as I may own at the time of my death in the The Ledbetter Manufacturing Company.  
Upon the death of my said wife, I give devise and bequeath all of my stock in said Ledbetter Manufacturing Company, subject however, to the 
change hereinafter mentioned to my cousins Henry David Ledbetter and Jas. McQueen Ledbetter share and share alike.  It is my will and direction, 
however, that this devise shall only become operative and the title to the said stock pass to said Henry David Ledbetter and Jas. McQueen 
Ledbetter upon the payment by them of the sum of six thousand (6000) dollars each to the following persons. To my nephew Thomas McQueen 
Ledbetter, to my niece Sallie May L. Coggins, to my niece Johnsie L. Ussry, and to my niece Judith Little L. Cotton, or in the event of their 
death to their heirs at law, the said sum of six thousand (6000) dollars each.

Upon compliance with this condition upon the death of my said wife Sarah C. Ledbetter and the consequent termination of her life interest 
to the income and profits on the same, said stock shall go without conditions or restitution to said named Henry David Ledbetter and Jas. 
McQueen Ledbetter or their heirs at law.

In the event of their failure to pay to said four named persons the said sum of six thousand (6000) dollars each, the said Thomas McQueen 
Ledbetter, Sallie May L. Coggins, Johnsie L. Ussry and Judith Little L. Cotton or the heirs of any who may be deceased shall own said stock 
share and share alike one fourth to each or to the heirs at law.

Upon the death of my wife, I devise, will and direct that a tract of land known as the Green tract being and lying in Montgomery County N.C. 
in Rocky Springs township about 4 miles west of Candor, adjoining the land Duncan Dawkins and others containing 58 acres more or less, that 
said tract go to and become the right and property of my great nephew John F. Ledbetter, or in the event of his death his heirs at law.

I give devise and bequeath unto my cousin Henry David Ledbetter a two-seventieth (2/70) undivided interest; and to my cousin, Jas. McQueen 
Ledbetter, a thirty-three-seventieth 33/70 undivided interest in the lands owned by me individually, including all water rights and privileges 
on white water creek in Macon and Taylor counties, Georgia.  The investment of the said Henry David Ledbetter and Jas. McQueen Ledbetter in 
said property is upon the basis indicated in this item of my will, but the whole title stands in my own name and I make this bequest of said 
interest to my said silent partners as to properly place the title in them in the event the property is not sold and settlement made between 
us prior to my death.

I give devise and bequeath unto my said beloved wife, Sarah C. Ledbetter to be hers and for own absolute and exclusive right, benefit and 
[illegible] forever, all the remainder of my estate both real and personal, including money, and [illegible] in [illegible], of which I may 
be seized and possessed.  This item of my will bequeaths to my said wife all of my property of whatever kind and wheresoever located, not 
otherwise disposed of in this my will; and the title to all of same shall vest absolutely in my said wife unconditionally upon my death.

I hereby constitute and appoint my said wife Sarah C. Ledbetter, as the sole executrix of this my will, and I devise and direct that she 
not be not required to make any monetary appraisement or return of any sort or charter to any court or courts of her actings and doings as 
such executrix and she is specifically relieved from giving any bond for the performance of her duties as executrix of this will.

In witness whereof I the said John S. Ledbetter, have hereunto set my hand and seal on this the Second day of Oct. (2nd) in the year of our 
Lord nineteen hundred nineteen (1919)  In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written as my last will and 
testament in the presence of the undersigned witnesses
J. H. Covington				John S Ledbetter    (Seal)
W. T. Covington

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